Dallas Police Chief David Brown Sent Drug Tip With a Free Sample of Suspected Crystal Meth

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With the mountains of tips the Dallas Police Department fields on any given day, and with finite resources forcing the department to prioritize and decide which leads to follow up on and which to put on the back-burner, it's only reasonable for a concerned citizen to wonder how to make his or her complaint stand out from the pack. This week, one Dallas resident stumbled upon a foolproof way to do exactly that: mailing the police chief what appears to be crystal meth.

The envelope, addressed to Police Chief David Brown, arrived at Dallas PD headquarters at 9 a.m. Wednesday.

"The letter pretty much gave him some names, apparently [of] people who were dealing drugs, and it had some crystal substance," says DPD spokesman Juan Fernandez.

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Man Wanted For Murder in Seagoville Looks Like Seagoville

KDFW via Twitter
Logan Michael Drumm
This guy is wanted for shooting two people at a Seagoville trailer park Sunday afternoon. If you have seen him or know where he is, we apologize. You should also contact Seagoville police.

Jason Harrison's Father Sues Dallas and the Police Officers Who Killed His Son

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The site of Jason Harrison's death.
David Harrison, whose mentally ill son Jason Harrison died at the hands of Dallas police in June, filed a lawsuit on Friday claiming two officers used excessive force when they shot his son six times within minutes of arriving at the son's home on Glencairn Drive.

Linda Turley, David Harrison's lawyer, writes in the lawsuit that officers John Rogers and Andrew Hutchins shot Jason Harrison "multiple times when Jason Sherard Harrison, an unarmed man, did not pose a risk of injury to himself or others." The police have said that the younger Harrison had a screwdriver in his hand and made an aggressive act toward the officers, causing them to open fire.

Both officers and the city of Dallas are named as defendants.

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After a Confrontation, Man Dies Outside Cedar Springs Bar

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A man possibly got into an argument here and then was punched, police say.
A man died last weekend after a confrontation outside a bar on Cedar Springs Road. Detective Derick Chaney said video from JR's Bar & Grill shows that Joseph Chase was punched on the sidewalk then fell to the ground, unconscious. Chaney said he lay there until police arrived. He was pronounced dead at a hospital later.

Chaney said he's been unable so far to ascertain where Chase was before he was punched. Chaney believes Chase and the person who punched him were possibly drunk and got into an argument, but their encounter was "not a fight." The person landed one punch and then Chase fell, Chaney said video showed.

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The Cop Watchers: Chasing (and Sometimes Trolling) Police in the Name of Liberty

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Dylan Hollingsworth
Cop-watcher Kory Watkins squats and films a traffic stop in Arlington. Is this interfering?
Their camcorders and phones recording, about 10 cop-watchers stand on an embankment between six busy lanes and four gas pumps at an Arlington gas station, wondering why cops keep coming for what looks like a simple traffic stop. Don't all these cops have something better to do, they think, like fighting crime?

Three Arlington officers get out of their squad cars and form a loose wall between the officer conducting the stop and those recording. "Get back," an officer says. "Get back." The cop-watchers look at each other in confusion. Get back? Why?

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Jerry Jones Lawyers Deny Sexual Assault Allegations at Hearing

Frank Hoover via Twitter
The lawyer for Cowboys owner Jerry Jones appeared in a Dallas courtroom Friday to argue that a lawsuit accusing Jones of sexual assault -- and the Cowboys of conspiracy to cover it up -- should be dismissed because of the statute of limitations.

Attorney Gregory Shamoun also said the claims made against Jones earlier this month were lies.

Jones never assaulted Jana Weckerly in June 2009, Shamoun said, so there could not have been a conspiracy between Jones, the Cowboys and Jones' longtime attorney -- and co-defendant in this case -- Levi McCathern.

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Another Student Is Suing SMU Over its Handling of an Alleged Sexual Assault

Curt Teich & Co.
An SMU freshman who accused a well-known fraternity brother of sexually assaulted him is now suing the school, saying it violated Title IX by acting "deliberately indifferent" to his report of sexual assault and to prior sexual harassment by his alleged assailant, John David Mahaffey.

See also: Another SMU Student Has Been Arrested for Sexual Assault

The alleged incident happened in September 2012, when the student told police that Maheffey, a fourth-generation SMU student and prestigious Hunt scholar, coerced him into the oral sex by threatening him to block him from Sigma Phi Epsilon and with the loss of his own Hunt Leadership scholarship. The next day, SMU police recorded a phone conversation between the student and Mahaffey.

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Among Very Few Other Things, Cowboys Actually Good at Not Getting Arrested

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The team that plays here is pretty disciplined. Off the field at least.
Since 2000, Dallas Cowboys players have been arrested only 14 times, well below league average, according to a report compiled by The New York Times' The Upshot blog from USA Today data.

NFL players have had 713 reported legal run-ins since USA Today started the database in January 2000. (It's maintained by sports writer Brent Schrotenboer.) The average squad has seen 22 incidents, while players for the most-arrested team, the Minnesota Vikings, have been on the wrong side of the law 44 times -- including the child abuse arrest of Palestine's Adrian Peterson last week and the four Vikings accused as part of the infamous "love boat" party in 2005.

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Three Cop Watchers Get Arrested for Videotaping Arlington Police

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Sky Chadde
Cop-watchers and Arlington police officers at a traffic stop in August, as the tension between them increased.
Three people on a "cop watch" were arrested while videotaping a traffic stop by an Arlington police officer late Saturday night. The people are part of organizations Texas Cop Block and the Tarrant County Peaceful Streets Project, whose members tape police in a effort to hold them accountable for their actions. Until recently, that mostly meant gathering a small group to drive around Arlington in search of traffic stops (not anything else), parking nearby and pointing a camera. In the past several months, they've done this without incident.

There was a usual script: These people would record, and the cops would do their thing, or the watchers would cause the cops to stop doing what they were doing. At a recent cop watch, I was in the car when we pulled up to one traffic stop. The man was on the ground with had his hands behind his back. As soon as cop-watcher Joseph Tye got out of his car, the two officers let the man go. He got in his truck and drove away, and so did the officers. However, as the group has gotten more publicity, notably a Fox 4 report that got the word out and garnered them their largest attendance yet, the interactions between officers of the Arlington Police Department and the cop watchers have grown heated.

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Off-Duty Officer Fatally Shoots Suspect in Killing Near Northeast Dallas Walmart

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Dallas Police Department
The scene from the latest officer-involved shooting Wednesday morning.
An off-duty Dallas police officer shot and killed a man police said is a suspect in a fatal shooting in Northwest Dallas early Wednesday.

Around 12:40 a.m., two men began to quarrel at the pumps of a gas station near Midpark Road and Central Expressway, police said. One of the men fired a shot, and the second drove forward into some parked cars. He was later found dead in his vehicle.

An off-duty Dallas officer who had just finished his shift at a nearby Walmart walked out of the the store to investigate. He saw several people, apparently including the shooter, get in a vehicle at the gas station and drive toward the street. He followed them in his own vehicle.

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