Highland Park Lacrosse Player Beat Up Chef After Being Kicked Out of Party, Suit Claims

A previous iteration of the Cornell University lacrosse squad

Dallas caterer and restaurateur Andrew Ormsby, who operates an eponymous catering company out of the Cityplace tower and is one of the people behind the Ku De Ta day resort, filed a lawsuit in Dallas County accusing Domenic Massimilian, a Cornell University lacrosse player, of assault.

Massimilian, who played high school lacrosse at Highland Park High School before heading to Salisbury, a Connecticut prep school, and then Cornell, attended an event held at Ku De Ta, which is part of a compound that includes Ormsby's home, on May 29. During the event, Ormsby says, the teenager both drank and smoked pot. Ormsby claims he kicked Massimilian out of the party, but the teenager returned, punched Ormsby and then stomped and kicked him after he fell to the ground.

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The Rangers Even Suck at Sucking

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See this swing? If you ever want to see it in Arlington, start rooting against the Rangers.
Behind a seven-inning, two-run start from Nick Tepesch and a two-run ninth inning, walkoff rally capped off by Adam Rosales' game-winning RBI single over a drawn-in infield, the Rangers knocked off the Angels yesterday, ending a four-game losing streak overall and a nine-game skid against the Halos.

It was yet another failure to execute in a season full of disappointment for the club.

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Deion Sanders' Troubled Prime Prep Has Players Living Off-Campus with Coaches

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Google Maps
The Madison Point Apartment homes, where you might be able to catch some Prime Prep recruits working out.
After two years of scrutiny, controversy and corruption, the Texas Education Agency last month finally announced that it would revoke the charter of Prime Prep Academy, the publicly funded charter school founded and led by Deion Sanders. With the school plotting its appeal, the hits have only continued, in the form of leaked audio, a searing New York Times story and word of a criminal investigation.

But none of that has stopped parents from sending their kids to the school from around the country and beyond, on the hope that, like Sanders says, its troubles are in the rearview and its doors will again open this fall. And some of those parents have put more than their children's schooling in Sanders' hands: The Observer has learned that several players are living in an off-campus apartment, apparently with Prime Prep coaches, in an arrangement that the school's new superintendent said this week he knows nothing about.

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Dallas Cowboy Orlando Scandrick Suspended Four Games for Taking Crappy Ecstasy

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Dallas Cowboys
Missing games for something else this time.
News reports this morning indicate that one of the Cowboys' few defensive bright spots from last season, cornerback Orlando Scandrick, has been suspended for the first four games of the 2014 regular season for violating the NFL's performance-enhancing substance abuse policy. Scandrick has already lost his appeal in the matter, so it looks like the Cowboys will be stuck with whatever the mercurial Mo Claiborne can give the on the outside for the first quarter of the season.

The details of Scandrick's indiscretion -- if his agent and ESPN's Ed Werder are to be believed -- are pretty mundane. While on vacation in Mexico with an ex-girlfriend, Scandrick, or someone in his party, mixed a drug -- reported by Werder to be MDMA -- purchased from a street vendor into a cocktail he was drinking.

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Photos of Jerry Jones Mid-Grope Are Not the Best Part of the Story

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A portion of one of the photos in question.

Earlier this morning, a series of photos hit Deadspin ostensibly showing Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones engaged in various stages of sexually suggestive conduct with two unidentified women.

In its initial post, Deadspin asked for help finding the photos' provenance. The apparent story behind the photos, posted a few hours later to the site, is unhinged.

The photos first appeared on the Internet in a tweet by @INFIN8SON, an account apparently belonging to a man named Frank Hoover:

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Prime Prep Is Going Down Fighting

Deion Sanders Drops By.JPG
Anna Merlan
Earlier this month, as reported by Unfair Park and practically every other outlet in town, the Texas Education Agency began the process of revoking Prime Prep's charter. The reasons for the potential revocation are convoluted, the upshot isn't. Should its charter be revoked, the school would have to stop enrolling students.

See also: Texas Has Revoked the Charter of Prime Prep, the Public School Founded by Deion Sanders

Sanders and company had until July 30 to appeal the decision. Yesterday, their Austin law firm did so:

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Last Night's Pitch Invasion at the Cotton Bowl Was an Embarrassment to Dallas

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Pictured: Idiot with $30m asset. Also pictured: indifferent policing.

We've written elsewhere about what transpired at the Cotton Bowl last night. In short, at some point during a pre-season exhibition game that was charging $50 a head and up, one fan decided to charge the pitch.

This happens a lot in sporting events around the world. People run onto the pitch. They are pursued by authorities and caught, then hauled from the field to what I assume is a jail cell much like the one Homer Simpson ends up in in the episode where he goes to the Super Bowl.

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Bored Dallas Soccer Fans Staged a Pitch Invasion at Real Madrid versus Roma Last Night

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Jorge Corona
A Palestine supporter on the field, wrapping himself in the flag as he was handcuffed and led away.
The Cotton Bowl was filled with 57,000-plus soccer fans last night, there to see some of the world's greatest footballers do some very mediocre footballing.

It was slow and scoreless for the first hour or so, until Roma's Francesco Totti scored at the 58-minute mark. Fans were irritated and bored by then, though, and disappointed that Ronaldo spent the game in his sweatpants on the Real Madrid bench.

With just three minutes left on the clock, several fans had had enough: One young guy ran on the field toward Ronaldo. After he was given just a rough shove and wag of the finger, many were encouraged by the lack of punishment. Altogether, around 20 fans, mostly young men, stormed the field.

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Why Prime Prep Closing Would Be Good News for its Remaining Star Athletes

Amy Silverstein
Who wouldn't trust this face?
Whether Prime Prep manages to stay open or not doesn't matter to Emmanuel Mudiay. The kid who would have been king, the explosive, rangy point guard, is not going to SMU, whether he would have been eligible to play for the Mustangs or not. Athletic apparel company Under Armour -- which sponsors both Prime Prep and Mo Williams Elite, Mudiay's AAU summer team -- is working behind the scenes to secure his first pro contract, a move that removes any doubt as to his amateur status.

Whether Mudiay is bypassing Moody Madness because he had fears about his potential academic eligibility, because, as he and his family have said, he wants to help his mother financially or, in the most likely scenario, because of some combination of the two, his high school alma mater's closing isn't going to have any further effect on his basketball future.

The same can't be said for Mudiay's star teammate, Terrance Ferguson.

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Dallas' Sports Teams Are Staffed By Idiots

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Unfair Park admires the faith in humanity it takes to trust a stranger this much.

Ahh, the post All-Star Break, post World Cup, post LeBron, post everything doldrums. The Wednesday and Thursday after the Midsummer Classic have been proven -- by science! -- to be, along with Christmas Eve, the deadest days on the American sports calender. Clearly, local athletes are just as bored as their fans, as evidenced by the comic admissions of Rangers starting pitcher Derek Holland and the hijinks of Stars center Tyler Seguin.

Wednesday, Holland took to the airwaves and told KRLD-FM listeners of his and his fellow pitchers bullpen activities during what's become, by any measure, a lost season for the Rangers. As reported by The Dallas Morning News, here's what Holland and friends do for fun:

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