FDA Really Wants Dallas' NuVision Pharmacy to Quit Making Drugs Contaminated by Endotoxins

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Flickr user anika
If you more than glance at the website for NuVision Pharmacy, you might start having second thoughts about having the Dallas-based company compound your pharmaceuticals. Why, you might wonder by looking at the home page, did quality testing have to be expanded to check for endotoxins? Why is the "about us" section so keen to point out that the company "is not recalling all sterile injectables." And this "FDA response letter" certainly should give one pause:

There is no evidence to support the FDA's claim that our products lack sterility assurance. ...The FDA did not receive reports about fever, flu-like symptoms, and soreness at the injection site associated with the methylcobalamin injection product. This is information we voluntarily provided to the FDA. The FDA inspectors had no knowledge of this incident prior to our disclosure. ...Neither the FDA nor our pharmacy uncovered any evidence that the symptoms were caused by our product and were not due to an unknown alternative source.
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Texas Cities Follow Dallas' Lead and Stand Up to Payday Lenders. Is the State Next?

That gleaming wad of cash comes with a 600+ percent interest rate, if Texas predatory lenders have anything to say about it.
In Dallas, the political atmosphere for payday lending reform is optimistic. After three years of ordinances limiting lending practices, the local movement has spread to 17 other cities across the state. Today, Dallas City Councilman Jerry Allen went before the Amarillo City Council to try and recruit that city to the fight club against loan sharks. "The momentum just continues to gain," Allen told Unfair Park. "After the 2011 session, I realized that the state wasn't really going to do anything so I got back and worked with the city."

And increased limitations can't come quickly enough: Texas has some of the most lax lending laws in the country, with the highest surcharges. There is no cap on lending fees, and some interest rates soar over 600 percent. Moreover, statewide payday lending reform has failed in the Legislature for the past three sessions.

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Why Prime Prep Closing Would Be Good News for its Remaining Star Athletes

Amy Silverstein
Who wouldn't trust this face?
Whether Prime Prep manages to stay open or not doesn't matter to Emmanuel Mudiay. The kid who would have been king, the explosive, rangy point guard, is not going to SMU, whether he would have been eligible to play for the Mustangs or not. Athletic apparel company Under Armour -- which sponsors both Prime Prep and Mo Williams Elite, Mudiay's AAU summer team -- is working behind the scenes to secure his first pro contract, a move that removes any doubt as to his amateur status.

Whether Mudiay is bypassing Moody Madness because he had fears about his potential academic eligibility, because, as he and his family have said, he wants to help his mother financially or, in the most likely scenario, because of some combination of the two, his high school alma mater's closing isn't going to have any further effect on his basketball future.

The same can't be said for Mudiay's star teammate, Terrance Ferguson.

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It's Official: Perry to Send National Guard Troops to Border

Categories: Immigration

Dan Sorensen
Up to 1,000 National Guard troops will be immediately deployed to the border, in a move seen by many as political and provocative.

Governor Rick Perry today announced his intention to deploy up to 1,000 Texas National Guard troops to the Texas-Mexico border. While Perry cited criminal and cartel violence as his reason, the move comes following the recent surge of Central American children into Texas. Some 60,000 undocumented and unaccompanied kids are expected to come into the United States by the end of the year.

News of Perry's plan broke over the weekend, but today's official announcement still comes as a bold statement to both the Obama administration and immigration reform advocates. Perry stated that he intends for the troops to act as temporary support to Operation Strong Safety, a recent Texas Department of Public Safety initiative to crack down on illegal entry and criminal activity at the border.

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Forest Lane's Funkiest Mural Has Been Restored to its Original 1976 Glory

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Alice Laussade
In the end, W.T. White alum Brent Herling never had to make good on his threat of a citizen's arrest. The unhappy neighbor, who smeared beige paint across the funky, half-mile long Forest Lane mural Herling and a rotating corps of more than 100 volunteers were busy restoring, never returned, cowed either by the prospect of encountering TI engineer/amateur artist Herling -- a man who once, single-handed, erased every spot of graffiti along a seven-mile stretch of Forest Lane -- on a dark sidewalk by the massive blowback the act of vandalism inspired.

That was at the beginning of June. Since then the restoration -- the Starship Enterprise's newly crisp transporter beams, the return of the giant armadillo's scales -- has been drama-free, the type of feel-good project that involves lots of paint-spattered children and good neighborly feelings all around. (Herling himself was responsible for a previous spot of controversy when he painted, on a long-blank section of wall with an image of SpongeBob SquarePants; this was seen as historically inaccurate, as SpongeBob did not exist when W.T. White students were painting the mural in 1976,)

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Dallas City Hall Has Repaid $800,000 to HUD in the Last Year, but for What?

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Thumbnail image for KingstonScreenshot.jpg
District 14 City Council Member Philip Kingston
WOW. Looks like bigbexardaddy knows whereof he speaks.

Little over a week ago bigbexardaddy commented on an item I had posted here about the Bexar Street boondoggle, giving away a lot of detail that sure sounded like it came from inside City Hall, including a claim that Dallas, even in advance of getting hit with a big HUD judgment in the 1600 Pacific case (that will happen this week) , has already had to pay back "hundreds of thousands" to HUD this year.

Councilman Philip Kingston decided last week to check that out. According to the email exchange, the payback is even bigger than bigbexardaddy suggested. What we don't know: What the hell was it for?

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Dallas Service Workers Can't Wait for the Notoriously Bad Tippers of Mary Kay to Leave

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This is your waiter, not your eyeshadow guinea pig.
The Mary Kay convention has been gracing Dallas for the last 40 years, and by now the lipsticked ladies have become a staple of the Dallas summer, known for pumping millions into the local economy.

The money just doesn't spill into servers' wallets. Over the decades, the Mary Kay attendees have acquired a reputation for getting severe alligator arms when the tabs are settled at downtown restaurants and, less frequently, bars. Reports of abysmally low tips, no tips at all and cloying non-tip tips leave local servers frustrated and broker than usual.

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Perry Will Cement That Strong National Image If He Sends the Guard to the Border

Categories: Schutze

Orval Faubus at Central High School, taking his place in history.

The Austin American-Statesmanand The Houston Chronicle this morning are reporting that Governor Rick Perry will hold a press conference this afternoon to announce he's sending 1,000 Texas National Guard troops to the Mexican border to defend Texas against an invasion of unarmed Central American children. This, of course, goes nowhere fast, which Perry already knows.

In spite of the very strong impression Perry created in the rest of the nation in his 2012 presidential bid, most of us here in Texas know that he is not a total idiot. We must assume he or somebody on his staff knows the story of The Little Rock Nine.That means Perry knows where this is headed -- some form of federalization of the guard. The question would be why he wants to go there.

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One Man, One Bike, One Camera: Jose Vela's Dallas Cop Block Aims to Guard the Guardians

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Dallas Cop Block
Jose Vela started Dallas Cop Block after he felt an officer unfairly gave his wife a ticket.
The first incident that set Jose Vela on the path to having front and rear dash cams installed in his car happened in 2009. He was visiting his old man in Alamo, and his 7-year-old son, who has Down syndrome, wandered off. Vela and his wife searched but couldn't find him. They called the police. Eventually, a resident discovered Vela's son and phoned it in. The family was reunited, but, Vela told Unfair Park, not until the police threatened to arrest him and his wife. Nothing came of it, but Vela learned to be wary of police officers.

The second incident came a couple years later when his wife tried to pick up a friend from Love Field. She thought she saw her friend, so she pulled into a passenger loading area. It wasn't her friend, but an officer saw her and told her she needed to move, Vela said. She couldn't pull out because of the passing traffic. Vela said that's when the cop became angry and wrote his wife a ticket for refusing to leave.

Vela decided to strike back.

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Alleged Phony FedEx Mastermind Responds to Company's Allegations

Categories: Legal Battles

Jacob B√łtter
Don't screw with FedEx. They'll get litigious.

Remember Brad Ward? He's the guy we told you about last month who FedEx says scammed more than $70,000 in free shipping from the company using a series of fraudulent shipping accounts. At the time, Ward told us he had no idea what FedEx was talking about. Thursday, Ward submitted his official reply in federal court.

See also: A Dallas Shipping Company Used an Elaborate Scam to Ship Everything Free with FedEx, Lawsuit Claims

In it, Ward admits several of the Memphis shipping behemoth's less significant accusations while strongly denying FedEx's primary contention, that he profited by shipping customers' FedEx packages through his Lone Star Shipping Co. without paying for them, something the company says he was able to do by charging the shipments to accounts tied to deceptive addresses and credit cards that would later be declined.

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