Rick Santorum's New Christmas Movie is Officially a Flop

Shortly after former Senator Rick Santorum took the reins as CEO of Dallas' EchoLight Studios, he began pimping "The Christmas Candle," a holiday parable about the residents of a quaint English village protecting traditional values (a miracle-producing candle) against the forces of modernity (electricity).

The film "hearkens back to the heartwarming and uplifting movies of yesteryear," Santorum proclaimed. It's destined to become "the next holiday classic."

EchoLight succeeded in the former. The latter? Let's ask the critics.

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Dallas' New Tourism Video Makes Me Think I Should Leave the House More Often

It's not quite as sexy as the last one, but LOOK AT THAT FANCY BRIDGE LET'S MOVE THERE.

See also: The Brand-New, Sorta Inspiring, Slightly Overwrought, Kinda Horny Dallas CVB Promo

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Chris Arnold Back on the Air at 105.3 The Fan After Plagiarism Episode

CBS Local
Chris Arnold
Chris Arnold has been uncharacteristically quiet. A usually prolific tweeter his account has been dormant for 10 days, and his voice has been missing from The GBag Nation, the midday show he co-hosts on 105.3 The Fan.

CBS Radio hasn't commented publicly on Arnold's absence, but it's no accident that it came immediately after he was caught shamelessly plagiarizing a lengthy piece on Tony Romo.

This wasn't a case where he borrowed a phrase or two and forgot to throw in proper attribution. He cribbed entire paragraphs, more than a dozen, but who's counting? (Answer: Scott Kacsmar, the freelance football writer who penned the original post.)

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An "A-List" German Reality TV Star Claims the Dallas Omni is Infested With Bed Bugs

The Reimann family. Janina's on the far right.
A decade ago, Konrad "Konny" Reimann, tired of his native Hamburg, Germany, packed up his family and set off for Gainesville, Texas. There, he established Konny Island (Google translates it back from the German as "Konny Iceland") and embarked upon a thoroughly American life, complete with an ever-present cowboy hat and small salsa-making operation.

The German reality TV cameras were there from the beginning, and Reimann's outsize personality and hyperbolic embrace of the Texas lifestyle soon made him "Germany's most famous emigrant." His shtick is akin to that of a redneck-themed CMT reality show.

His daughter Janina Bradley, now in her 20s, has traded rural Gainesville for cosmopolitan Dallas, but she hasn't escaped the cameras completely. One weekend last month, she and the rest of her family stayed at the Omni Hotel downtown, preparing to film a new episode. Several interviews with European TV stations were lined up in advance.

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There's a Civil War Brewing at Rick Santorum's Dallas-Based Christian Film Company

When EchoLight Studios launched a couple of years ago, it registered as a minor blip in Christian media while being roundly ignored by the mainstream press.

Things were different a year later when, relatively fresh off his failed 2012 presidential run, former Senator Rick Santorum announced that he was becoming the company's CEO. The news spread fast and wide, suggesting that, simply in terms of raising the profile of a niche, Dallas-based Christian film company, Santorum had been a wise hire.

The intervening months -- there have been three of them -- seem to cast doubt on that assessment. A lawsuit filed Monday in Tarrant County and first reported by Courthouse News describes escalating tensions between Santorum and other top executives that finally boiled over in recent days.

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WRR General Manager Sarah Colmark Resigns as City-owned Station's Revenues Plummet

Thumbnail image for SarahColmark.jpg
Sarah Colmark
The bloodletting that marked Sarah Colmark's first year as general manager of WRR 101.1, the city-run classical music station, has eased in recent months. The resulting decline in revenue, on the other hand, has not.

According to a memo sent to City Council members on August 30, WRR is expected to end the fiscal year with revenues coming in $611,000, or about 25 percent, under budget "primarily due to the sale of commercials being less than planned."

With that, Colmark bids farewell to the incentive pay that was written into her contract. She's not stopping there, however. On Monday, she handed in her resignation.

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A Burleson Church Accidentally Made an R-Rated Movie

Pastor Chuck Kitchens sees God's hand at work in the creation of My Son, the first feature film produced by Burleson's Retta Baptist Church. As he's told the religious press, it was the Lord who placed its director, a 31-year-old film editor named Jarod O'Flaherty, in the pews every Sunday. It was to Him that the crew prayed during their day-long script-writing session, and it was He who assembled the cast.

"I believe that God puts people in churches to do the things that God wants to do," he told the Baptist Standard. "Rather than just keeping salt in the salt shaker, we decided to get out into the world."

The film's R rating, on the other hand, was the work of the decidedly secular MPAA.

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Optimus Prime is at Main Street Garden Right Now

We could report this one out and inform you that Optimus Prime's cameo at Main Street Garden this afternoon was part of a promotion for Transformers Thirtysomething, but we'd rather just assume Downtown Dallas Inc. was rolling out the newest member of their downtown security patrol. Those pooping dogs over in Thanksgiving Square don't stand a chance.

Richie Whitt and Greggo Were Fired by 105.3 The Fan Today [Updated]

Greggo and Whitt prepping Friday for a live broadcast from Texas Motor Speedway
Update at 3:41 p.m.: CBS killed the entire show. Whitt's tweet: Yep @1053RAGE = Dead 'n Gone. Fired as a show by CBS today. Maddening. For now I'll just say thanks to all FanFans for their loyal support.

Original post: This isn't the first time Greg Williams has abruptly disappeared from the DFW airwaves. There was the drug-fueled exit from The Ticket we explored in our 2008 cover story, the episode of incoherent rambling that prompted his exit from ESPN, and his quick exit from a Wichita Falls-based radio show.

Not the first, but this time may be the last. Williams announced on Twitter today that he's been fired from 105.3 The Fan, where he's shared the 2-7 p.m. slot with former Observerer Richie Whitt since 2010. As he hinted, there are only so many bridges in local sports radio that can be burned.

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A Texas Filmmaker is Working on Doc about the Dallas Exonerees Trying to Reform the System

A lot of men convicted by Dallas County have walked free over the past dozen years -- 44, according to the University of Michigan's National Registry of Exonerations. District Attorney Craig Watkins has made the liberation of innocent prisoners his personal mission, as well as his ticket to national fame.

Some of them returned quietly to their interrupted lives. Others decided to try to change the system that had caused the interruption. Back in 2011, Michael May wrote a piece for the Texas Observer profiling a group of them who had banded together to form the Texas Exoneree Project, which advocates for criminal justice reforms.

Now, they're getting their own movie.

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