Dallas Woman Pleads Guilty to Faking Being a Nurse at Eight Dallas Hospices

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Wiki Commons User Stethoscopes
>Wearing one of these does not make you a nurse.
Jada Antoine has quite the resume for a hospice nurse. From January 2009 to April 2012, she cared for more than 100 patients while employed by eight Dallas hospice companies.

The thing is, Antoine isn't a nurse. She isn't licensed as any kind of healthcare provider. Antoine didn't let that stop her. She found a woman who was a nurse and took her driver's license and Social Security card was employed by the hospices as a registered nurse.

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Two Fort Worth American Eagle Employees Strangled, Burned the Body of Co-Worker, Cops Say

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Fort Worth Police Department via WFAA
Carter Cervantez and Clarence Mallory
Police say Clarence Mallory and Carter Cervantez thought they got away with their first theft -- an $18,000 deposit absconded with from the Hulen Mall's American Eagle's safe after-hours in August -- so they decided to do it again. This time, they were going after a bigger score, the store's Black Friday take, estimated to have been between $40,000 and $50,000 by an American Eagle loss prevention officer.

This time, it wasn't going to be as easy as the theft on August 24. Mallory and Cervantez didn't have inside access any more. They hadn't been prosecuted over the summer, but they had been fired from their jobs at the store. In the first crime, police say, Cervantez left the back door unlocked at closing and a hooded Mallory waltzed in, walked right to the safe and grabbed the cash. This time the duo would need keys. They decided to get them, the Fort Worth Police Department says, from Ashlea Harris.

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Night Club Where Josh Brent Partied the Night He Killed Jerry Brown Sues Brent

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Dallas Cowboys
Josh Brent
Josh Brent may have done his time for the December 2012 drunk driving wreck that killed his passenger, former University of Illinois teammate and best friend Jerry Brown Jr., but the legal battle surrounding the case isn't over. Brent's been sued by Beamers Private Club as it attempts to insulate itself from blame for Brown's death.

Brown's father, Jerry Brown Sr. sued Beamers in November 2013 for over-serving Brent on the night of the wreck. The club, Brown said, served Brent multiple bottles of Ace of Spades Champagne in its private room before the party broke up near 2 a.m. Because of Brent's size, he's listed at 6 feet 2 inches tall and 320 pounds in the Cowboys media guide, he would have drunk enough that a Beamers employee would have noticed him and the fact he was too drunk to drive home, he says.

This November, just as Brent was cleared to play by the NFL and put back on the Cowboys roster, he was named as a defendant in the lawsuit. Last Tuesday, the club filed a cross-complaint against Brent seeking that he cover all or part Beamers' cost should they be found liable for Brown's death.

The club says Brent's driving of his Mercedes the night Brown died was negligent, that he "drove at an excessive rate of speed, failed to control his speed, failed to drive within a
single lane of traffic, failed to timely apply his brakes and lost control of his vehicle."

Eric Williams Guilty of Capital Murder In Kaufman County DA Case

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Kaufman County
Eric Williams
He didn't do it. That's what Eric Williams' defense boiled down to. Despite the storage locker filled with weapons and survival gear, the getaway car bought using an assumed name, the emailed confession that came from his house and the bullet found in his possession that came from the same gun used in his alleged crimes, he didn't do it.

Williams convicted by a jury Thursday for the murder of Cynthia McClellend, wife of former Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McClellend. The couple was shot to death in March 2013, two months after Mark Hasse, one of McClellend's top lieutenants was gunned down in the street near the Kaufman County Courthouse. Williams is suspected to have committed all three murders because he was angry about losing a justice of the peace post after being convicted of stealing county computer equipment. Thursday, after deliberating for less than two hours, a Rockwall County jury found Williams guilty.

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Accused Kaufman DA Killer Eric Williams Had an Incredible Arsenal

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An ATF agent examines one of the "lowers" found among Eric Williams possessions.
Stacks of cash, an arsenal of guns and ammo and homemade bombs were among the items investigators seized from the home and storage locker belonging to former Kaufman County Justice of the Peace Eric Williams, a witnesse testified in the second day of Williams' trial for the murder of Cynthia McLelland.

McLelland, the wife of Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland, was shot to death in her home alongside her husband over Easter weekend in 2013, weeks after prosecutor Mark Hasse was gunned down on the streets blocks from the Kaufman County Courthouse in January 2013. Prosecutors say the murders were the result of a revenge plot concocted by Williams, who had been charged with the theft of county computers by McLelland's office.

Tuesday's witnesses included Scott Hunt, who was in the Texas Guard with Williams and one of the FBI agents tasked with cataloging all of the cash, weapons and survival gear Williams had piled up in his house and storage locker before the killings.

Hunt's testimony boiled down to recounting a series of weird emails -- Williams wrote Hunt of "keeping [his] head down until the artillery barrage ends on my end and "staying in [his] foxhole" -- with Williams that set up an even weirder lunch in January 2014 at the Angry Dog. At lunch, Williams asked Scott if he could help him get rid of an "upper" from an automatic fire arm. The upper portion of assault rifles like the ones owned by Williams is required to trace the weapon.

Then came the description of Williams' gear from the special agent:

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Dallas Cop Fell Asleep at an Intersection, Wandered Off After Field Sobriety Test, Highland Park PD Says

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Highland Park Police Department
Aaron Rodarte
Aaron Rodarte, the Dallas Police Department officer arrested for DWI in Highland Park early Sunday morning, was found passed out in his BMW at the intersection of Mockingbird Lane and Roland Avenue, according to Highland Park police.

Officers pounded on Rodarte's windows to wake him up. When he finally did and got out of the car, he stunk of booze and flunked a field sobriety test, the officers said. As the Highland Park officers thought he was a threat to himself and others, they attempted to arrest Rodarte. He ran from the officers on foot but was quickly caught.

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Kaufman County DA Murder Trial Starts Today

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Dallas Observer
Investigators leave Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland's house in 2013.
The trial of Eric Williams, the former justice of the peace accused of killing the Kaufman County district attorney, the district attorney's wife and one of the district attorney's top assistants started Monday morning.

The trial is being held at the Rockwall County Courthouse, the venue to which it was assigned in January in order to give Williams the fairest trial possible.

Prosecutors believe that Williams, upset after being removed from his justice of the peace post for stealing county computer equipment, plotted to kill Mike McLelland, the district attorney, Cynthia McLelland and Mark Hasse, with help from Williams' then wife, Kim Williams.

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Hurst 17-Year-Old Posing as a Sixth-Grader in Child Porn Case Has An Instagram Account That Hasn't Been Taken Down Yet

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Ricardo Lugo via Instagram
The disgusting news from the Hurst child pornography case just keeps coming. An Instagram account matching one described in court documents as belonging to Ricardo Lugo is still live.

He was enrolled at Hurst Hills Elementary school as Matthew Wesson, after Randy Wesson, his alleged accomplice, picked him up from El Paso in February 2014 and brought him to North Texas. Lugo is 17, but Wesson told school officials Lugo was 12 and provided an Ohio birth certificate, now thought to be fake, as proof.

The images from Lugo's Instagram are chilling. Under a bio that says he is 11 about to be 12 and that he is single but just looking for friends, Lugo posted photos as early as January clearly intended to depict him as a kid. There are selfies in Cars pajamas, multiple photos with a fake mustache where Lugo jokes about going through puberty and a picture of Lugo wearing a fake police SWAT team uniform.

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Dallas Police Department Brass Calls a Police Shooting "Reckless"

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Dallas News | myFOXdfw.com
In December of last year, Kelvion Walker became another black teenager shot by a police officer. He had jumped into the passenger's seat of a car his friend had stolen without his knowledge, but his friend bailed when Officer Amy Wilburn approached. This left Walker alone in the car. He put his hands up, but Wilburn shot him. Now, according to documents submitted in Walker's federal court case Monday, Dallas Police Department brass believe Wilburn acted "recklessly."

"I really believe leading up to the event, she violated so many of our rules and procedures that exposed herself to an unnecessary situation," Assistant Chief Thomas Lawrence, who was promoted to the position in 2010, said during a deposition. "I believe at the point the shooting occurred, she just -- I just don't believe she was justified [in shooting him]. I don't think she was reasonably in fear to the level that we expect a reasonable officer to be."

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Stomach-Turning Details Emerge in Hurst Child Pornography Case

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Thumbnail image for randyraywesson.PNG
Hurst Police Department
Randy Wesson
Randy Wesson, the 28-year-old man arrested by Hurst Police on child pornography charges, has admitted some of the details of his alleged crimes, police say.

After his arrest, Wesson told detectives they could find about 42,000 images of child pornography on his computer, electronic storage and phone. He also admitted to sexually assaulting more than 100 children and identified a dozen of them by name, according to police records.

Ricardo Lugo, the 17-year-old Wesson helped enroll as a Hurst Hills Elementary School sixth-grader, was used to find and recruit potential victims at the school, police say.

Wesson and Lugo met in December 2013 or January 2014 on Instagram, police say. Wesson says that in late February or early March, he drove to El Paso, watched Lugo -- who had told him that he was unhappy with his life in Juarez, Mexico -- walk across the border and picked him up. Wesson says that he and Lugo have had a sexual relationship ever since. Lugo's mother, who lives in El Paso, told Texas Rangers that her son has been missing for more than six months.

Thumbnail image for ricardojavidlugo.PNG
Hurst Police Department
Ricardo Lugo
When Wesson and Lugo returned together to North Texas, Wesson told friends and family that Lugo was his long lost son, Matthew Wesson. He then used an Ohio birth certificate that police now suspect is a forgery to enroll Lugo at Hurst Hills.

Wesson's father has confirmed that Wesson told him that Lugo was Randy Wesson's 12-year-old son and that he saw Randy looking at child pornography on a home computer.

Police began investigating Wesson and Lugo, they say, after an image of child pornography was uploaded to an Instagram account that was later linked to Wesson. Additionally, a search of Lugo's cell phone found images of him spanking a child also seen in other images found on the duo's electronics and explicit text messages between Lugo and Wesson.

Because of the extreme nature of the charges against him, Wesson is now in federal custody. Lugo remains in Hurst City Jail awaiting a transfer that is expected early next week.

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