Black Helicopters Are Landing On the Convention Center Again, Everybody Panic

Max Geron via Instagram
Time to drag out the tinfoil hats.
From Dallas Police Department Major Max Geron, another reason for the North Texas truther brigade to get fired up:

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Yep, That's a Car Plowing Through the Bike Lane on the Jefferson Boulevard Viaduct

Stephen Young
We highlighted the car in the bike lane because the photo was, in a word, shitty. Sorry about that.
This photo, taken from the passenger seat on my way home to Oak Cliff Saturday night, raises a number of questions. Chief among them: How exactly did the car get into the bike lane on the Jefferson Viaduct? There's no auto-accessible entrance on the downtown side, and the spaces between the pylons meant to keep bike riders safe from this sort of thing aren't exactly wide.

The invader continued in the bike lane the entire length of the bridge. After all, it would have been as hard to get out as it, apparently, was to get in. There were no bike riders on the bridge at the time, thank goodness.

Visual Proof of Dallas' Commitment to a Bike-Friendly Future: Parking Meters!

Ben Reavis
Welp. We tried.
Presented, almost, without comment. This photo was taken by local architect Ben Reavis on Wood Street downtown. It features some newly installed parking meters immediately adjacent to a bike lane. Be careful out there people.

Justin Terveen Grabbed Some Incredible Shots of This Morning's Fogpocalypse

Justin Terveen

There's not really any need for me to write much here, beyond noting that this morning was a very foggy one. Thankfully Justin Terveen got out in front of the fog, and he sent us these shots.

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Dallas' Finest Are Sporting Some Pretty Sweet Halloween Costumes

Dirk Nowitzki as Rev from Run D.M.C.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown as Wyatt Earp

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Man Wanted For Murder in Seagoville Looks Like Seagoville

KDFW via Twitter
Logan Michael Drumm
This guy is wanted for shooting two people at a Seagoville trailer park Sunday afternoon. If you have seen him or know where he is, we apologize. You should also contact Seagoville police.

Is This the Best Rick Perry Photo of All Time?

via Rick Perry's Twitter
They say a picture speaks a thousand words. This picture poses a thousand questions.
This morning, Texas Governor Rick Perry tweeted a photo encapsulating what is no doubt a very special approach to international relations. The picture largely speaks for itself, but let's ponder some of the major questions.

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Dallas Photographer Mike Mezeul Captured the Best "Blood Moon" Photo of All

Mike Mezeul II
If you didn't stay up late on Monday night to witness the "Blood Moon," fear not. The cosmos have conveniently scheduled three reruns over the next two years. Can't wait six months? Observer freelancer Mike Mezeul II has you covered.

He's the guy who shot the time-lapse photo you've probably already seen on your social media feed. (When my mother-in-law posts it on her Facebook feed, describing it as merely "viral" is woefully inadequate.)

The Baltimore Sun's photography blog caught up with Mezeul for an explanation of how he did it. Short answer: He stood out in the cold for a really long time.

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At Bank of America Plaza, the Lights Are No Longer Neon or Green

The official unveiling of the new lights on Bank of America Plaza (aka that green building downtown) isn't for another two weeks. But those fortunate enough to be traversing downtown in the predawn hours Wednesday morning were treated to a brief preview.

The lights, as you see in the picture above, are no longer green, at least not permanently. The old argon tubes have been replaced with modern LEDs as part of a multimillion-dollar renovation of the tower, and the LEDs can be programmed to change color.

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Dallas Councilman Philip Kingston Is Going as Angela Hunt for Halloween, and It's Terrifying

via Facebook
This photo, of Councilman Philip Kingston and his predecessor Angela Hunt (or vice versa?) was posted on Facebook over the weekend. "I do not make an attractive woman, but my legs are dead sexy," Kingston said of his attire on his Facebook page. We sincerely hope this is a Halloween costume and not his new wardrobe.

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