A Dead Owl Caused Carbon Monoxide Leaks at Lakewood School, So Dads Are Taking Action

Dallas Independent School District
Lakewood Elementary
Tuesday, after a couple dozen kids came home sick on Monday, DISD cancelled school at Lakewood Elementary. Areas at the school -- specifically an art classroom -- contained high levels of carbon monoxide, enough to make kids in the class complain of stomach aches and dizziness. A retired teacher who now volunteers at the school remains in the hospital after being exposed to the carbon monoxide in a copy room near the art class.

DISD maintenance crews found the source of the carbon monoxide eventually: a pipe in one of the schools boilers was blocked by a dead owl.

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Dallas Leadership Teacher Goes on Epic and Vulgar Rant with His Sixth Graders (Video)

KDFW via Youtube
Come for the rant, stay for Heather Hays' righteous indignation.
A teacher at Dallas ISD's Oliver W. Holmes Middle School, identified by students as Sgt. Griffin, is in trouble after a student recorded his highly motivational rant about his students' test scores and lack of decorum in the classroom. He says "fuck" a bunch of times, and the whole thing is pretty inspiring.

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One of the Prime Prep Employees Allegedly Choked by Deion Sanders Is Suing

Thumbnail image for Deion Sanders Drops By.JPG
Deion Sanders at Prime Prep, waving good-bye as things turned out.
With the recent closing of Deion Sanders' Prime Prep Academy over a $700,000 debt, it seems fitting, in retrospect, that the first Prime Prep employee to publicly accuse Sanders of assault was the finance guy. Kevin Jefferson was hired by Sanders' co-founder/nemesis, D.L. Wallace, and worked as the chief financial officer until January 2014, when Sanders and his associates staged a successful coup against Wallace and fired everyone he hired.

The school has since been shuttered, but the feud between the school's adult leadership lives on. Jefferson is now suing Uplift Fort Worth, the non-profit that theoretically governed Prime Prep, over his firing and the assault. The complaint, filed December 31 and first reported by The Dallas Morning News, says that he "seeks damages more than $50,000." Good luck with that.

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George W. Bush Will Speak at SMU's Graduation, Will Be Awesome

Thumbnail image for BushShovel.jpg
Southern Methodist University
George W. Bush helps break ground on his presidential library.
SMU announced on Tuesday that George W. Bush, the 43rd president of the United States, is going to give its 2015 commencement address. It's G-Dub's second time to get the gig at the school -- he regaled grads as governor in 1999 -- a first for SMU.

Given Bush's track record as a public speaker during his presidency, all the bravado and malapropisms, there was a time when it would have been fun to mock SMU for its choice, but now, today, in 2015: He's perfect for it.

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Dallas ISD Trustee Joyce Foreman Got in a Weird and Heated Facebook Fight, then Deleted It

Dallas Independent School District
Joyce Foreman
Even among the staunchest critics of Dallas ISD superintendent Mike Miles, trustee Joyce Foreman stands out in her relentless pursuit of his head. And lately, her anti-Miles advocacy has targeted the basic needs of schools and schoolchildren: She's voted against things as mundane and necessary approving monthly financial statements and buying new lawnmower blades. She's voted against accepting grant funds and an early childhood home visitation program done in cooperation with the United Way.

Over the weekend, Foreman proved how committed she is to ousting Miles and abandoning all reason and decorum in the process: She spent five hours arguing with anonymous Dallas gadfly Wylie H.

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Saginaw ISD Officials Tell Teacher Her "Female Bleeding" Is Caused By Anxiety, Are Not Doctors

Vagina demagogues.jpg
According to Leviticus, if a woman has an issue, and that "issue in her flesh be blood," then she is unclean. She must present a priest with two turtle doves or young pigeons in order to make things right.

At the Eagle Mountain‐Saginaw Independent School District, if an employee is experiencing "female bleeding," then she is anxious. Before she returns to work, she must sit down with a school-appointed psychiatrist. The approaches are similar, except that Leviticus was written gazillion years ago, before people knew anything, while the latter approach appears to still be in use as Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD's unofficial female bleeding policy.

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Deion Sanders Earned a $50,000 Salary at Prime Prep but Donated $130,000

Amy Silverstein
When Prime Time wasn't admitting to choking his employees or threatening to throw chairs at them and break their necks, he displayed a generous side. In Prime Prep's final year, co-founder Deion Sanders donated $132,937 to the school.

The former Cowboys star worked at the school in an official capacity as the athletic director and was on payroll up until Prime Prep's closure. His annual salary was $49,999, more than what the teachers made but not as high as the salary of, say, ex-superintendent Ron Price, who took in a salary of $92,700 before leaving. But it appears from the school's banking register, released to us through an open records request, that Sanders donated nearly triple the amount of his salary back to the school.

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At "Open Mike" Session, DISD Superintendent Miles Looks to the Future

Mark Graham
Mike Miles
They weren't mentioned. Not once. No one, not the parents, not the teachers from other schools nor longtime critic and DISD trustee Joyce Foreman, asked DISD Superintendent Mike Miles about the "reptile's nest" of instant messages sent between former members of the district's human resources department at a parental forum held by the district Tuesday night.

Miles, who kept things pretty brief because he said he had to get the airport, took questions from parents who were concerned about unfair application of DISD's truancy policy, about whether early childhood and pre-kindergarten programs might be expanded to seven days. When, more than one person asked, would the district begin to reopen the 11 schools closed since 2012.

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Greenhill School Photo Project Combats Subtle Racism, Sexism and Other "Microaggressions"

Courtesy of Ariana Zhang
At an age when most of us were preoccupied with hot-boxing our parents' cars or eating Crayons (you ate crayons in high school too, right?!), the teenagers at Greenhill School in Addison are making us all look like slackers.

"I kind of got into the whole social justice scene during sophomore year," says Ariana Zhang, the Greenhill senior who photographed the "Dear Greenhill" photography project about campus discrimination that's been making waves online.

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Prime Prep Closes, Nearly $700,000 in the Red

Thumbnail image for Deion Sanders Drops By.JPG
Deion Sanders at Prime Prep, waving good-bye as things turned out.
Friday was the last day of school at Prime Prep Academy, according to state administrators assigned to pull the plug on the charter school founded by ex-Cowboy Deion Sanders. After two and a half years of legal fights, actual fights and assorted controversy, the Texas Education Agency finally said enough was enough. The school, whose funding came mostly from taxpayers, closed at least $650,000 short in cash need to pay overdue salaries and a number of other debts.

TEA's School Governance Director Ronald Rowell defended his agency's timing. "They've only been open for two and a half years," Rowell said today, and the school had turned in all the right paperwork until this year. "I think we acted fairly quickly," Rowell said.

The TEA appointees made their announcement during a board meeting Friday afternoon at Prime Prep's Fort Worth elementary school campus. Prime Prep operated a school in Dallas that also closed.

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