Rep. Michael Burgess Has a Horrible Plan for Dealing With Child Immigrants

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Representative Michael Burgess

Governor Rick Perry's sending the National Guard to the border may not be the best idea. Sending soldiers to perform law enforcement functions usually doesn't end well. That being said, at least there's a certain logic to it. Perry perceives the influx of undocumented kids crossing the border as a security issue, so he's throwing a thousand well-armed guardsmen into the mix.

Lewisville U.S. Repreprentative Michael Burgess' ideas about how to handle the same issue involve fewer guns and apparent ignorance of potential consequences. And math.

Burgess has introduced legislation that would slash $15,000 from U.S. aid to El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala or Mexico each time an undocumented child from one of the countries was found to have entered the U.S.

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It's Official: Perry to Send National Guard Troops to Border

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Dan Sorensen
Up to 1,000 National Guard troops will be immediately deployed to the border, in a move seen by many as political and provocative.

Governor Rick Perry today announced his intention to deploy up to 1,000 Texas National Guard troops to the Texas-Mexico border. While Perry cited criminal and cartel violence as his reason, the move comes following the recent surge of Central American children into Texas. Some 60,000 undocumented and unaccompanied kids are expected to come into the United States by the end of the year.

News of Perry's plan broke over the weekend, but today's official announcement still comes as a bold statement to both the Obama administration and immigration reform advocates. Perry stated that he intends for the troops to act as temporary support to Operation Strong Safety, a recent Texas Department of Public Safety initiative to crack down on illegal entry and criminal activity at the border.

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Decision to Shelter Immigrant Kids Brings Out More Protesters on Both Sides

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Emily Mathis
Let's see, that's "illegal immigration aborts a nation," "taxation without representation," "they're called illegals for a reason," some other stuff, lots of manufactured signs and the worst acrostic ever (for Clay Jenkins).
It's been a few weeks since Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins' startling announcement that Dallas would help shelter the influx of Central American kids. Initial reaction was, in general, positive if riddled with questions. Faith groups across the area have been busy raising funds and holding food and clothing drives for the kids' expected arrival. But as more time has passed, the reaction is getting more heated.

Today and tomorrow, conservative groups are meeting at city buildings and Mexican consulates across the country to protest the recent surge in undocumented immigrants. In Dallas, they protested downtown at Jenkins' office Friday. They were met with a group of pro-shelter and pro-immigration reform counter-protesters.

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Why Immigration Judges Say Cornyn and Cueller's Solution to the Surge Won't Work

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Gage Skidmore
Sen. Cornyn wants to expedite unaccompanied kids through the legal system in his "Humane Act."
Republican Senator John Cornyn and Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar this week were heralded, by The Dallas Morning News among others, for their proposal to hire scores of new immigration judges to begin ruling on child migrant cases within a week or so of their arrival, as a show of force to the Central American countries where gang violence has sent thousands of kids streaming across the Texas border.

"They need the strongest possible signal -- planeloads of deportees returning home in defeat -- to understand that this is not a route to success," the News wrote in an editorial on Tuesday.

It would be a strong signal, no doubt. It also, say advocates, lawyers and immigration judges, would be a disaster.

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Where Migrant Kids Will Likely Live in Dallas

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Emily Mathis
Lamar Education Center, one of three sites unexpected to house migrant kids.
With Central American kids streaming across Texas' border and nothing but partisan posturing on the horizon, Dallas County, under the leadership of County Judge Clay Jenkins and in partnership with the feds, is preparing to shelter thousands of unaccompanied minors from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, starting as soon as this summer.

The three proposed shelters to house unaccompanied Central American children are a vacant Parkland Hospital warehouse in the Medical District, Lamar Alternative Education Center in Grand Prairie, and Hulcy Middle School in Oak Cliff. Unfair Park traveled to each location to see for ourselves the future home of some 2,000 migrant kids.

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Welcome to the 'Hood, Kids: Visiting the Grand Prairie School Expected to House Migrants

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Emily Mathis
Lamar Alternative Education Center will soon house unaccompanied Central American kids, provided the district and city first work out logistics with neighborhood residents.
Lamar Alternative Education Center used to be Lamar Elementary. It's part of the Grand Prairie Independent School District, and it officially closed its doors at the end of the 2013 school year because of low attendance. Today, the school sits empty in a working-class neighborhood, and looks the part of a schoolhouse hastily abandoned: A peek through the windows reveals the lights are turned on, but no occupants. Child-sized plastic chairs, some toppled haphazardly, are strewn about the foyer. Crumpled pieces of paper and broken school supplies litter the linoleum tile.

This school, forgotten by most until just a few weeks ago, will likely be the new temporary home to more than a thousand Honduran, Guatemalan, and Salvadoran children. And it could open its doors to these kids within the month.

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County Commissioners Field Community Response to Undocumented Kids Plan

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Dallas County
Clay Jenkins

It's not every Tuesday that you see reporters from three Dallas TV stations live tweeting a Dallas County Commissioners' meeting, but that's just what happened today. Why the hubbub? This meeting was a de facto public hearing on County Judge Clay Jenkins' plan to house up to 2,000 undocumented minors in the coming months.

For the most part, those among the standing-room-only crowd who spoke agreed with Jenkins that providing aid to the kids was a matter of compassion rather than politics.

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Congressman Steve Stockman Gave an Interview That's Insane, Even for Him

Representative Steve Stockman

Houston-area House member Steve Stockman never fails to make Unfair Park grateful it's based in DFW rather than anywhere near the congressman's Bayou City fiefdom. The guy has suggested arming infants, walked out of one State of the Union address and invited Ted Nugent to another. He's also raised funds to cover his defunct Senate campaign's debts by disingenuously promising to try to impeach President Obama -- whom Stockman apparently believes is a secret Muslim.

Unfair Park could go on and on. All that he's done is what makes his interview with World Net Daily earlier this month so amazing. If you view Stockman as some sort performance artist, he's clearly taken his work to the next level. If you don't, and you weren't already scared that this guy represents our state at the federal level, you should be terrified now.

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Dallas Preps for Incoming Immigrant Kids, But Will Obama's Promise of Federal Funds Be Enough?

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Bill Holston, executive director of Human Rights Initiative of North Texas, is glad North Texas is welcoming immigrant kids, but worries about resources.
For a major bureaucratic initiative, County Judge Clay Jenkins' plan to house around 2,000 unaccompanied immigrant children in Dallas County is falling into place very quickly. Just this past Saturday, Jenkins announced at the Texas Democratic convention his plan to shelter these kids in Dallas by the end of the month. He wasn't kidding.

Already, Dallas ISD has said it intends to donate three now-empty schools to use as temporary homes for the kids -- Billy Earl Dade Middle School and Harllee Elementary School in south Dallas and Hulcy Middle School near Duncanville.

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Dallas County Plans to House Thousands of New Child Migrants from Central America

Dallas County
Judge Clay Jenkins is proposing to bring around 2,000 unaccompanied immigrant kids from south Texas to Dallas.
It's not a new problem, but it does appear to be a growing one, and it's definitely one politicians are talking more and more about in public settings. The flood of unaccompanied children migrating to the United States from Central America is expected to reach all-time highs this year, with as many as 60,000 kids crossing the border. It's a situation to which President Obama recently called national attention, but to the many lawyers and humanitarian workers across the country already working on behalf of these kids, it's hardly a surprising one.

And while border officials and humanitarian workers struggle to take care of these kids in south Texas facilities, those are little more than overcrowded prisons for children. According to Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, Dallas could soon be doing its part to alleviate the stretched border resources for these children.

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