The Cedar Hill Cops Make a Pitch Perfect Spoof of Matthew McConaughey Lincoln Ads (Video)

Lincoln Motor Company via YouTube
Ripe for parody.
Some things are just begging to be made fun of. Texas naked-bongo player in chief Matthew McConaughey's 2014 Rust Cohle-channeling Lincoln ads are one of those things. It's not a hard thing to parody. Still, the officers at the Cedar Hill police department deserve credit. Their spoof is perfect.

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Before a United Tows Driver Killed, Two Others Wrongly Accused Someone of Shooting at Them

Amy Silverstein
Photographs of Lance Lemons at his parents' home. Lemons was shot and killed by a United Tows truck driver in February.
Lee Lemons still doesn't know the name of the tow truck driver who killed his son, Lance. If he did, he'd want to ask the driver why he used deadly force over something that may have been a misunderstanding. "Why was your initial impression shoot first?" Lee Lemons said in a recent interview at his DeSoto home. "[Why] not show the gun and say, 'Hey, get out of my truck?"

Lance, 27, was shot to death by a United Tows driver while sitting in the cab of the driver's truck on February 5, a little after 3:30 in the morning. Police have not arrested or named the shooter. They say the shooter left his truck idling and then briefly walked away to look for parking violations at the Flats at Five Mile Creek apartment complex in Oak Cliff. It was then that Lemons got inside and took the car in reverse, police say. The shooter wasn't arrested because he have may have been trying to protect his property, police say, a defense commonly referred to as the Castle Doctrine, as we reported this week.

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South Texas Prison Riot Probably Happened Because Texas' Immigrant Prisons Are Awful

Why did a few thousand immigrants imprisoned in South Texas riot last week against the nice private prison corporation that was housing them? Management and Training Corp.'s version of events is that its inmates "refused to participate in regular work duties or attend breakfast early Friday morning," which certainly seems like an unreasonable thing for an inmate to do.

The inmates then somehow broke out of their housing units, forcing the company to bring in multiple government agencies to lock the place down and also forcing a partial lock-down of the local school district in Willacy County.

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Kristiana Coignard, Killed by Longview Police, Told Them She Needed Help in Call from Station Lobby

"I'm in the lobby, and I need some help," Kristiana Coignard said into the station telephone at the Longview Police Department.

"OK what kind of help do you need?" an officer asked. The officer gets no response, and the recording ends.

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Texas Prisons Use Solitary Confinement Way, Way Too Much

Welcome to solitary in Texas.
When Alexis de Tocqueville penned his meditation on the American prison system in the 1830s, the country's experiment in solitary confinement was a half century old, begun in 1786 by pacifistic Pennsylvania Quakers as an alternative to execution. As the Frenchman noted, it hadn't worked:

Nowhere was this system of imprisonment crowned with the hoped-for success. In general it was ruinous to the public treasury; it never effected the reformation of the prisoners.

In order to reform them, they had been submitted to complete isolation; but this absolute solitude, if nothing interrupts it, is beyond the strength of man; it destroys the criminal without intermission and without pity; it does not reform, it kills.

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This Is the Knife Longview Police Say Kristiana Coignard Was Holding When They Killed Her

Longview Police Department
The knife Longview police say Kristiana Coignard was holding when they shot her to death.
In the lobby of the Longview Police Department station nearly two weeks ago, police fired their guns five times at a mentally ill teenager named Kristiana Coignard, killing her. In her final moments, Coignard was cornered by three armed officers. Why couldn't they subdue her without killing her? The Longview Police Department say it was because Coignard was wielding the butcher knife pictured above.

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Surveillance Video Shows Longview Police Killing Mentally Ill Teen Inside Police Station

One week after Longview Police Department officers shot and killed a mentally ill teenager in the lobby of their own police station, the department has released a surveillance video that captures the teenager's death. It does little to clear things up.

The police say Kristiana Coignard charged at officer Glenn Derr "in a threatening manner" while holding a butcher knife. But in the footage that the department released, it's impossible to tell whether or not the teen was, in fact, armed. The surveillance camera appears to have been placed at the opposite side of the lobby from where the incident occurred, and the hands and faces of the teenager and the officers are small and out-of-focus. There is also no sound. Here's the video:

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Family of Clint Peterson, Shot and Killed While Running from Duncanville Police, Sues

Courtesy of the family of Clint Peterson.
In October 2013, Clint Peterson was shot to death by a Duncanville Police Department officer. Now his family has filed a lawsuit in federal court against three unnamed officers who responded to the call that ultimately lead to his death. Other defendants named in the suit are Duncanville Police Chief Robert Brown, the City of Duncanville and Dallas County.

Peterson was killed by police while running away, as we reported in 2013. Police confirmed that but few other details in the weeks following his death. "Preliminary reports indicate that shots were fired during a foot chase," the police department said in a statement shortly afterward.

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Dallas Police Toughen Charges Against French Defense Contractor Accused of Punching Cyclists

A photo of Sebastien Blain from his Google Plus profile, which has since been deleted.

In late December, two cyclists with heavy bruising on their faces said they had been punched by a random, angry motorist driving behind them on Turtle Creek Boulevard. Despite the serious accusations, the Dallas police who came to the scene that night didn't appear to try too hard to get to the bottom of what happened. Instead, they gave both the driver and one of the cyclists each a ticket for a class C misdemeanor assault, a low-level charge handled in municipal court. Then they let the driver go without a sobriety test.

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Dallas Police Watched Body Cam Footage of Jason Harrison Shooting Before Giving Statements

Mark Graham
David Harrison, above, is suing the city of Dallas over the death of his brother, Jason.
David Harrison is still waiting to see the footage of Dallas Police Department officers killing his brother. The June shooting death of Jason Harrison, the subject of last week's cover story by Sky Chadde, was the first fatal DPD shooting ever captured on the department's new body camera technology, but police say they can't release the video until after the grand jury proceedings.

While David Harrison says that his mentally ill brother was never a violent person, the DPD says otherwise -- the officers who responded to a 911 call from Jason's mother say that he aggressively came at them with a screwdriver that day, giving them little choice but to shoot.

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