Dallas County DA Susan Hawk Isn't Going Anywhere Unless She Wants To

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Hawk for DA
Susan Hawk
Susan Hawk, the newly minted Dallas County district attorney, went to rehab to help kick the painkillers she was prescribed after back surgery. She admitted as much after the Morning News dropped a bombshell of a (mostly) anonymously sourced report last week. Just after she kicked off her campaign to unseat incumbent Craig Watkins in the fall of 2013, the paper said, she'd entered drug rehab in Arizona, despite her saying at the time that she was headed to the East Coast for back surgery.

Perhaps more damning was a source's claim that before she recently fired her first assistant, Bill Wirskye, Hawk accused him of using forfeiture funds to pay a Park Cities locksmith to make him a key to Hawk's house before he broke in and stole an incriminating photo of Hawk.

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Ron Kirk and Lee Jackson Are a Pair of Madmen on the Trinity Toll Road Issue

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Daniel Fishel

Former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk and former Dallas County Judge Lee Jackson, two wild and crazy guys, had a shared piece on the opinion pages of The Dallas Morning News yesterday under a headline, "Congestion will worsen without Trinity toll road."

If you asked Kirk and Jackson to produce a single study to show their proposed toll road would reduce congestion, they couldn't do it. None of the studies show that.

In fact, from the very beginning of this incredibly drawn-out increasingly ridiculous 18-year debate, the studies have all shown that Kirk and Jackson's story is not true. Think about it. If it's such a silver bullet, why hasn't a stone been turned in almost two decades of talking about it?

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Two DCCCD Cops on Administrative Leave After Arrest Video Shows Them Threatening Teens

Socially Diphunksional via Youtube
The Dallas County Community College District has placed two El Centro College police officers on adminstrative leave after a video showing them making a controversial arrest -- purportedly on March 25 -- was posted to YouTube.

The video shows four teenagers forced against a wall outside El Centro. During the video, shot by someone who narrates that he was just outside smoking a cigarette, the kids tell the officers that they were just waiting for a bus to Dallas Can Academy. One of the officers, who's already told one of detained individuals that she will "toss him over that metal [bench] right there," tells another that she "[has] a lot of stuff on her belt that will take care of [him] and I guarantee you that I will be glad to use some of it."

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Dallas Police: Drunk Woman Ditched Daughter in Dumpster Outside King Spa

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Dallas County Sheriff
Alicia Carroll
A Dallas woman has been arrested and charged with child abandonment and endangering a child after helping her 7-year-old daughter into a dumpster near the King Spa and Sauna on Royal Lane and then leaving her there overnight Saturday, police say.

Alicia Carroll called police at 9:40 Sunday morning and told them she left the girl with a friend after having drinks at the spa. Now, she told police, her friend would not return her child.

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Anti-Toll Road Dallas Green Alliance PAC Rolls Out City Council Endorsements, Strategy

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The Trinity Trust
A rendering of the Trinity toll road.
It's still a long shot for sure, but the Dallas Green Alliance's path to eight votes against the Trinity toll road on the Dallas City Council is coming into focus. The DGA, a pro-environment PAC expressly formed to get toll road opponents elected, announced its endorsements Friday, along with plans to distribute at least $15,000 to their campaigns.

There are four decided votes against the Trinity toll road on the council right now. Scott Griggs (District 1), Adam Medrano (District 2), Sandy Greyson (District 12) and Philip Kingston (District 14). The Dallas Green Alliance has endorsed candidates in what are expected to be the seven most contested council races and the mayoral race. Four of those races are shaping up to be the ground that this election is fought over.

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Dallas Mayoral Candidate Admits Involvement With "666" Graffiti, Still Has Debate Plans

Categories: Campaign News

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Joe Tone
Thanks for the warning, Richard!
Richard Sheridan, the perennial gadfly candidate accused of painting "666" on a number of local buildings and landmarks, is out of jail. He was released at 7 a.m. Sunday, he says, but not before he was able to persuade 10 people inside to vote for him in May 9's mayoral election if they get out in time.

Twelve buildings, most associated with Dallas' LGBTQ community or the media -- including the Observer -- were tagged with "666" on June 28. Sheridan is the only suspected to have been identified and has been interviewed by the police three times, he says. The last of those interviews, according to Sheridan, happened in August or September last year, so he was surprised when he was arrested and charged with two of the taggings -- of Cathedral of Hope and the "Legacy of Love" monument in Oak Lawn -- on Friday.

"Everything's going good, you know what I'm saying? Then six, six police officers showed up. Six! I got my dirty sweat pants and shirt on, just getting ready to take a shower. I had to go to the bathroom both ways, and six of them are out there. Right away, cuffs. I told [the cops] 'Can't I get dressed or whatever?' 'No.' 'Can't I go to the bathroom, I gotta go both ways, there could be an accident?' 'You have to wait until you get down there.' So they picked me up at one [p.m. on Friday] and I just got out at seven [Sunday morning]."

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The News and WFAA Suck in Some Funny Numbers at DISD. Should Have Done the Math.

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Courtesy Bill Betzen
Bill Betzen with education historian Diane Ravitch.
Last week, barely 24 hours before the Dallas school board was to vote on a complicated school construction proposal, two major media published stories saying the district has been conspiring to strip-mine federal subsidy money out of poor schools and spend it instead on more affluent kids.

That's huge. If true, the accusation makes a lie of every single thing Superintendent Mike Miles has said about himself and his goals.

Both WFAA News 8 and The Dallas Morning News ran with the story, based entirely on an analysis handed to them by anti-school reform activist Bill Betzen, a retired Dallas teacher and self-taught statistician now closely allied with the teachers unions.

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Racist Fraternity Chant at OU Was Shared at a Frat "Leadership Cruise," University Says

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Muse Man Multimedia TV via Youtube
Parker Rice
The University of Oklahoma's president said Friday that the Parker Rice and Levi Pettit, the two locals seen on video leading their Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity brothers in a chant about segregating and lynching black people, learned the chant as part of a process that began four years ago on a cruise ship filled with fraternity members.

Leaders of the OU fraternity chapter picked up the chant on a leadership cruise sponsored by the national SAE organization. The OU leaders brought the chant back to Norman and made it part of both the informal and formal pledge process, Boren said. (Rice, a freshman, and Pettit, a sophomore, were high school students at the time and didn't take part in the cruise itself.)

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Dallas Mayoral Candidate Arrested for Painting "666" on Local Buildings, Landmarks, Us

Categories: Crime

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Joe Tone
Richard Sheridan -- perennial gadfly candidate, profane voicemail leaver and word-salad chef extraordinaire -- has been arrested in connection with the June 2014 tagging of a number of Dallas buildings, including the Legacy of Love Monument in Oak Lawn, the Cathedral of Hope and the building where the Observer is located.

Sheridan, who's currently running against Mike Rawlings and Marcos Ronquillo for mayor, was picked up Friday afternoon after a grand jury indicted him for painting "666" on the monument and Cathedral of Hope, the two incidents for which Dallas police have the best case against Sheridan, the department said.

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Arlington's "Black Hoodie Bandit:" Prolific Bank Robber, Excellent Bookkeeper, Totally Screwed

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The Black Hoodie Bandit at work.
Sometimes it's hard for prosecutors to get a conviction. The case of Arlington's "Black Hoodie Bandit," judging from evidence the FBI says it found, will not be one of those times.

Starting in November, the bureau says, Dana Campbell began robbing grocery-store bank branches -- specifically First Convenience Banks. She would walk up to the bank window, hand over a note demanding cash and take off with the for a waiting silver car or PT Cruiser. By February, when the FBI released photos of the woman they christened "The Black Hoodie Bandit" in hopes of generating some leads, she was suspected of nine robberies. A $10,000 reward was offered for her identification, arrest and indictment.

(We pause here to ask: "Black Hoodie Bandit?" Really? Did someone at the FBI miss a sensitivity training class or is Geraldo Rivera now a federal agent, God forbid? Maybe the fibbies are fans of the grammar book Eats, Shoots and Leaves.)

Back to the story: Posters of the robber were soon plastered up at FCB branches, showing the woman and her distinctive getup. On March 10, the FBI says, she robbed her 10th bank. An FCB teller in Arlington saw a woman, identified later as Campbell, approach another teller's station and noticed she was wearing a black hooded jacket, a beanie cap, dark sunglasses and black gloves. One of the teller's customers asked Campbell, after looking at one of the posters, "Are you the one who has been robbing all the banks?."

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