Texas Republicans and the "God-Given" Right to Carry Guns

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So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

And God blessed them with firearms, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it. I have given you every ammo-bearing Kalashnikov, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every Glock, in the which is the bullet containeth powder; to you it shall be for protection.

And to every place where man may walketh upon the earth, to every campus, in which his mind is filled with scholarly things, and to every waistband and shoulder holster, to you it shall be for carrying guns.

--Genesis 1:27-∞

It has become an article of faith for a certain stripe of Texas Republican. Owning guns -- and carrying them openly on one's hip and on college campuses without little or no government interference -- is not merely a right conferred upon Americans by the Founding Fathers; it was endowed by God. Here is freshman state Representative Matt Rinaldi of Irving opining on his issues page that "our God-given Second Amendment right to bear arms cannot be infringed." (Property rights are also handed down by God.) And here is newby state Senator Don Huffines, in pushing a bill to support "constitutional" (i.e. unlicensed) carrying of handguns, referencing Texans' "God-given liberty to protect and defend themselves and their families." Another freshman state representative, Tony Tinderholdt, has listed openly carrying guns as one of those "inalienable ... God-given rights."

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Senate Passes Open Carry, Much to Open Carry Tarrant County Leader Kory Watkins' Chagrin

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Wiki Commons
Not good enough for the come-and-take-it crowd.
Kory Watkins is like the kid who got a Zune instead of an iPod for Christmas. The Open Carry Tarrant County leader is upset -- very, very upset -- that the Texas Senate passed a bill yesterday that would legalize the open carrying of handguns in the state.

Watkins is mad because the bill, passed on a 20-11 party line vote, requires that open carriers have a license for the handgun they're carrying in their hip or shoulder holster.

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Watkins to Texas Senate: "Give Me What I Want or I'll Keep Walking Around With My AK-47"

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State of Texas
At least he's not wearing that fedora.
The outcome, what happened after Texas gun fetishists Kory Watkins and Amy Hedtke testified before the Texas Senate Committee on State Affairs is what's scary. It's not that it now seems inevitable that students over the age of 21 will be able to bring guns onto college campuses, nor that some form of open carry will be passed during this session of the Texas Legislature. It's not even that Watkins believes God has imbued him with the right to wear a handgun on his hip or that Hedtke thanks it's totally cool to talk about violent revolution because she might have to get concealed handgun before she goes and plays Wyatt Earp.

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Open Carry's Kory Watkins Accuses Lawmakers of Treason, Which Is Punishable by Death

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Youtube User Coco Mars
You know it's authentic from the fedora and that it's shot in portrait mode.
Kory Watkins, leader of the ammosexual group Open Carry Tarrant County, posted a video with a distinct Colonel Kurtz vibe to his Facebook page this morning. Pretty quickly, he took it down. Here's what he said:

This morning I removed a video from my Facebook because I thought there were those that would intentionally misinterpret my words. In this video I referred to treason, and the fact that the penalty for treason was death. My intent was to show that our founders took treason very seriously. Our elected officials have taken an oath to defend the constitution. Dereliction of that oath is an equally serious matter. I was certainly not threatening anyone. I love the constitution dearly, and the constitution is very clear on the process for convicting someone for treason, I was obviously not calling for such a process, nor was I threatening anyone. I simply wished to point out the seriousness of the constitution.

Let me make it clear and unequivocal: I was not talking about hurting legislators, or anyone else. I am an advocate of peaceful non-cooperation. When I speak of "stepping it up a notch" mean within the boundaries of "peaceful non-cooperation". Instead of just a foot in the door. perhaps we need "sit ins" chanting "hell no we won't go".

We at Open Carry Tarrant County denounce in the strongest terms harming or threatening to harm persons or property as a strategy to bring about open carry in Texas. Anyone who has done so, has not done so on behalf of our organization. We at Open Carry Tarrant County proudly follow in the tradition of Ghandi [sic], Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks in in using peaceful noncooperation as a means to demand our rights.

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Watch Kory Watkins and His Rootin', Tootin', Gun-Lovin' Crew Annoy the Legislature

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Kory Watkins via Facebook
This selfie -- featuring Watkins in his trademark Rangers gimme fedora -- is captioned "2 men that would die for the cause. #LibertyOrDeath" on his Facebook.
Anticipating what will be one of the hottest button issues of the 2015 session of the Texas Legislature, advocates for the right to carry assault rifles into fast food establishments and handguns wherever they damn well please gathered at the state capitol in Austin yesterday to manufacture gun parts on a 3D printer and harass elected representatives.

Kory Watkins and company brought petitions and called elected officials tyrants. Watkins, one of the leaders of Open Carry Tarrant County, brought his kids along as well, teaching them early that a state that doesn't allow you to Yosemite Sam cosplay whenever you want is not a state worth living in.

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As Open Carry Advocate Calls for Armed Coup, State Legislators Call for More Open Carry

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Kory Watkins via Facebook
Kory Watkins exercises his inalienable right to defend himself from rogue produce.
Kory Watkins can't leave well enough alone. After months of protests by him and his gun-toting, cop-watching buddies, Texas lawmakers seemingly want to give the open-carry extremists exactly what they say they want: the right to wield whatever firearm they damn well please without having to do so much as conceal it. There have been no fewer than 11 bills filed in advance of the 2015 Texas Legislature that would do something to make carrying a gun around easier, including one -- authored by Tarrant County Republican Jonathan Stickland -- that would eliminate the licensing requirements for carrying handguns in the state. Apparently, that's not enough for Watkins.

"Have you ever thought we might just need to organize a very large group of our own people. Like 200 from each state, so we can march armed to DC take over the city, arrest the bankers, crooked politicians and restore liberty here in our country? I'm not scared. I mean really ... voting and waiting is not working!," he said Saturday on Facebook.

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Arlington Woman Accused of Double Homicide Was a Member of Open Carry Tarrant County

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Open Carry Tarrant County via Facebook
Veronica Dunnachie praised by Open Carry Tarrant County in a now-deleted Facebook post.
Veronica Dunnachie, who Arlington police say shot her husband Russell Dunnachie and his adult daughter Kimberly on Wednesday afternoon, knew her way around firearms. Her Facebook page is filled with pictures of her firing rifles and posing with her fellow Open Carry Tarrant County members. She decided to put that knowledge to use, police say, because she and her husband were going through an ugly divorce.

According to a search warrant affidavit, Dunnachie called a friend in the early afternoon Wednesday to confess to the shootings. She told him she had done something bad and when he tried to reassure her that things were going to be OK, she told him she couldn't be helped. She'd shot her husband, she said. Her friend asked about Kimberly, and Dunnachie said she'd shot her, too. Police who showed up at the Dunnachies' house on Edinburgh Street found Russell and Kimberly Dunnachie dead.

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Rifle-Toting Huey P. Newton Gun Club Delivers Report on Police Shootings to Feds

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Sky Chadde
The Huey P. Newton Gun Club and the Indigenous People's Liberation Party stand across the street from the Earle Cabell Federal Building and Courthouse.
In hopes of raising awareness of police brutality, two groups walked single-file together through downtown Dallas Monday afternoon with rifles slung over their shoulders. The Huey P. Newton Gun Club, which marched down Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in August, and the Indigenous People's Liberation Party stopped in front of the Earle Cabell Federal Building and Courthouse. As about 10 members stood in a line on the sidewalk across the building's entrance, three members went inside and attempted to hand a report directly to U.S. Attorney Sarah Saldana.

They got as far as her division manager with the report, compiled from data obtained through open-records requests, which shows that the majority of victims of Dallas police shootings are from the minority community. It's the same report Dallas Communities Organizing for Change released to the media last week. To the marchers, the numbers in the report are evidence of a systemic problem of police abuse toward minorities.

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Gun Purchases Drop in Texas, but More Really Old People May Be Packing

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"I have a gun in my pocketbook, and I'm not afraid to use it. Now, who wants a cookie?"

Texas, the most gung-ho gun state in the country, may be getting just a little bit less infatuated with firearms. This year, the percentage of gun purchase requests submitted in Texas is significantly lower than last year. The Houston Chronicle reports that 1.1 million gun purchase requests were submitted last year, compared with 910,000 this year.

It's not clear why there has been such a marked decrease. Gun advocates offer several reasons, including fear of Congressional legislation limiting gun ownership. But one possibility could be that gun owners are simply aging out.

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Argyle ISD Arms Its Teachers for Back-To-School Security Initiative

The tiny city of Argyle has its own police department and school police chief -- do their teachers need to carry firearms as well?

With around 2,000 students in the district's three campuses, Argyle ISD is a small, quiet district located smack dab in the middle of Denton and Fort Worth, off Interstate 35. And this school year, some teachers at Argyle ISD have a secret: Several of them have a guns hidden away on their bodies while they're busy writing lessons on the classroom whiteboard.

See also: Starting Today, Some Texas Teachers Are Learning to Become Armed School Marshals

For the upcoming school year, Argyle ISD is one of a few districts in North Texas that will be implementing the controversial Protection of Texas Children Act passed by the Legislature in 2013. The bill allows for certain districts to train appointed administrators or teachers to possess firearms in their classrooms in case of emergencies. The move was first suggested as a response to the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting and is the brainchild of freshman Representative Jason Villalba.

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