Fort Worth Pedophile Lloyd Gibson, Sentenced to 70 Years in Jail, Is Why Kids Don't Talk to Strangers

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Lloyd Gibson
With sex crimes, particularly those relating to children, the fair administration of justice sometimes takes a backseat to the urge to punish. Just glancing at the headline of the Tarrant County district attorney's announcement of a 70-year prison sentence for failing to register as a sex offender might suggest 69-year-old Lloyd Gibson's case is one of those.

Maybe not. So prolific a child molester is Gibson that he earned the type of sobriquet more typically reserved for serial bank robbers. He revealed for the first time during Tuesday's sentencing hearing on his failure-to-register conviction that he is the "Baseball Cap Bandit," a pedophile who terrorized Houston in the 1970s by breaking into dozens of homes to expose himself to strangers' young children.

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The Trinity Toll Road Will Flood, Expert Admits. Who Knew? Me.

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Sadly -- or luckily -- unlike Archimedes, Jim did not leap from his tub to run about naked in the streets, shouting eureka.
The Pulitzer Prizes just came out. Once again I scan the list, searching for yours truly. Not a mention. But next year it will be different. Next year my early work on the Trinity River toll road is going to win me the Pulitzer and possibly also the Nobel and if they have a prize that's like a boy genius Einstein award for just being great, I'll be picking that one up, too, thank you.

Of course, tooting my own horn goes against my basic modesty, a quality for which I may possibly be in for some recognition as well one day. But in this instance, I really must toot.

If you missed it, Robert Wilonksy had a story yesterday in the Morning News saying the federal government has decided that if you put a freeway out in the area between the levees along the river where it floods, the freeway will flood. This finding is based on 20 years of research, countless studies and millions of dollars worth of scientific, engineering and environmental examination.

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Dallas Midtown Developer Says Valley View Area Will Have a Subway. Someday.

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Thumbnail image for DallasMidtown.JPG
Dallas Midtown, the mixed-use wonderland that will replace the decrepit Valley View Center, will have everything a modern urbanist could want. If everything lives up to developer Scott Beck's vision, there will be several thousand apartments and condos, hundreds of thousands of feet of office and retail space, artists to give it a SoHo vibe, easy pedestrian and bike access, and multiple grocery stores all centered on a 25-acre park with Klyde Warren-style programming.

There's just one thing missing: decent access to public transportation. Just in case the modern urbanist wants to go somewhere.

Beck's already thought of that. He says there are plans for a subway -- "it literally goes underneath the Valley View Mall area" -- with a stop at Dallas Midtown. The possibility of this east-west rail line was built into the LBJ Express Project, he says.

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Texas Freezes Agency's Funding Over Release of Data Linking Fracking to Ozone Pollution

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Daniel Foster
The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has consistently said that fracking has no significant impact on air quality, not in the Barnett Shale. Not in the Eagle Ford Shale. Not anywhere.

It was news, then, when a TCEQ-funded study, performed by the Alamo Area Council of Governments, a San Antonio-area regional planning agency, suggested a link between oil and gas drilling and a recent surge in the region's ozone levels.

Was TCEQ finally admitting that the fumes being belched out by gas wells and compressor stations might be having a negative effect on air quality? Far from it. So miffed was the agency that it froze funding for the Alamo COG.

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Garland Man Tries to Trick Dallas Cops Chasing Him, Fails Miserably

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Rodrick Tippett
Rodrick Tippett got off relatively easy for the pair of burglaries he committed in 2009. After six months behind bars, the judge changed what had been a six-year penitentiary sentence to six years of probation. The fact that one of his victims had been his sister does not appear to have influenced the judge's decision.

According to prosecutors, Tippett violated his probation two months later by having sex with a prostitute, then again in January 2011 when he twice assaulted his girlfriend, though records indicate he didn't see the inside of a jail cell again until 2012, when he was arrested on charges of theft and burglary. Somehow, his sentence this time was even lighter than before, just five years' probation, the terms of which he violated four months later by failing to show up at a substance abuse treatment center.

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Dallas Executive's Neighbors Say City Hall Broke Federal Rules in Airport-Expansion Push

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Neighbors of Dallas Executive Airport
An artist's rendering of Raymond Crawford's nightmares.
If there was one thing Dallas City Hall would have been wise to take away from the fracking debate, it's that you shouldn't mess with Raymond Crawford. He's the slight, balding, professional needlepointing David to your Goliath.

City Hall, however, isn't so good with lessons, which is why Crawford has another stone in his sling.

The issue this time around is Dallas Executive Airport, the small, city-owned airfield in the Red Bird area of Southwest Dallas. For the past three years, the city has been drawing up a new master plan for the airport and is set to begin a runway renovation and expansion.

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In Etta Mullin's Dallas County Court, Knee Surgery Is No Excuse For Wearing Shorts

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Endorsements from southern Dallas' Democratic heavyweights (i.e. Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, state Senator Royce West, County Commissioner John Wiley Price) and the natural advantages of an incumbent in a down-ballot race weren't quite enough to propel Dallas County misdemeanor court judge Etta Mullin to reelection. She won just 36.4 percent of the vote in the March primary, good enough to get her into a runoff with challenger Lisa Green, who netted 44.3 percent.

Mullin, barring a surprise come-from-behind victory in May, will most likely become a victim of her amazing unpopularity among attorneys. As Amy pointed out on the eve of the election, Mullin is almost universally reviled by the lawyers who work in her court.

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Gun Barrel City's Lone Gay Bar Was Targeted By Police, But Maybe Not Because it Was Gay

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Saturday, April 5, was drag night at Garlow's, Gun Barrel City's one and only gay bar. It also happened to be the night when a half dozen or so of Gun Barrel City's finest showed up in the parking lot and began pulling over departing patrons for failing to use their turn signals.

"Basically, all that was was a fishing trip to see who's been drinking and who hasn't," bar owner Michael Slingerland tells Unfair Park, saying the bust was the culmination of a couple of months of a lighter police presence.

Gun Barrel City Police Chief Damon Boswell has not returned a call seeking comment, but Lone Star Q reports that four drivers were arrested for driving while intoxicated.

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Fort Worth Homeless Man Gets Seven Years For Firebombing Wendy Davis' Senate Office

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Cedric Carmond Steel
On March 20, 2012, a year before her filibuster against abortion restrictions catapulted her to national stardom and a gubernatorial bid, state Senator Wendy Davis had the singular distinction of having her Fort Worth office firebombed.

Davis wasn't in her office, and no one was injured, but the bag that was thrown at her door, filled with a half dozen Molotov cocktails, did cause a small fire that was quickly extinguished by an employee. It also landed 42-year-old Cedric Carmond Steele in jail.

Steele pleaded guilty to an arson charge today and agreed to a seven-year prison term, according to Tarrant County prosecutors.

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Perot Museum Staircases Are Not To Be Trusted, Lawsuits Say

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richard wezensky
The Perot Museum of Nature and Science is either very bad at building and managing staircases, or is just a convenient entity to blame when people suffer accidents on those staircases. A lawsuit filed last week says that Myung Oh fell down the museum's concrete steps and injured his neck in 2013. The accident rendered him a quadriplegic, the suit says, living in a nursing home and requiring around-the-clock care.

This is the second time in the past year that the Perot-affiliated museum has been sued over a staircase fall.

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