Downtown Dallas, in Pewter

A Friend of Unfair Park directs our attention to Boing Boing, which yesterday pointed out that you can buy a replica of the Texas School Book Depository made of pewter courtesy something called InFocusTech. (Which prompted this comment: "It's a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, and handsomely electroplated in antique pewter.") Turns out, though, that isn't the only local landmark available. Far from it. You can also get the Adolphus, the Merc, Old Red, Reunion Tower, the Kirby Building, the Magnolia Hotel and Fountain Place, among others. Sadly, there's still very little retail.

But this reminds me: This morning something called Second Act ran a piece about how folks are moving from the suburbs back into the city, and it includes a local couple who adiosed Frisco for downtown Dallas:
Kandice Bridges and her husband moved back to Dallas with their two children after spending two and a half years in suburban Frisco, Texas because "it didn't feel cozy, like our established, older Dallas neighborhood," she says. "I know my neighbors in my Dallas neighborhood better than I ever knew my neighbors in Frisco. I like the hustle and bustle of downtown, and having the Arts District close by. I take advantage of local organic produce co-ops and the vibrant farmers market downtown."

Bridges acknowledges that there are trade-offs, such as less house for more money and the expense of private school, but says, "I wouldn't want it any other way."

Falling Skies: KXAS Wonders, Bug or UFO?

MediaBistro has picked up on KXAS-Channel 5's video taken from one of its traffic cams earlier in the week, in which an illuminated something-or-nother can be seen falling from the sky before taking a sharp turn to the right. The NBC owned-and-operated says UFO investigators (?) have been asked "to review the video and offer an opinion on the nature -- or unnatural source -- of the light." In related news: Cowboys & Aliens was also disappointing.

What It's Like to Live in Plano, According to The Internet's List Makers. Everyone Loves Lists.

People of Plano.jpg
Image via
That baby is actually 45 years old.
Perhaps you heard that Plano was recently named the 12th longest-living city in the country by the Daily Beast. But what you may not know is that a whole bunch of other listicles ranking places based on their General Pleasantness have spotlighted the 'burb. The results are mostly positive, occasionally confusing and always deeply scientific, we are sure. We have read them all, and now we can tell you authoritatively exactly what it's like to live in Plano.More »

We've Spent Way Too Much Time Watching Honest Tea's Hidden Downtown Camera

OK, Honest Tea. You win. You too, Kat Kirsch, sender of press releases. Because for the past way too long to admit, we've been riveted to the tea company's livestream from Akard and Main, where that unmanned kiosk's been set up to see if people will leave a dollar, as requested, or just walk away with a gratis bottle of Organic Honey Green Tea. Anna went down there, just because it seemed kinda funny. She took a picture of the camera, which was hidden ... ish. That's her above.

Says Kat, "Currently, 97% of people in Dallas are honest!" Anna says the marketing folks on site say it's closer to 95 percent, which is still way better than the 90 percent-ish being candid-camera'd in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco and a few other major metros. Guess it all depends on the equity.

A DPD officer on a bike just rolled past, taking a good, long look at the money box filled with singles. Anna wrote down what he told the woman refilling the shelves. He asked her if this was her joint. She said yup, at which point he handed her his card and said to call if "if any scallywags make off with your money." She said: "If it happens, it happens." Jump for the stream and a few grabs. And if yer thirsty, they're there till 6. Wave!

Update at 4:54 p.m.: Anna just brought back three teas -- she paid, swear -- and they're surprisingly cold. Highly recommended.More »

JWP Already Gets a T-Shirt

Pete directs my attention to this tee presently making the rounds courtesy Curtis Black, the same graphic designer responsible for the Obey Dirk shirt. My, that was fast.

How Much Does Ohio Gov. John Kasich Still Hate LeBron James? This Much.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has The Response. Ohio Gov. John Kasich has The Resolution. Here's the press release declaring Your Dallas Mavericks and the rest of us "Honorary Ohioans" tomorrow. And here's the signed doc, suitable for framing.

They're Spelling As Fast As They Can

A Friend of Unfair Park forwards along this certificate of congratulations from the Richardson Independent School District, which has been posted to Lamebook. High five.

Divine Intervention: Last Night's Show Proved Only Charlie Sheen Can Save Us From Ourselves

A still from the short film Jeff made about last night's "performance," which follows after the jump
It was a Wednesday afternoon, so I traded my neighbor's vintage Fender Telecaster for an eight ball and locked myself in the hallway bathroom. I pulled out the dirty mirror from underneath the sink and chopped up some lines that spelled out the word "WINNING."

This was an important night. I wanted everything to be just right. Once sufficiently tweaked, I plucked Slayer's 1994 album Divine Intervention from the pile and jumped into the Jeep. Upon arriving at the giant building with the red-and-blue "AA" on the side (uh oh, was this a trick?), the $30 for parking seemed like a fair value.

Some people just don't understand Charlie Sheen, and that's because they're stupid. They see the unemployed TV actor, not the humanitarian and hookerman.

They wonder why he lifted his father's stage name and why he lets porn stars raise his kids. Wouldn't you do the same thing? Drugs require one's undivided attention.

This man has a lot to offer the citizens of the United States, particularly our children. Somebody has to teach the kids how to melt down right. The public Crash and Burn is an American art form. We need an example.More »

Charlie Sheen's Bringing His "Violent Torpedo" Tour to the American Airlines Center

Apparently, Charlie Sheen's not going anywhere. Matter of fact, according to The Hollywood Reporter, he's coming to Dallas on April 27 at part of his Charlie Sheen's Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option tour -- tickets for which go on sale tomorrow at 10 a.m., says Ticketmaster. And what, pray tell, can one expect during this event? This, duh. And, this:
My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not An Option Show is coming for you. I'm going on the road. LIVE. Will there be surprises? Will there be guests? Will there be mayhem? Will you ask questions? Will you laugh? Will you scream? Will you know the truth? WILL THERE BE MORE?!?! This IS where you will hear the REAL story from the Warlock. Bring it I dare you to keep up with me.
Hunh. Also: "Trolls need not apply." With that in mind, tix for the American Airlines Center gig run from $61.95 to $102.98 (once you add in fees), with some shows offering $750 ducats allowing for a meet-n-greet. Shows at Radio City Music Hall and in Detroit and Chicago have already sold out; in minutes, matter of fact. Just in case you thought his bit had run its course, like, two weeks ago.

Something in the Water: New Anti-Fluoridation Group Warns About Dallas's "Poisoned" Taps

Alan Smith says he can't get any clean water to drink because his tap's poisoned -- and that's the same old tap water everyone else in Dallas is drinking. Every drop, of course, is treated with fluoride to reduce cavities -- but each time Smith pours a cup of water, he doesn't see cavity control. He sees poison. "You can't drink anything and not get fluoride," he said.

While small amounts of fluoride make their way into drinking-water reservoirs before they reach treatment plants, the city of Dallas, like many U.S. cities, adds fluoride to the water supply to promote dental health. Smith has founded People Against Poisoning Our Water and hopes to convince the city to put it to an end.

The city began using the additive in February 1966, approved by an overwhelming majority in a referendum forced by an early anti-fluoridation group, the Dallas County Association for Pure Water. After that loss, Dallas-area fluoride opponents, if they were out there, just had to suck it up.

At least, until a month ago when Smith's founded his new group. "I figured I may as well start it, because there doesn't appear to be anybody doing anything about it," he says.

Smith said his group, which currently meets online, will have its first brick-and-mortar meeting when it grows to ten members. After a month, they have only garnered seven supporters. He admits that's a little disappointing.More »

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