"Dating" Website Says Their Users Don't Like Dallas. Likewise, We're Sure.

MissTravel.com Screenshot
This classy establishment doesn't think too much of Dallas.
One of Unfair Park's favorite things is all the unsolicited lists we receive that tell us where Dallas ranks when categorized in some completely unverifiable, useless category. Normally, they just languish in our inbox like so many Groupon notifications, but sometimes we're too weak to resist.

Dallas is one of the "Least Sexy Cities of 2014?" In fact, it's the fifth least sexy city in the whole of the United States? You win this round, bullshit-list-maker. Our pride is on the line.

In truth, given our proximity to noted hotbeds of sexiness like Oklahoma City and Shreveport, the claim didn't seem too outrageous. That being said, we did begin to wonder what kind of data could possibly have been mined to back up such an assertion. Maybe the company that put out the list conducted a rigorous, double-blind survey in which participants evaluated a representative sample of Dallasites against a definitive list of sexy characteristics. Maybe plethysmography was involved. That would have been interesting. Disturbing, but interesting.

It's not even close to what happened.

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The Observer Needs a Copy Editor (But You Knew That Already, Amiright?)

We have an immediate opening for a copy editor. Until we find one, we'll continue to let commenters correct our terrible spelling and grammar while we try and fail not to get defensive about it. It's the Observer way.

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The Observer Needs a Copy Editor (But You Knew That Already, Amiright?)

We have an immediate opening for a copy editor. Until we find one, we'll continue to let commenters correct our terrible spelling and grammar while we try and fail not to get defensive about it. It's the Observer way.

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How to Contribute to the Dallas Observer

We have a nice little staff here at the Observer, but sometimes we need some side action. Here's how you might be able to help.

We accept freelance pitches for stories of all shapes and sizes. Specifically, we're looking for:

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Local Blogger Deeply Regrets Riding Bicycle Straight Into Patch of Wet Cement

I'm not going to say whether my bike ride this morning, straight into a patch of freshly laid concrete, was an intentional but poorly executed attempt to leave leave an indelible mark on University Park (think a child's sidewalk hand print, except with no hands and one ass), or whether it was purely an act of buffoonery, just another in a string of humiliating cycling fails. I'll leave it to you, dear reader, to decide.

It's not important. What is important is that I now realize that it was wrong. Because even though the gaggle of construction workers huddled around the nearby cement truck put on a brave face, going so far as to laugh and give an appreciative (or mocking?) whistle, it couldn't have been easy to see their morning's work ruined by some douche on a bike. To them, I say sorry.

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Stephen Colbert Approves of the Dallas Safari Club's Plan to Hunt the Endangered Black Rhino

The Colbert Report
Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Video Archive

On Tuesday, we brought you news that the Dallas Safari Club is going to help save the endangered black rhino by auctioning off the chance to shoot one.. Stephen Colbert for one thinks that's a fantastic idea. He said so on TV last night. Pay special attention to the Dallas Observer screengrabs.

A Note from Our Managing Editor Regarding the Use of "Metroplex" and Other Terms of Regional Endearment

Occasionally our long-time managing editor, Patrick Williams, sends emails to the staff lauding their prose, gently encouraging them, and otherwise helping them along in their journeys as reporters, writers and, well, people. Today was one of those days.

I share this with you because you, as readers and commenters, deserve to join us in bathing in his love and support.

The email, in its entirety:

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Poll: Which Dallas Observer Writer is a "Snarky, Superior, Angry Bitch?"

Hang on to your hats, everybody, because I'm about to give you a super-duper exciting glimpse into the inner workings of the Dallas Observer. We get a lot of email from our readers. Some of it comes directly to our various email addresses, but a lot of it goes to a general account. (I have no idea why. When I said "inner workings," I meant "vague overview").

Our lovely editorial assistant, Catherine Downes, has the joyous task of reading all that mail and figuring out who it's meant to go to. Sometimes it's pretty clear: "Dear, Eric," "To the editor," "all you jackasses better listen here and listen good," etc.

But occasionally we get an email whose intended recipient we just can't figure out. Since it worked so well for Reddit, we're going to crowd source our investigation: Which writer was the following irate email intended for?

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The Dallas Observer Has a New App

Today marks the arrival of our new and improved Dallas Observer app, your pocket guide to the city and direct line to our always fair-and-balanced take on things. It features:

- Event listings and concert calendars searchable by date, artist, neighborhood, venue or genre
- Restaurant listings searchable by cuisine type and neighborhood
- Access to daily blogs for updates on local news, politics, music, food and arts
- Editors' picks of the best things to do and reviews from our writers
- Slideshows of local nightlife, concerts and events
- Access to Voice Daily Deals spotlighting terrific deals from local events and merchants

I've spent some time with it, and it's a pretty seamless way to access our many, many buckets of diverse content. If you're so inclined, download it from iTunes or Google Play. And if you have any problems with it, email me directly and I'll pass your concerns on to someone smarter than me.

Thanks, as always, for your patronage.

Things Are Going to be Slow Around Here For a Few Days

Party wisely, folks.
And by "slow" we mean dead. And by "few" we mean four. We'll rouse ourselves from our Christmas stupor again on Wednesday.

Until then, you'll have to find another way to infotain yourself. Better yet, go spend time with family. Don't like your family? Okay, then go hang out with your cat. You don't like cats either? Has it occurred to you that your heart just might be two sizes too small?

See you next week.

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