According to The Dallas Morning News, All of DFW's Best Neighborhoods Are in the Suburbs

Dean Terry
The Dallas Morning News' peculiar vision of paradise.
Has it really been a year? Have 12 months really passed since The Dallas Morning News trolled us all with its rich, lily-white and generally boring Best Neighborhoods list?

No, it's been 11. But the paper apparently couldn't wait the extra 30 days, so eager it was to roll out the results of its newly rejiggered Best Neighborhoods formula. So without further ado, they are:

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Dallas Morning Show Host Storms Off the Set Over Michael Sam's Kiss

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It's a shame, really, that D Magazine didn't continue its morning show experiment. Not because we derived any pleasure from watching D: The Broadcast (we probably wouldn't have, but never say never) but because it would have been mildly wonderful to watch Wick Allison dance away from yesterday morning's Michael Sam bit.

As it is, D cut ties with the program back in August and the show continued as, simply, The Broadcast, meaning that co-host Amy Kushnir's tantrum over gay NFL draftee Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend will have to stand on its own without further allusions to our glossy media brethren.

That's fine, because Kushnir has no trouble letting us know how she really feels:

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Fort Worth Councilman Joel Burns Wins Twitter Feud with The Weather Channel

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Joel Burns probably isn't the only person in Fort Worth irritated that The Weather Channel's app shows pictures of Dallas when it delivers forecasts for Cowtown. But the soon-to-be-former Fort Worth City Councilman, whose 2010 "It Gets Better" speech went viral, is the only one to merit a bitchy response on Twitter.

Burns fired the first shot this morning, warning his 8,900 followers that he's on the verge of abandoning the app:

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Watch an NBC 5 Reporter Get Stuck in Mud, Listen to His Cameraman Cackle

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Reason 5,312 why reporting for print is better than TV: There's no video camera to catch your journalism fails. That time I knelt in a nice fresh pile of dog turds while I snapped a picture? The evidence was washed away with the next load of laundry. That time NBC 5's Jeff Smith embedded himself crotch-deep in a muddy lake bed in a misguided attempt to demonstrate historically low reservoir levels? That'll be on the Internet forever.

Here's the Trailer for WFAA's Full-length Documentary about the Recovery in West, Texas

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The one-year anniversary of the West fertilizer plant explosion that killed 15 people is a couple weeks away, and will no doubt bring with it some thoughtful coverage from various media outlets around town.

Among that coverage, we now know, will be an hour-long documentary from WFAA, which will have a premiere of sorts this weekend in West.

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The IRS Says Daystar, the Bedford-Based Televangelism Empire, Is Actually a Church

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Daystar founders Marcus and Joni Lamb
Daystar is that low-budget religious channel that you flip past when you're searching for something watchable on TV. You might have lingered for a few seconds once or twice, momentarily transfixed by Joel Osteen's hair, but only as long as it takes for your brain to kick back into gear.

Don't be fooled by appearances, though. The sprawling global television network, which is based in Bedford and boasts $233 million in assets, is not actually a television network. It's a church.

Never mind that it has none of the trappings traditionally associated with a place of worship. It has no members, at least none that are physically present on a regular basis. There's no Sunday sermon, unless you count those delivered by the televangelists who pay Daystar for airtime. The closest thing to a sanctuary is the gauche TV studio network founders Marcus and Joni Lamb broadcast from.

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The Ticket's Gordon Keith Is Now the Second Best Newspaper Columnist in the Country

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Stanton Stephens
Non-journalists don't understand how hard it is to be a newspaper columnist. It takes years, sometimes decades, of ink-stained toil in drab newsrooms. One by one, the hacks fall by the wayside. Only a select few have the talent and perseverance to be admitted to the pantheon and allowed the privilege of putting their opinions out in the world.

Or maybe not? According to the American Society of News Editors, the second-best columnist in the entire country is Gordon Keith who, as of 18 months ago, was the house funnyman on an unapologetically sophomoric sports radio show on KTCK-AM 1310 The Ticket, and now is the house funnyman on an unapologetically sophomoric sports radio show on The Ticket and an award-winning columnist for The Dallas Morning News.

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Those North Texas Trail Life Scouts Weren't Saluting Hitler After All

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The Associated Press photo, as it ran in the San Jose Mercury-News.
Trail Life USA, the splinter group that formed when Irving-based Boy Scouts of America decided to admit openly gay members, is many things: openly evangelical, unapologetically homophobic, generally lame. It is not, however, a modern-day incarnation of the Hitler youth.

You'd be forgiven for thinking otherwise. Over the weekend, The Associated Press ran a big feature on the group, focusing on a newly formed chapter in North Richland Hills. Included in the spread was a photo of maybe 20 kids standing in a circle, their arms extended in an unmistakable sieg heil as they recited the Trail Life USA creed.

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DallasBlack.Com Keeps Plagiarizing Local News Sites

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That's funny....the words are the same.
On Valentine's Day, Dallas police arrested 41-year-old Jacqueline Edwards on suspicion of setting up at least two Craigslist robberies. The news first appeared Tuesday on WFAA's website. An hour later, had the story.

Nothing particularly suspicious there. The WFAA story is little more than a summary of a arrest affidavit. Even if the station got the story first, the facts are all publicly available.

The weird thing here is the Dallas Black's piece matches WFAA's word for word. From the all-caps "DALLAS" dateline to the closing line about a "mystery suspect," it's all the same.

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Former Editor John Wright is Suing the Dallas Voice for Firing Him, "Reverse Discrimination"

Thumbnail image for JohnWright.jpg
John Wright
Fired Dallas Voice editor John Wright's feud with his former employer didn't end with the parting shots he delivered here and elsewhere, nor with the launch of Lone Star Q, Wright's new online news venture.

It's simmered on, first in hearings last fall before the Texas Workforce Commission, where Wright was trying to collect unemployment benefits, and now with a lawsuit. Wright filed suit on Wednesday against Voice Publishing, Inc., former owner Robert Moore, and current co-owners Leo Cusimano and Terry Thompson.

The petition itself is 33 pages, an epic as far as wrongful termination lawsuits go. It would probably be easier to list the legal claims Wright doesn't make against the Voice, but we'll enumerate his grievances anyway. In addition to the wrongful termination claim, Wright alleges:

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