The Voice of the Dallas Police Department Has Some Things to Say about Violence in Ferguson

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Geron's profile pic.
In Ferguson, Missouri, this week, as police officers began to look more like soldiers, and as the lack of transparency about the Mike Brown shooting continued, a police officer in Dallas took to his smartphone.

Major Max Geron heads the Dallas Police Department's Media Relations Unit, Community Affairs and Planning Unit. As Chief David Brown has emphasized to officers the importance of social media, Geron, who joined Twitter in December 2013, has taken to tweeting several times a day. Along with some personal stuff, he tweets pictures from crime scenes, links to police statements and updates on developing situations. (He also tweets the times of press conferences, which is very useful to reporters.) Even though his bio reads, "Tweets are my own," for all intents and purposes, he is the department's public face. And, Wednesday, he made his feelings known about #Ferguson.

He started the day off with this:

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A Dallas Police Officer Shot and Killed an 18-Year-Old Man Suspected of Stabbing His Parents

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Sky Chadde
When an officer arrived at the red-brick house, he met a teenager holding two knives, police said.
Around 10:30 this morning, Dallas police received a call about a "cutter" on Espanola Drive near Dallas Love Field. Soon after, 8-year-veteran Kevin Gladden arrived at a red-brick house with a basketball hoop in the front driveway, according to police.

Eighteen-year-old Jose Manuel Gonzalez had a knife in each hand. An oblong pool of blood was on the front porch.

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An Off-Duty Police Officer Shot and Killed an Unarmed Man in Oak Cliff Last Night

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Google Maps
This is the Oak Cliff block that police say the 911 call came from that lead to an officer shooting a man.
Off-duty Dallas police officer Antonio Hudson shot and killed Andrew Scott Gaynier, who was unarmed, in an Oak Cliff street on Sunday night after the Gaynier apparently charged the officer, according to police.

A little after 6 p.m., Hudson responded to a 911 dispatch about a man "walking up and down the street making lewd comments to females," according to a police statement. The officer drove to the location and found Gaynier, who fit dispatch's description.

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City Council to Seek More Research for Mayor's Proposed Sex Offender Restrictions

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After receiving the presentation from the city attorney's office and the Dallas Police Department that we told you about on Monday, the Dallas City Council affirmed its unanimous distaste for sex offenders but raised questions about whether the city should enact tougher restrictions on where registered offenders can live.

See also: City Council to Consider New Residency Restrictions for Sex Offenders. Will They Work?

"We need to make sure that we're not watching one segment on the TV news and considering ourselves experts on a complex subject," council member Philip Kingston said, in reference to the May WFAA report that sparked Mayor Mike Rawlings' action on the issue.

The presentation outlined the city's current, limited restrictions on the movement of registered sex offenders and highlighted ordinances in other cities and states that might serve as a model for Dallas.

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City Council to Consider New Residency Restrictions for Sex Offenders. Will They Work?

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Wednesday, when it returns from its month-long July hiatus, the Dallas City Council will be briefed on Mayor Mike Rawlings' proposal for increased limits on where Dallas' registered sex offenders can live.

The city's only current restriction forbids supervised sex offenders -- those on probation or parole -- from living with another supervised sex offender. Rawlings' proposal is short on details, but it would set a distance requirement which supervised and unsupervised sex offenders would have to reside beyond "premises where children commonly gather."

A presentation released in advance of the briefing gives information on restrictions in other cities and states, both in Texas and in the rest of the country. Most cited include radii between 500 and 2,000 feet from things like playgrounds, schools and day-care centers for the distance limits.

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DA's Program to Test DNA from Old Cases Clears Man of 1990 Rape

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Dallas County District Attorney's Office
Michael Phillips at his exoneration hearing.
Because he has sickle cell anemia, Michael Phillips sat in a wheelchair Friday morning in court, his lawyer at his side. At 57, his black hair was in a short afro, his scraggly beard white. Today, he was being officially exonerated for a crime for which he served 12 years.

In 1990, he was accused of raping a 16-year-old girl. They lived in the same motel, and the girl had picked Phillips out of a photo lineup. Case closed, especially after his lawyer told him to plead guilty. He was black and the girl was white, and, Phillips said in a press release, his lawyer told him a jury wouldn't be sympathetic.

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Out in The Colony, an Undercover Sting and a Sex-Trafficking Ring in an Unlikely Place

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Lake Lewisville in The Colony.
The Colony has steadily moved up in the prestigious ranks of best DFW suburbs, and it's been designated as a "Playful City USA," which means the Humana Foundation thinks there are lots of playgrounds here. But the suburb's idyllic veneer was cracked this week when 14 johns, seven escorts and two underage escorts were arrested on Thursday at a seedy hotel there. Three others were arrested on drug-related charges.

Denton County Sheriff William Travis told Unfair Park the remote location was ideal for a trafficking ring of this size, and helped evade detection. "It's not ever concentrated up here in Denton County," he said. "A lot of these operations are usually conducted in Dallas County."

Of the johns, eight had entered the country illegally. Denton County Sheriff William Travis said that being a client of prostitutes will likely not lead to deportation. Two to four more arrests of associated pimps are expected in the next few days.

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In One of Dallas' Roughest Neighborhoods, a Boy Shot Dead and No Explanation

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Sky Chadde
The strip mall where Christopher Gordon was shot.
Fidel Akagbusu, a Lake Highlands gas station clerk, was talking to a customer late Monday night when the pop-pop of gun fire pierced the quiet. His head snapped to his right, across six lanes to the strip mall on the corner of Audelia Road and Forest Lane. He saw a group of kids running toward the intersection, passing the mall's dollar store, salon and food mart. Then he ducked.

A few minutes later, a man came into the gas station and asked Akagbusu to use his phone. He wanted to call 911. In the far east part of the strip mall's parking lot, close to the dollar store, 15-year-old Christopher Gordon lay dying. He had been shot through the head.

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Dallas Service Workers Can't Wait for the Notoriously Bad Tippers of Mary Kay to Leave

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This is your waiter, not your eyeshadow guinea pig.
The Mary Kay convention has been gracing Dallas for the last 40 years, and by now the lipsticked ladies have become a staple of the Dallas summer, known for pumping millions into the local economy.

The money just doesn't spill into servers' wallets. Over the decades, the Mary Kay attendees have acquired a reputation for getting severe alligator arms when the tabs are settled at downtown restaurants and, less frequently, bars. Reports of abysmally low tips, no tips at all and cloying non-tip tips leave local servers frustrated and broker than usual.

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Dallas Cops' Crappy New Software Has Also Been Cutting Off the Public's Access to Crime Reports

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Thumbnail image for DallasPD.png
Dallas Police Department
Major Scott Bratcher in a press conference last month, explaining the department's computer woes.
Many homeowners on Swiss Avenue have been victims of patio furniture theft this summer. Exactly how many items of furniture were stolen, who the criminals are and who complained about it remain a mystery. There are no reports. We just know there were patio furniture thefts because people are saying so.

The situation is "an epidemic," the president of the Swiss Avenue Historic told NBC.

Dallas Police Deputy Chief Gary Tittle added in comments to The Dallas Morning News that "it really jumped on our radar about a month ago."

But we here at Unfair Park will not report on the patio furniture thefts until we get the crime reports telling the full story. Where are the reports? Not with us. These, along with the reports for every crime that occurred this summer, are currently lost in the great Dallas Police Department Software Transition of 2014.

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