Video of Cowboys' RB Joseph Randle Being Booked by Frisco PD Is, Like the Underwear He Stole, Priceless

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Cowboys running back Joseph Randle, he of the post-Seattle Seahawks victory underwear theft and subsequent underwear endorsement, had what can best be described as an amusing experience being booked by Frisco police.

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"This is a cool little publicity stunt though," he says in the first of two videos obtained by KTVT before asking the cop doing his intake if "this was going to be in the papers."

Correctly worried that it would be, Randle tells the officer that he isn't going to look "like a criminal" in his mugshot and asks to see it.

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Dallas' Finest Orthopedist Says Tony Romo Can Play Sunday If He's Tough Enough

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The Loomis Agency via YouTube
Dr. Jerry specializes in pizza, rapping and back injuries.
Jerry Jones, who's served as the Dallas Cowboys' team physician since 1989, told KRLD 105.3 Wednesday morning that the team's quarterback, Tony Romo, will be medically able to play Sunday against the 6-1 Arizona Cardinals.

Romo, who had two back surgeries in 2013 -- one before the season to remove a cyst and one after the season to repair structural damage -- took a vicious Keenan Robinson knee to the back during the third quarter of the Cowboys' Monday night game with Washington.

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The Week in Stars Hockey: Discovering Godzilla, How Not To Stop Pucks

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Mike Mezeul
Not sure about the cowboy hat, really. Wrong sport for that.
Here are some other things I like about ice hockey.

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There are approximately 11 billion shots per game (I discovered this number using a complex analysis that may or may not be flawed). There are so many shots that you need intermissions just to calm down. It's tiring watching hockey if you support a team. Your heart is in your mouth every 11 seconds.

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Tony Romo Shouldn't Have Finished That Game, and He Shouldn't Play This Week, Either

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First, the obvious. In last night's loss to Washington, there were a few very small things that could have shifted the outcome in the Cowboys favor. If DeMarco Murray doesn't fumble inside the 10 with just under 13 minutes left in the second quarter, the Cowboys probably win the game. If Doug Free isn't hurt and an undermanned offensive line doesn't give up five sacks to a Washington defense missing its best pass rusher, the Cowboys probably win the game. If the Scott Linehan isn't struck down with a weird playcalling bug at the end of both halves and in overtime, the Cowboys probably win the game. You get the idea. Viewed on its own, October 27 against the Redskins was just one of those strange, snakebit games that can afflict any team, even a very good one.

Monday night's loss at Jerryworld can't be viewed on its own, though. It can't be viewed on its own because of what happened midway through the third quarter: Tony Romo taking a Keenan Robinson knee to the back.

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Locals Protest That One Washington Football Team's Name

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Chris Tank
The Observer will neither use, nor not use, the name of this team in print.

Several local and national Native American leaders were out to protest the Washington vs. Cowboys game on Monday night in Arlington. Their objection? The Washington team's name, which is a long-held racial slur toward indigenous peoples. The name that starts with the letter R. You know the one we're talking about.

The move comes as part of increasing opposition to the team's name. Media outlets across the country have pledged not to use the name of the team in publications. Some sources, such as NPR, are instructing limited use of the word. Politicians and Native American advocates have also come out in adamant opposition.

"Every civil rights group in America, half the United States Senate, literally every Native American organization, has said the name is not appropriate and it should be changed," says Joel Barkin, a spokesman for the Oneida Indian Nation.

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Fired DISD Employee Tried to Clean Up the Corrupt Athletics Department and Was Ignored

Troy Causey
Well before Wilmer-Hutchins High School basketball standout Troy Causey was beaten to death by a friend and on-court rival after being improperly recruited from Richardson ISD, it was clear to anyone paying attention that Dallas ISD's athletic department was rotten. Superintendent Mike Miles' subsequent house-cleaning was greeted as a righteous, if belated, step toward reform.

Among the 15 people who were fired, former athletic compliance director Anita Connally is the outlier, as DISD itself has admitted.

"Certainly she wasn't part of the problem. No one is suggesting that. Her job is compliance," Carlos Lopez, an attorney representing DISD during Connally's recent appeals hearing, told The Dallas Morning News. "The question is did she do that properly. Did she do that with the fervor that the administration thinks you need for that [position]? No."

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The 2014 Cowboys Are a Lot Better Than the Last 6-1 Cowboys

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Flickr user Kat
The last time the Cowboys started this well, they played here.
If you've read anything about the 2014 Cowboys, here or elsewhere, you've seen it repeated multiple times: The Cowboys are off to their best start since 2007. That team, which at 13-3 had the club's best regular-season record since the Super Bowl-winning 1992 team, is easily forgotten. It faded down the stretch, losing to Washington and the Eagles in December, and laid an egg at home against a Giants team it beat twice during the regular season in its single playoff game.

For comparison's sake, we thought it was worth a look back to that Tony Romo-, Terrell Owens- and DeMarcus Ware-led squad, the last Cowboys team to be judged a real Super Bowl contender, before we got too far ahead of ourselves.

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Our British Texan Discovers the Dallas Stars and Falls Madly in Love with Weird-Ass Hockey

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Mike Mezeul
This man is exactly how I feel about the Dallas Stars.
Two years ago, when I arrived in the States from the UK, I had a very vague idea of what ice hockey was. I was, though, sure that it was one of the most far-fetched sports out there. While most sports are played on the sort of easily accessible field we can all find and involve a ball, hockey is played on a smooth sheet of ice, with sticks, a goaltender dressed up to look like Aaron Rodgers in that awful State Farm commercial and a comically tiny goal that itself can slide around the ice.

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Cowboy Joseph Randle Gets an Underwear Endorsement Deal for Stealing Underwear

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Dallas Cowboys
Steal some underwear, get some free underwear. Circle of life.
In a move that's a bit like Fiskars hiring Michael Irvin as a spokesman , MeUndies, a Los Angeles-based underwear company, is bringing on Cowboys backup running back Joseph Randle to sell $20 pairs of boxer briefs.

Randle, who is making $495,000 this season, was arrested last Monday for absconding with $39.50 worth of Polo underwear and an $84 tester bottle of Gucci Guilty Black cologne from a Frisco Dillard's. Randle told police he took the items because he didn't want to take the time to pay, which is somehow both the dumbest and most sensible explanation for stealing something.

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The Cowboys' Tight Ends Are Quietly Killing It

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Nicole Cordeiro
The Cowboys looked really good again. I'm questioning a lot of things.
As the Cowboys have marched to their best seven game start since 2007, the accolades have been plentiful and plentifully spread around. DeMarco Murray has, deservedly, been lauded as the second coming of Tony Dorsett with each successive 100-yard performance. The defense is "improved" and "flying to the ball." Tony Romo is avoiding mistakes and converting third downs at a remarkable clip. The offensive line is the best in the league. You could hear all these things just watching the highlight shows between the end of Cowboys-Giants and the start of Broncos-49ers Sunday night.

One unit that hasn't received the plaudits, but is essential to what the Cowboys are doing on offense this year, is the team's tight ends. Jason Witten, Gavin Escobar and James Hanna were outstanding again Sunday and will continue to key the team as it moves toward the second half of the season.

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