Hugh Aynesworth Talks About Why Bill O'Reilly Would Lie About JFK Assassination.

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Hugh Aynesworth is a reporter and author who has covered the Kennedy assassination from the day it happened to today.

By now it's clear that Fox News personality Bill O'Reilly lied in his 2012 book, Killing Kennedy, about his own connection to the suicide of a key figure in a JFK conspiracy theory. The evidence is irrefutable. Maybe the more interesting question at this point is why. Who lies to connect himself to JFK's murder?

According to nationally recognized author, journalist and JFK assassination expert Hugh Aynesworth -- who really was in Florida where O'Reilly dishonestly claimed to be in 1977 -- the people who make up JFK stories about themselves always turn out to be what Aynesworth calls "second-stringers" and "wannabes."

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Mayor Rawlings Keeps Ducking Around the Toll Road Issue. That Won't Fly for Long.

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Mayor Rawlings

Yesterday was another day when apparently I was the villain all the way around. Or, as I think of it, another dollar. Robert Wilonsky, a journalist at The Dallas Morning News, had a piece in which he explained that the mayor never said what I said he said about never debating the Trinity toll road.

Wilonsky said the mayor told him he would be happy to debate the toll road issue as long as it is sandwiched between other issues: "Rawlings says today he will only discuss the toll road during a debate about other issues as well," Wilonksy reported.

He said the mayor told him: "Of course, of course, of course I will be glad to address it. But the debates need to be about who should be your mayor, not the single topic. That's not on the ballot. That's what I told Jim."

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From High Atop the Hatcam, Video of Dallas' #SLEETSHOW2015

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Me with hatcam.

Yesterday during the Temporary Local End Times, when the city was brought to its knees by half an inch of slush and temperatures plunging into the 20s (please don't ever let Buffalo hear about this), a commenter on Unfair Park dared me to leave the relative comfort and warmth of my home to venture out into the ice-o-sphere wearing my hatcam. I might have risen above, but it was a challenge the hatcam could not refuse.

I saddled up our two rescue dogs -- I can't remember why we call them that, but I think it reflects well on us anyway -- and we all three headed out the door into the brutal slush. I felt a twinge of embarrassment about the hatcam at first, because, after all, the conditions we encountered were equivalent to what we used to call in Detroit "a fine spring day."

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Repent, Dallas, Downtown Heaven Could Be Yours With the Right Subway

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This game is called Fantasy Downtown: The Dallas Daydream. Imagine first that you live in a really nice downtown apartment, and the rent is substantially below going rates today. Up and down the block from your building's front door are grocery stores, drug stores, housewares shops, coffee shops, small restaurants, dog parks, all that stuff.

Plus, the sidewalks are jumping pretty much 24/7, all kinds of people out there rubbing elbows day and night. Not only do you feel safe and secure walking around, it's kind of fun to be out and about.

A short walk from your building are churches, synagogues and mosques. And good bars and a strip club or two. Take your pick. You are also close to great private schools and a choice of super-charged, enormously improved public schools.

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Dallas Architects' Study Is Possible Explanation of What the Mayor Fears in Toll Road Debates

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Lake. No lake. Maybe that's one of the things the mayor doesn't want anybody to ask him about face-to-face.

As we told you here already this morning, Mayor Mike Rawlings has declared that he will not debate the Trinity toll road issue -- six- to 10-lane $1 to $2 billion expressway along the river through downtown -- because ... just won't. Take a look at the document below, produced by a committee of ten former presidents of the Dallas chapter of the American Institute of Architects, and you'll get a good picture of why.

See also: "Mayor Mike Rawlings Is Refusing to Debate the Trinity Toll Road, and That's Weird"

The so-called "Ten Presidents" committee -- 10 past and present presidents of the association -- commissioned this architectural study of the road that the mayor is pushing, comparing it with the road described by the city to Dallas voters in 2007 during the citywide referendum on the project. AIA-Dallas itself has no official connection with the study, as I wrongly reported in an earlier version of this story. What the study shows irrefutably is that the road the mayor is going for now, compared with what voters were promised eight years ago, is an enormous fraud.

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Mayor Mike Rawlings Is Refusing to Debate the Trinity Toll Road, and That's Weird

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Mayor Mike at the mic. Just don't ask about the toll road.
To: Mayoral Candidate Marcos Ronquillo
From: Concerned Citizen Jim Schutze
Concerning: Please don't mention toll road.

Marcos, I see here that you have a mayoral candidate forum coming up next week in Oak Cliff, where you are scheduled to debate Mayor Mike Rawlings on the issues. I know from our previous conversations that the Trinity toll road is a matter of personal concern for you, so I assume you had planned on bringing that up with the mayor. I just wanted to give you a heads-up, based on a conversation I had with the mayor earlier this week:

Don't do it.

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UT Looks Great in Scandal If You Don't Read Any of Them Furrin Publications

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Bill Powers

Things in Texas sure look better from inside Texas than from outside. Judging by the news coverage at home, a recently released report on an admissions controversy at the University of Texas found a few minor hickeys but a generally clean bill of health for the university.

People looking at the same report from outside the state see something more like cancer.

See also: Private Eye Report on UT-Austin Admissions Policy Reveals a Secret School for Dumbbells

Writing in the The Texas Tribune, the online Austin-based news service for whom the university is a financial sponsor, Ross Ramsey depicted the report as sort of a tie score between UT and its principal accuser, UT Regent Wallace Hall, who Ramsey said won only on minor technical points:

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Hatcam Records Councilman Kingston Getting Bum's Rush from the Breakfast Club (Video)

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Jim Schutze
Council member Philip Kingston (right), getting told to go away. That's Harriet Miers on the left.
Yesterday morning I awoke early, and the hatcam mischief was upon me. Not long later I found myself lurking in a corridor at the Crescent, a fancy building, with the hatcam on my head.

Just then, Dallas City Council member Philip Kingston got the big bounce-a-roo, the heave-ho from a meeting of the Dallas Breakfast Club, a fancy club, and guess what! The kick-in-the-buttski was administered by none other than Harriet Miers, who was White House Counsel under President George W. Bush and a rejected nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court.

In other words, Councilman Kingston was told he was not welcome to join the Breakfast Club meeting by a person who was told she was not welcome to join the Supreme Court. Heavy.

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Forget a Car-Free Week. A Better DART Is What Downtown Needs to Be Car-Free Forever.

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Subway, the one way you really can ditch that car.
This is "No Car Week" in Dallas, according to the American Institute of Architects' Dallas branch. They should call it John Tatum week.

Dallas developer John C. Tatum Jr. has been telling Dallas for more than 30 years that it is building its rail system entirely the wrong way, dooming the system to failure and squandering enormous opportunities that rail could have brought the city had the city ever understood rail in the first place.

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Across the Calatrava, David Jensen Learns Just How Dirty a Fight with Dallas City Hall Can Get

Mark Graham
David Jensen outside his West Dallas property, next to the dotted line where it will likely be taken for a street widening, though the city won't tell him as much.
The city calls its plan for street improvements in West Dallas "The Three-Hole Punch." But for David Jensen, who owns a warehouse on those streets, it's a sucker punch.

Three years ago Jensen, a 62-year-old Harley-riding semi-retired fine-art handler, started seeing plans for a major rebuilding of the streets all around his small warehouse at Herbert and Bedford streets, four blocks west of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. He lives in the 52-year-old structure and had planned on spending his golden years there. The new street maps caught his eye.

"Ever since I started seeing these plans," he says, "I have been asking people to keep me in the loop."

Nobody kept him in the loop. There was no loop. Even though the public process prescribed by law for the closing and realignment of streets has never been launched, Jensen already has a bureaucratic knife in his back -- a shiv with no prints.

That's how City Hall rolls.

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