Among Very Few Other Things, Cowboys Actually Good at Not Getting Arrested

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The team that plays here is pretty disciplined. Off the field at least.
Since 2000, Dallas Cowboys players have been arrested only 14 times, well below league average, according to a report compiled by The New York Times' The Upshot blog from USA Today data.

NFL players have had 713 reported legal run-ins since USA Today started the database in January 2000. (It's maintained by sports writer Brent Schrotenboer.) The average squad has seen 22 incidents, while players for the most-arrested team, the Minnesota Vikings, have been on the wrong side of the law 44 times -- including the child abuse arrest of Palestine's Adrian Peterson last week and the four Vikings accused as part of the infamous "love boat" party in 2005.

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Jerry Jones Calls Roger Goodell a "Very Good Commissioner," Praises Handling of Rice Case

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Screegrab via YouTube User Aaron D
Jerry Jones hugging Roger Goodell
Jerry Jones capped off what's been a representative week for him with a vote of confidence for embattled NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on his weekly radio show on 105.3 The Fan.

After being asked "What's your feeling on the Ray Rice issue?," whatever the hell that means, Jones answered from the bottom of his heart:

"Well, of course, this is a matter that I take, we take, very seriously, we'll continue to do so. This is very troubling, the league has acknowledged its mistake and has made changes on how a situation like this will be handled in the future. We've just got to recognize it, and are, I believe for the seriousness of the issue," he said.

"The issue," in case it wasn't clear, is Ray Rice upper-cutting his then girlfriend, now wife, across an elevator.

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Silver Linings from the Worst Season in Texas Rangers History

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Screencap of Video
You've got to see this pose in Arlington at least once.
The 2014 Texas Rangers might not be the worst team in the club's 42 years in Arlington -- the 1972 and '73 Rangers have at least a claim to that title -- but 2014 has certainly been the worst year for the franchise as a whole. It started with the promise of knowing that the team had won at least 90 games in each of the last four season and was willing to remake itself, by way of trading Ian Kinsler to the Tigers for Prince Fielder and signing Shin-Soo Choo to a $130 million free agent contract, to chase a long elusive World Series win. It gave way to a dreadful reality.

Sports are about treating inconsequential games as if they matter, not because they do (they don't) but because they provide an escape, a thing to do, an excuse to drink beer. When losses mount and off-the-field issues overwhelm your ability to care about what's happening on the field, it's easy to wonder if it's worth sticking around.

Here are five reasons to stick with the Rangers:

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Judge Denies Jerry Jones' Request to Seal Files in Sexual Assault Lawsuit

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Frank Hoover via Twitter
Dallas District Judge Dale Tillery denied Cowboys owner Jerry Jones' request to seal court documents related to a lawsuit brought by an Oklahoma woman. Jana Weckerly claims that Jones sexually assaulted her in 2009 before the Cowboys covered it up.

In addition to denying the request to keep documents stemming from the suit under wraps, the judge issued a gag order for all parties involved in the case and said he would expedite the suit.

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Jerry Jones Sued for Sexual Assault

Frank Hoover via Twitter
Jerry Jones and the Cowboys are being sued for sexual assault and alleged subsequent cover-up. In a lawsuit filed in Dallas late Monday night, Jana Weckerly says that over the course of the evening documented in a series of graphic tweets posted in early August, Jones rubbed and grabbed her without her permission multiple times and then had another perform oral sex on him in front of Weckerly.

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Whom the Rangers Should Hire to Replace Ron Washington

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Who should replace the Old School Brother?
Unfair Park has no concrete information as to whom the Rangers are going to hire to replace Ron Washington, who resigned abruptly Friday afternoon. If we had to guess, we'd say the club is likely to hire an internal candidate. Former Rangers third baseman Steve Buechele currently manages the team's Triple A-affiliate in Round Rock and has long been rumored as a potential big league skipper. So has Tim Bogar, Washington's bench coach, who was named interim manager before Friday night's game against the Mariners.

See also: Ron Washington Just Quit the Rangers

We do, however, have some strong opinions about who the club should hire. Here are five guys we'd love to see make a pitching change at The Globe:

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Ron Washington Just Quit the Rangers

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Well, this is a surprise.

Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington has resigned from the club to deal with an undisclosed personal matter, effective immediately. Bench coach Tim Bogar has been appointed interim manager for the rest of the season. The team has scheduled a press conference for 3:30 at which co-chairmen Ray Davis and Bob Simpson, as well as general manager Jon Daniels are expected to speak. Bogar will talk to the media when the trio is done.

Here's the Rangers' statement announcing the resignation:

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Orlando Scandrick, Cowboys Could Benefit from Proposed Changes to NFL Drug Policy

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Dallas Cowboys
It took Wes Welker getting popped, but Orlando Scandrick may not miss four games after all.
If an agreement between the NFL Players Association and the league can be reached before the league's first full slate of games on Sunday, the NFL's drug testing policy could be amended to lessen penalties for recreational drugs, as well as include blood-testing for Human Growth Hormone. And that's good news for the Cowboys.

Testing for HGH was first agreed to as part of the 2011 labor deal, but the league and union have failed to agree on the details of how the tests would be conducted to this point. Testing for HGH, which is on the league's banned substance list, is important. HGH is clearly a performance enhancer and can be dangerous for those who use it. It's not the juiciest part of the potential agreement, though.

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There's a Josh Hamilton Shrine in a Bathroom Stall at Sherlock's

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Stephen Young
It's in the right stall and everything.

Former Texas Ranger Josh Hamilton's relapse, the one in January 2012 in which he allegedly got drunk at the Sherlock's near Park Lane and U.S. 75 and had sex with a woman in a bathroom stall, has received a proper memorial.

The handicap accessible stall in the bar's back bathroom, which witnesses told Deadspin was where the sex took place, now features a vinyl cutout of Hamilton in a Rangers uniform on its wall.

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A UNT Prof Says Girls Actually Throw Like Girls, So What's with Mo'ne Davis?

Mo'ne Davis, game face in tow.
It's a phrase that's uttered too often at Little League games and on the playground. Even adults playing slow-pitch softball use it as a crutch. "You throw like a girl." It's an easy, if seemingly sexist, shorthand for the lunging, forearm focused, dart-throwing motion that happens to be one of the worst ways you can throw a baseball, softball or any other kind of ball.

In 2012, Dr. Jerry Thomas, professor of kinesiology and dean of the University of North Texas' College of Education, conducted a study try to find the basis for the stereotype in 2012, why girls do, in fact, throw worse than their male peers across all age groups.

Almost everywhere, Thomas says, the primary reason girls throw slower and shorter than boys is a lack of practice. If a male child throws poorly, his dad will help him throw better, which isn't traditionally true for girls. Thomas sought to research a culture in which this wasn't true, where girls and boys began throwing at the same age, with the same emphasis.

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