Inside Davis' "Seductive" Plan to Boost Minimum Wage in Texas

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A recent rally in New York to raise the minimum wage of fast-food workers: It's a controversial idea that's popular among many politicians, including Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis.

Amid the storm of fast-food worker protests for better pay, Democratic candidate for governor Wendy Davis announced late last week her plan to boost Texas' minimum wage to $10 per hour, which is generally how much national cost-of-living studies say is necessary for struggling workers to have improved quality of life.

Meanwhile, while Texas business organizations are crying out against the motion. Davis' GOP opponent Greg Abbott was predictably one of the first to speak out, saying a boost to minimum wage would hurt job growth and tarnish the "Texas Miracle" reputation. Bill Hammond, CEO of the Texas Association of Business, also thinks the "long arm of government" shouldn't be mandating wage raises.

"We see the minimum wage as a starter or training wage," says Hammond. "So if we were to boost the minimum wage overnight, the starter jobs would basically be eliminated." But Dr. Mike Davis, an SMU economics and business professor, says the issue is not so simple.

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Americans for Prosperity Conference Wraps Up with a Heartfelt Kiss for the Free Market

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Sky Chadde
On message. All the time.

I'm sitting next to a well-dressed home-schooled high schooler from just outside of Lafayette, Louisiana, watching failed Senate candidate and former HP CEO Carly Fiorina talking about the dignity of jobs that don't pay a living wage. Why Fiorina is speaking at Defending the American Dream isn't really clear. She did an awful job at HP, has never held elected office and seems incapable of saying anything remotely incisive. Nevertheless, her performance distills Americans for Prosperity, and its conference, to its essence.

Fiorina was introduced as someone who worked her way from being a secretary to being the first female CEO of a Fortune Top 50 company (until she was booted out with a $21 million severance package). Like a lot of things said at this conference, that's technically true. Sure, Fiorina's dad was a federal judge and law school professor and her mom was a professional artist. She may have graduated from Stanford before getting a master's from MIT's Sloan School of Management, too, but she did do some secretarial work after dropping out of UCLA's law school before ditching and heading to Italy to teach English.

There's nothing wrong with any of that, of course. It's just that presenting Fiorina as a salt-of-the-earth, rags-to-riches story is disingenuous.

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Rick Perry Feels the Love at Americans for Prosperity Summit

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Rick Perry (via Twitter)
Honestly? It was about what you would've expected.

The irony that Americans For Prosperity's Defending the American Dream summit is being held in a hotel paid for with taxpayer funds can be a little overwhelming. Everyone you talk to opposes regulation and taxes with a religious fervor while at the same time praising the setting and the glory of Governor Rick Perry's free market paradise.

Tim Phillips, American's for Prosperity's president, had the honor of providing the introductory hagiography for Perry and promised that everyone in the room stood with the indicted governor in his fight against an "overzealous prosecutor."

Then it was time. Little Texas' "God Blessed Texas" blasted over the public address system and Perry entered like a wrestler thoroughly prepped for scripted battle, full of bravado and wearing his ever-present grin.

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Americans for Prosperity's Defending the Dream Message: Don't Be Crazy

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Sky Chadde
Americans for Prosperity sure know how to brand.
Friday and Saturday, the Omni Dallas hosts Americans for Prosperity's "Defending the American Dream" conference. Featured speakers include Governor Rick Perry, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Jeb Hensarling and Indiana governor Mike Pence. We sent two of our reporters to get the full experience.

Political rhetoric on both sides has the potential to get out of hand and send speakers down the rabbit hole of sounding crazy. Throwing red meat is fantastic if you want to whip up the base, but if you're trying to gain some converts, not so much. At Americans for Prosperity's summit, the panelists and session-leaders seemed to take this to heart.

With social media and the Internet, "everyone's voice can be heard, but there's some people we wish whose voices couldn't be heard," said Erik Telford of the Franklin Center.

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What I Learned About How to Talk to Liberals from Americans for Prosperity

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Everyone was getting along just dandy. Then someone mentioned affordable health care and the tomahawks came out.
Friday and Saturday, the Omni Dallas hosts Americans for Prosperity's "Defending the American Dream" conference. Featured speakers include Governor Rick Perry, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Jeb Hensarling and Indiana governor Mike Pence. We sent two of our reporters to get the full experience. This is one of their dispatches:

Unlike Defending the American Dream's 9 a.m. sessions, which were "highlighted" by a mostly wonky discussion about the evils of Obamacare, the 10 a.m. workshops featured a clear headliner: "Thanksgiving Gone Wrong: How to Talk About Freedom," where an audience packed into an overflowing ballroom learned the best ways to deal with particularly ornery liberal friends and relatives.

Here's what I learned:

  • According to woman sitting behind me in the audience, Facebook recently suggested she send a friend request to her plastic surgeon, despite her never having posted anything about her procedures on the social network. She thinks this happened because Facebook has access to her medical records. She and her friend considered whether they should keep using the social network or not.
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Greg Abbott Shoots Down Local Rep's Call for Independent Watkins Investigation

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Sam Merten
Craig Watkins
Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott rejected a request from Republican state Representative Jason Villalba to investigate Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins' use of asset forfeiture funds to make good on a February 2013 traffic accident Watkins caused. Abbott told Villalba that he can't initiate an investigation based solely on a request from a legislator.

That doesn't mean Villalba is giving up just yet.

Debbie Denmon, spokeswoman for Watkins, says the district attorney was driving a county SUV to a law enforcement gathering to give a speech. On the Dallas North Tollway, Watkins glanced at his speech, Denmon says, and rear-ended another vehicle. Repairs to both vehicles, as well as the other driver's medical bills, were paid with forfeiture funds Watkins controls.

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Texas Is Not Turning Blue Anytime Soon

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Not likely to change much in the near future, says The New York Times

An analysis of data compiled and released by The New York Times surmises that, despite the hopes and claims of groups like Battleground Texas, Texas is unlikely to become a Democratic stronghold, or even a consistent battleground, anytime soon.

The reason? Unlike other southern states that have seen swings in voting patterns -- like North Carolina or Virginia -- Texas' population growth stems largely from a high in-state birth rate and migration from outside of the United States, rather than regional migration within the United States.

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Texas Republican Leaders Think Gay Marriage Leads to Polygamy, Incest and Pedophilia

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Jose Antonio Navas
These two women just got married. So now everyone's probably going to go crazy.

We already knew homosexuality was pretty much the same thing as alcoholism. But now, top Texas GOP leaders inform us that allowing gay marriage would be akin to allowing polygamy, incest and pedophilia, according to a brief filed by members of the Texas Conservative Coalition in support of Texas' ban on gay marriages.

Included on list of those who signed the document are lieutenant governor candidate Dan Patrick and several other top party names, totaling 63 Texas Republican politicians who think that if gay people marry the world would completely fall apart.

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Did Those 15 Minutes of Air Time Between Obama and Perry Accomplish Anything? (No.)

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U.S. Air Force
Air Force One, which the president parked at DFW yesterday before flying a helicopter with Gov. Perry to Love Field. We wonder how much that political compromise cost?
President Obama and Governor Perry have been facing weeks of political tension regarding the recent surge in unaccompanied immigrant children fleeing central America and arriving at the Texas border. Although Dallas has made headlines in its promise to shelter many of these kids, it's an issue that has been attracting national concern: Perry sent an open letter to President Obama criticizing his border policies. Obama, meanwhile, is seeking more than $3.7 billion in emergency funds from Congress to deal with the crisis, and taking political fire for not visiting the border himself.

Obama traveled Texas this week to attend fundraisers in Denver, Dallas and Austin. He flew to DFW airport before taking a 15-minute helicopter ride from DFW to Love Field. During those 15 minutes, Perry accompanied Obama on the helicopter to fulfill the meeting that Perry had requested.

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Really? Cleveland?

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Yvette Cendes
Another gorgeous summer day in Cleveland, the jewel of Lake Erie.

GOP leadership has officially announced that exotic, exciting Cleveland will be hosting the RNC convention in 2016. The final announcement has come after weeks of teasers.

Last month, the RNC selection committee narrowed the convention site shortlist to four cities. Then, last week, they announced that Kansas City and Denver had been eliminated. Yesterday, the Twitterverse was in a frenzy hoping that the RNC would choose between Cleveland and Dallas.

Finally, after you could just about cut the tension with a bullet from your air rifle, the RNC announced this morning that Cleveland was the lucky winner. We hope you're all as tickled as we are with this decision.

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