Dallas' Rat Problem Is Getting Worse

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Mark Philpott
"Why don't you love me?"
If a pest control guy is making you feel terrified about rats invading your home, he's probably just trying to sell you on his ability to kill all those rats. That's the lesson, anyway, from another guy who sells rat-killing services.

"If it feels like they're trying to scare you, they probably are," says Matt Evans, head of the DFW A Wildlife Pro animal control company. In keeping with his own philosophy, Evans cautions us not to panic about what sure sounds like a huge increase in rats breaking into people's attics this summer. Asked about his rodent numbers, he says he's been getting a few dozen calls about rats and squirrels in attics each week. It's definitely more than past summers, when his rodent-in-attic calls per week stayed safely in the single-digit range.

Evans is guessing that the mild weather this summer has made attics more hospitable to critters. Still, the infestations have been easy to manage. "We're not overrun," he assures us. That's good. The bad news is that people who work in the wild say this isn't just a matter of rats finding our attics more comfortable year-round. There may also be more rats breaking into Dallas homes because there are more rats, everywhere.

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Christian Columnist: Gay Boy Scouts Disappoint Jesus With Their "Sexual Anarchist Agenda"

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Linda Harvey Mission America.jpg
Linda Harvey, quietly seething.
Meet Linda Harvey, a talk radio host on a Christian station in Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she's the founder and main opinion-spewer behind Mission: America, which promotes itself as "Christian commentary on the culture." Harvey is deeply concerned with pressing social issues like "paganism" (she means Halloween and Harry Potter) and feminism (which is apparently also paganism. Good to know).

But Harvey saves most of her animus for The Gays and how they're ruining the country, to the extent that the Southern Poverty Law Center at one point designated Mission: America as an anti-gay hate group (a charge the organization denies, sort of). And as Right Wing Watch pointed out this morning, in her latest column for World Net Daily, Harvey charges that the Boy Scouts' new policy of accepting openly gay youth will be disastrous for both the organization and The Children.

Specifically, Harvey claims, by allowing openly gay kids in the Scouts, the organization's leadership is "advancing the sexual anarchist agenda and drawing countless numbers of children into sin." Also, she's pretty sure those gay troopers are going to show up sporting "nail polish, dangling earrings and make-up."

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On CNN, Reddit Troll Michael Brutsch Is "To Some Degree Apologizing For What I Did"

A few days after Arlington's now-outed Reddit troll Michael Brutsch sat for an interview in a Fort Worth hotel room with CNN reporter Drew Griffin, the rest of us finally got to see it. It's a bit of a trainwreck.

CNN's first shot of Brutsch shows him fidgeting nervously as he licks his lips and overgrown goatee. He looks shrunken and embarrassed as Griffin leads him through a series of questions about jailbait, rape jokes, and what the hell he was thinking.

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Michael Brutsch, Arlington-Based Reddit Troll, Has Been Fired, and is Going on CNN Tonight

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Michael Brutsch.jpg
Michael Brutsch, from his Facebook page
On Friday afternoon, Arlington's Michael Brutsch was catapulted squarely into his 15 minutes of fame, after a Gawker article outed him as Violentacrez, a well-known moderator and commenter on a slew of racist, misogynistic and sexually exploitative threads on the internet community Reddit. Just before Chen's story ran, we put up our own post, observing that Violentacrez appeared to be from the Dallas area.

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Dallas Redditors who found their way to our post after the fact opined that it was "inflammatory ignorant garbage," a "parrot of what has already been written," "yellow journalism" and "nerd/reddit-baiting." You sweethearts, you.

The real-world consequences of Brutsch's unmasking have been swift. Posting under his "clean" Reddit name, mbrutsch, he revealed in a thread yesterday that he was fired from his job at a payday loan company by phone Saturday morning.

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Notorious Reddit Troll Is Apparently a 50-Something Software Engineer in Arlington [Updated: Definitely]

Flaming laptop.jpg
Image via Chris & Laura Pawluk
How we're feeling about the Internet right now
Newsflash: Reddit can get creepy. Really creepy. The hugely popular internet community has been in the news over the past few years because of various gross subreddits (message boards devoted to specific topics). Some of them, like the one devoted to sharing sexualized images of young girls, titled, "r/Jailbait," get shut down repeatedly due to media attention and widespread outrage. Then they resurface a few days or weeks later, like horrible little mold spores.

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This Week's Best Reddit AMA Was Not with Obama but a Former Texas Prisoner

Until a couple days ago, a Reddit user who went by the name "Violentacrez" was a moderator and prolific commenter on a slew of disturbing sexually-themed subreddits, including r/Jailbait, and one devoted to bestiality and one called r/CreepShots, which posts voyeuristic photos of women and teenage girls as those women try to walk around in public without having gross idiots take violating photos of them. (We're intentionally not linking to any of these pages.)

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