Stomach-Turning Details Emerge in Hurst Child Pornography Case

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Hurst Police Department
Randy Wesson
Randy Wesson, the 28-year-old man arrested by Hurst Police on child pornography charges, has admitted some of the details of his alleged crimes, police say.

After his arrest, Wesson told detectives they could find about 42,000 images of child pornography on his computer, electronic storage and phone. He also admitted to sexually assaulting more than 100 children and identified a dozen of them by name, according to police records.

Ricardo Lugo, the 17-year-old Wesson helped enroll as a Hurst Hills Elementary School sixth-grader, was used to find and recruit potential victims at the school, police say.

Wesson and Lugo met in December 2013 or January 2014 on Instagram, police say. Wesson says that in late February or early March, he drove to El Paso, watched Lugo -- who had told him that he was unhappy with his life in Juarez, Mexico -- walk across the border and picked him up. Wesson says that he and Lugo have had a sexual relationship ever since. Lugo's mother, who lives in El Paso, told Texas Rangers that her son has been missing for more than six months.

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Hurst Police Department
Ricardo Lugo
When Wesson and Lugo returned together to North Texas, Wesson told friends and family that Lugo was his long lost son, Matthew Wesson. He then used an Ohio birth certificate that police now suspect is a forgery to enroll Lugo at Hurst Hills.

Wesson's father has confirmed that Wesson told him that Lugo was Randy Wesson's 12-year-old son and that he saw Randy looking at child pornography on a home computer.

Police began investigating Wesson and Lugo, they say, after an image of child pornography was uploaded to an Instagram account that was later linked to Wesson. Additionally, a search of Lugo's cell phone found images of him spanking a child also seen in other images found on the duo's electronics and explicit text messages between Lugo and Wesson.

Because of the extreme nature of the charges against him, Wesson is now in federal custody. Lugo remains in Hurst City Jail awaiting a transfer that is expected early next week.

Child Pornography Arrests in Hurst Include a 17-Year-Old Posing as a Sixth Grader

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Hurst Police Department
Randy Ray Wesson
Randy Ray Wesson and Ricardo Javid Lugo have been arrested by detectives from the Hurst Police Department after a search of Fort Worth home revealed a "large amount of evidence of child pornography and exploitation of children," according to Hurst Police.

Cops say Wesson posed as Lugo's father in August in order to enroll him at Hurst Hills Elementary School in Hurst. Despite Lugo's enrollment documents appearing to verify that he was 12, police say he is actually 17

School officials at Hurst Hills, where Lugo was enrolled as a sixth grader, released the following statement:

"There was no indication that the student's records were forged or that the student was too old to attend elementary school. The student's behavior at school also did not raise any concerns."

Hurst Police Department
Ricardo Javid Lugo
Wesson forged Lugo's enrollment documents, police say, so he's been charged with tampering with government records in addition to possession with intent to promote child pornography and sale or display of harmful material. Lugo has only been charged with possession of child pornography.

Hurst detectives say that preliminary information indicates there might be multiple victims in North Texas. As the investigation continues, Hurst Police urge anyone who has been in contact with Wesson or Lugo and has concerns about their children to call the department.

Dallas Cop Lauded as Hero in May Arrested for Domestic Violence in November

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Julian Harris
Julian Harris, a rookie officer in the Dallas Police Department's South Central Patrol Division, was arrested Thursday morning after police were called to meet with an injured woman at Dallas' Charlton Methodist Hospital.

DPD detectives say that a fight between Harris and the woman at Harris' Dallas apartment escalated into violence that left the woman hospitalized with serious injuries.

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Parker County Man Sentenced to 15 Years For Kidnapping Gay Man He Met Online

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Brice Johnson via Facebook
Brice Johnson
Shortly after midnight on September 2, 2013, Brice Johnson, then 19, began a conversation with Arron Keahey on, a social-networking platform that would change both of their lives.

Over the next few hours, the two men exchanged messages, many of them sexually explicit, before Johnson gave Keahey directions to his house and his cell phone number. Keahey identified himself as gay on his profile; Johnson's said he was straight. Keahey headed over to Johnson's house anyway, because the messages indicated Johnson wanted to have sex with Keahey. Johnson continued to send Keahey sexual text messages as Keahey was en route to his house.

Keahey arrived at Johnson's place at about 5:30 a.m. When he did, Johnson repeatedly struck Keahey in the head, tied him up with an electrical cord and tossed him the trunk of his own car.

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Thirty-Seven White Supremacists Were Running a Massive Meth Ring in North Texas, Feds Say

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Thomas Hawk
More proof that the white man is under attack: a bunch of local white supremacists are facing criminal charges for allegedly dealing meth in North Texas and beyond.

As far as white supremacist drug gangs go, this one appears to be relatively diverse. Some of the people in the meth ring, the feds say, were from the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas, while others from the Aryan Circle, a splinter group that sees itself as more "ideologically pure."

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DART Driver Accused of Sexually Assaulting Special Needs Passenger Denies Allegations

Dallas Area Rapid Transit
Tuesday morning, a lawsuit was filed in federal court by an anonymous plaintiff asserting that her daughter, who has Down syndrome, was raped twice by a DART paratransit driver in September 2013.

According to the plaintiff, driver Cedrick Agentdropped off his other passengers on the bus before pulling over and assaulting her daughter twice in one week.

Agent says nothing happened.

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More Family Members of Jason Harrison Sue the Two Cops Who Shot and Killed Him

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Courtesy Geoff Henley
Jason Harrison's mother's house, on the 200 block of Glencairn Drive in Dallas, where officers shot and killed Harrison in front of his mother.
After Jason Harrison's father sued the city, the Dallas Police Department and the two officers who shot and killed his son, Harrison's mother and brother, David, have filed a lawsuit of their own. They claim Harrison, a schizophrenic, posed no threat when officers John Rogers and Andrew Hutchins, killed him.

In June, Harrison's mother called 911 and asked for a team equipped to deal with her son, who was being argumentative. She'd done this hundreds of times beforeand it was known around the community that Harrison wasn't violent. This time, however, two police officers arrived and knocked on the door. Harrison's mother answered, and then Harrison came to the door. Within seconds, the lawsuits claim, Rogers and Hutchins shot Harrison. The officers said they told Harrison to drop the screwdriver he was holding, but he didn't comply. An autopsy of Harrison's body showed he was shot five times, including once in the side and twice in the back, says Geoff Henley, David Harrison's lawyer.

The police say there is a video of the shooting but haven't released it to the public, contending it would interfere with a grand jury investigation.Without the video, what happened between the officers arriving and Harrison ending up dead outside his mother's home is still up for debate.

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McKinney Man Arrested for Massive Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme

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Wiki Commons
Virtual currency. Real jail time.
At its peak, Bitcoin Savings and Trust -- Trendon Shavers' Bitcoin business that he purported to be an investment operation -- controlled a full 7 percent of all publicly traded Bitcoin.

Operating out of his McKinney home, Shavers, known as "pirateat40" in the Bitcoin community, managed as many as 764,000 Bitcoin at a time, according to federal prosecutors. Promising a return on investment of as much as 1 percent per day, Shavers raised Bitcoin to allegedly fund his day trading habits and pay dividends to his earliest investors. He did not, the feds say, have a special strategy for leveraging Bitcoin markets, he was just running one of the oldest schemes on the books with a new currency.

"As alleged, Trendon Shavers managed to combine financial and cyber fraud into a Bitcoin Ponzi scheme that offered absurdly high interest payments, and ultimately cheated his investors out of their Bitcoin investments. This case, the first of its kind, should serve as a warning to those looking to make a quick buck with unsecured currency," U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said in a press release.

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The Rise and Fall of the Biggest Illegal Sports-Betting Ring in Dallas History

One morning in 2011, just after sunrise, a swarm of federal agents rolled quietly down a neatly manicured cul-de-sac in Southlake, the city police's SWAT alongside them. They gathered outside the home of their target, a $750,000 spread with five bedrooms, five bathrooms and a swimming pool, all sitting on a tree-lined half-acre lot in perhaps Dallas' most idyllic suburb. Around 7, they knocked on the door, and waited.

There was no made-for-TV chaos, no upturned tables or scattering underlings. After a brief wait, the man they were there for, 57-year-old Albert Sidney Reed, approached the door, sleep still in his eyes. He was in his underwear.

Reed's teenage son looking on, police calmly handcuffed their target, and black-clad SWAT officers shuffled inside to sweep the 5,250-square foot house. When the all clear was given several minutes later, Reed was un-cuffed and allowed to dress. He sat in a chair inside for four hours as investigators sifted through his belongings, looking for proof of what they already knew.

About an hour into the search, another IRS agent stumbled across a satchel in Reed's SUV and shuffled through its contents: printouts of wagers, collection notes, business expenses, printouts of how much his betting operation profited during football season, even notes from a big meeting upper-level owners in the organization had recently conducted. Later, he made sure to introduce himself to the satchel's owner.

"I'm Special Agent Mark Parsons with the Internal Revenue Service," he said. "We're investigating the Global International Corporation bookmaking operation, and you and I are going to get to know each other pretty well over the next six months. You can make it good on yourself -- or hard on yourself."

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Video of Cowboys' RB Joseph Randle Being Booked by Frisco PD Is, Like the Underwear He Stole, Priceless

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Cowboys running back Joseph Randle, he of the post-Seattle Seahawks victory underwear theft and subsequent underwear endorsement, had what can best be described as an amusing experience being booked by Frisco police.

See also: Cowboy Joseph Randle Gets an Underwear Endorsement Deal for Stealing Underwear

"This is a cool little publicity stunt though," he says in the first of two videos obtained by KTVT before asking the cop doing his intake if "this was going to be in the papers."

Correctly worried that it would be, Randle tells the officer that he isn't going to look "like a criminal" in his mugshot and asks to see it.

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