Weekend Picks: Your Choice of Nazi, Klan or Militia Fun

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LeniAndJoeTV via Youtube
Your cry has been heard, discerning Dallas protector of the purity of the white race. November 8-9 you won't have to choose between fondly remembering the Third Reich, dressing up in your finest white linens or playing with guns. That's right, within a two-and-a-half hour drive, you can do all three. Now, it should be noted that you won't be able to attend all three events. Keeping that in mind, Unfair Park thought it would create this handy guide to the weekend's hate-based activities.

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New Cities Summit Dallas Panel Is Boring, Not Particularly Helpful

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Matt Pasant

At the only Dallas-specific session of the three-day New Cities Summit being held at the Winspear this week, a panel highlighted by Police Chief David Brown, former Dallas City Council Member Veletta Lill and former Dallas Assistant City Manager Ramon Miguez discussed living in and developing a transitioning city.

Well, at least, that's what they thought they were doing.

Cheered at every turn by moderator Rena Pederson -- a professor at SMU and formerly of The Dallas Morning News -- the panelists lauded the many advancements they said the city had made in the areas of the arts, redevelopment and infrastructure.

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As Dallas Courts the Republican Convention, the City's Secret Weapon May Be Texas Demographics

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Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau
Dallas will host RNC committee members next week in its bid for the 2016 convention.
The Republican National Convention committee on Tuesday kicked off a week of host city-searching with a trip to Cleveland, the first of four stops. After Cleveland, committee members will make stops in Kansas City and Denver before rounding out the trip in Dallas late next week.

Dallas city officials, for their part, are working hard to promote the city to RNC officials.

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Organizers Want This Year's Gay Pride Parade to Be Nudity-Free, Angering LGBT Activists

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Jay Barker
The Dallas Pride Parade, 2012.
In years past, the organizers of Dallas Pride have accepted the idea that the outpouring of joy and solidarity that fuels the annual gay pride parade also occasionally leads to the revealing of a bit more skin than might technically allowed under state law. This year, they won't be so accommodating.

Michael Doughman, executive director of the Dallas Tavern Guild, which organizes the event, says that organizers and police will patrol the staging area to make sure all parade participants are properly clothed. If they aren't, they could be removed from the parade, or their group may be blacklisted from next year's celebration.

"Just because it's a day of celebration for our community doesn't mean we are exempt from the law," he told Unfair Park on Tuesday.

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It's Texas Heterosexual Awareness Month, Whatever That Means

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Amidst the buzz this summer about same-sex marriage and gay pride, it's easy to lose track of the unsung victims of all these equal rights. So to bring attention to heterosexual Americans and the struggle they face, like having to see gay characters on television and not having VIP federal marriage benefits, July has been declared "Heterosexual Awareness Month," or HAM. And one website is trying really hard to get Texas on board.

HAM is bold, and not just because it's borrowing ideas from neo-Nazi message boards. Saturday was Straight Pride Day. All heterosexual enthusiasts were encouraged to show their support by wearing black, which is not only the color of mourning but also the opposite of rainbows.

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A "Grope Crew" Was Trolling AKON This Weekend

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This weekend, thousands of anime aficionados, a large percentage of them in remarkably elaborate costume, descended on the Hilton Anatole for A-Kon 24. It was, as always, a lighthearted celebration of geekdom -- at least it was until the Grope Crew showed up.

For the record, the Grope Crew doesn't actually seem to have done any groping, at least none that was reported. (The only police report from the weekend describes a 23-year-old man, possibly named Bobby, being found lying face-down at the entry to the hotel on Sunday afternoon.) They simply threatened female convention-goers with sexual assault on Twitter using the #gropecrew hashtag, making a lot of people extremely uncomfortable.

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Two Protesters Wearing Giant Bush-Cheney Masks Were Arrested Outside SMU Today (Updated with Video)

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Occupy Dallas
The men and women who gathered alongside Central Expressway this morning to protest the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Center were mostly well-behaved. They marched by peacefully by in their Jason-esque hockey masks, Guantanamo prison garb and comically oversize papier mache heads.

But then something went wrong. A Dallas policewoman tweeted a while ago that three protesters were arrested. Police have provided no other detail, but the Morning News' Scott Goldstein brings us this important piece of news:

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Your George W. Bush Presidential Center Live Stream and Open Thread

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At 10 a.m. today, the tweets and media reports previewing the George W. Bush Presidential Center in increasingly granular detail will reach a crescendo as the center is dedicated. Every media outlet in the known universe is there, which explains your exploding Twitter feed. Unfair Park is the exception. The Secret Service cavity search wasn't worth being stuck behind a giant riser and snapping photos of famous people.

Instead, we'll be kicking back and watching the dedication on the center's live video feed, which you'll find above. We suggest you do the same. Feel free to share your Bush-era memories in the comments. We'll be jumping in occasionally with ours.

Bill Cosby Will Deliver the Commencement Address at Paul Quinn College (Updated)

Six years ago, wooing a high-profile commencement speaker was the last thing on Paul Quinn College's to-do list. The southern Dallas school, the city's only historically black college, was in disrepair, physically and academically, after years of mismanagement. With its accreditation set to be revoked, the entire institution was about to collapse.

What happened next was detailed in Greg Howard's cover story last year. The Cliff Notes version is that Michael Sorrell, a Chicago-born, Duke-trained lawyer, took the job as president and set about resurrecting the school.

His approach was unconventional, a self-conscious effort to jolt the school's mostly black and Hispanic students out of an educational malaise. That's why he turned the football field into a working farm, banned pork from campus, and helped organized protests against the city's plan to dump trash nearby.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Bush Center/Library/Theater/Museum/Thing

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Journalists across the globe have been busy churning out copy about the looming Thursday dedication of the Bush Presidential Center at SMU. Some of the pieces wrestle with the Bush legacy, some describe the center itself. Others explore the practical effect that a massive ceremony featuring five presidents and innumerable other dignitaries will have on your commute.

We've mostly avoided the coverage in favor of more important endeavors, like debating alt-country acts and talking about pizza. We're finally wading through the mass of information and have assembled this road map to everything you need to know, and probably some things you don't, about the center's opening.

The Guest List: The dedication will be one of the almost unprecedented moments when all five living U.S. presidents -- Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Dubya, and Barack Obama -- will gather in the same place.

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