Rawlings Has Been on Expensive Dates with Dale Hansen and Robert Wilonsky, but Not Us

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Sam Merten
Mayor Mike Rawlings, with someone who isn't us.
Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings recently released his semiannual campaign finance report, detailing the money he's received for his re-election campaign and what he's doing with it. There are no smoking guns in the report, no examples of obvious corruption that everyone can feel righteously outraged about. Most disappointingly, there is no $10 billion donation from an imaginary PAC called Put Toll Roads Everywhere. The most interesting part of the report is the expense list. It reveals that Rawlings goes on a lot of overpriced meetings at fancy Dallas places with important people, including journalists.

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Surprise, Surprise. Mike Rawlings Is Running for Re-election

Dallas Observer
He's in.
Put aside any thoughts you had about the 2015 Dallas mayoral election being competitive. Mike Rawlings is running again.

Just before his annual "State of the City" speech Tuesday, Rawlings formally revealed to The Dallas Morning News the poorly kept secret that he'll be on the ballot in May.

He will face a much easier task in seeking a second four years than he did in 2011, when he overcame a crowded field and a runoff with former Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle to win his first term. Rawlings showed he was a formidable fundraiser in that race, collecting $1.5 million, more than three times as much cash as anyone else in the race.

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Rep. Rafael Anchia Just Released a Trinity Toll Road Survey. Why?

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City of Dallas
We get to vote on it again! Sort of.
Just two days after winning his unopposed re-election bid, state Representative Rafael Anchia has released a survey to gauge Dallas residents' opinion of the proposed Trinity toll road.

The survey was quickly pushed out on social media by opponents of the toll road such as City Council member Scott Griggs, who says it's good that people's voices will again be heard on the issue.

"This is a vehicle for the NTTA [North Texas Tollway Authority] to hear from the citizens of Dallas and the people who will be impacted by the toll road. I think it's wonderful that Rafael Anchia, our representative, is facilitating this communication," he said. "I'm concerned that there's been a disconnect between the NTTA and the people, and they need to know that people do not support this road."

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GOP Candidate Tony Tinderholt Says He Didn't Catch Illegal Immigrants. He Just Learned about Them, Called Border Patrol

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On Saturday, when the other, more ordinary candidates for the Texas House of Representatives were probably making campaign calls or hanging out with their lame families, Arlington Republican Tony Tinderholt appeared to be on a bolder mission.

Dressed in camouflage gear, Tinderholt posed for three photographs posted to Facebook Saturday night under the caption, "On patrol, catching illegal immigrants tonight!"

He was on a private ranch, he tells Unfair Park, with Texas Border Volunteers, a group that takes a D.I.Y approach to fighting illegal immigration. But he realized after he arrived there would be no actual "catching" involved.

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Dallas County Judge Candidate Has Two DWIs, Two Nicknames and a Rock-Hard Bod

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A Facebook photo from Jackson's since-deleted profile.
If Fred Jackson wins his bid for Justice of the Peace in the upcoming Democratic Primary, lawbreakers should prepare to face a man packing a hard, award-winning body under his judicial robe.

Here are other things they should prepare for: a DWI conviction when he was a cop in which he crashed into five parked cars; allegations that he beat up a student and slept on the job when he worked school security; and his various nicknames, which include Incredible Hulk.

Jackson, 32, is running for Justice of the Peace in Precinct 4, Place 2, a Dallas County court that deals with eviction cases, tow hearings and various Class C offenses from its Irving location. Voting results so far show he has a decent chance of winning. He got 4,000 votes in the March primary, giving him 32 percent of the votes cast in his race. The incumbent and first-place winner, Judge Katy Hubener, beat him by just 432 votes. They face each other again in the runoff election May 27.

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Judge Etta Mullin Has Been Thrifty with County's Money, But Attorneys Say It Comes at a Price

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When a few Dallas cops arrested a woman hanging out in the 4300 block of Colonial Avenue last year, it seemed obvious they weren't catching a criminal who had a ton of money.

Officers Charles Moreland and Clayton Edwards were working undercover on March 28 when they came across Amber Buford. Moreland and Buford got into a conversation. The conversation moved fast, at least according to an arrest report: "During the conversation the suspect knowingly: agreed to sexual conduct sexual intercourse with said officer for a fee paid: directly to the suspect by the officer."

The officers arrested Buford on a prostitution charge. But that wasn't the end of her troubles. Buford's case ended up in the courtroom of County Judge Etta J. Mullin, who has built a reputation on being the thriftiest judge in Dallas County. She is up for re-election in the Democratic primary on Tuesday.

Mullin is what critics call "a bill collector instead of a judge," in the words of Lisa Green, one of the two Democrats running against Mullin.

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Wendy Davis' Opponents Say She'll Kill Texas' Oil Boom, but What Does Her Record Say?

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The Texas Tribune
We know that a Wendy Davis-governed Texas would probably be more into preserving natural resources than a Texas ruled by Greg Abbott, who has sued the EPA a modest 17 times. But in a state famous for its lax environmental regulations, how much tougher would Davis be?

Local environmental issues, particularly fracking, haven't been discussed much by either the Davis or the Abbott campaign. One website dedicated to exposing "the Real Wendy" (paid for by the Republican Party of Texas) has claimed that her energy policies would undermine Texas' domestic energy boom.

That's probably an overstatement, but Davis has pushed for some regulations on oil companies -- nothing stringent enough to put a company out of business, but measures that do have support from anti-drilling activists. Local environmental groups describe her as someone sensitive to their cause.

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A Man Is Responsible For Wendy Davis' Success, DMN Story Timidly Suggests

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Wendy Davis
The Dallas Morning News clearly wanted to publish a story reporting that Wendy Davis exaggerated about growing up poor while raising kids on her own. That's plain by the title of its big feature on the Sunday front page: "As Wendy Davis touts life story in race for governor, key facts blurred."

Sure, if it turned out that Wendy Davis was never a single, teenage mom living in a mobile home, as she has repeatedly mentioned, but was actually a happily married, childless woman who grew up in Plano and settled with her husband in her parent's basement, that would count as lying about some key facts.

Unfortunately for The Dallas Morning News, the report didn't find that. Instead we are left with a timid little story that suggests, but never says outright, that Davis' rise from poverty to senator wasn't so bad because she had a man.

You can see how a story like that might be a little offensive to girl politicians, Democrat or Republican. But don't worry, News reporter Wayne Slater has his facts. He came to that conclusion by quoting a grand total of three people -- Davis herself, one of her ex-husbands and an anonymous source who suggests that Davis is a liar who cares more about success than her children.

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Wendy Davis Is Running for Governor

Callie Richmond, Texas Tribune
It's official. Wendy Davis, the Fort Worth Democrat who rose to national prominence during her summer filibuster of abortion legislation, is running for governor. She made the announcement just now in the Haltom City auditorium where she graduated from high school.

Already, pro-life groups are readying ads that will portray her as a ruthless baby-killing machine. She will have to clear that hurdle if she hopes to reach the governor's mansion. She'll also have to haul in some major campaign donations and woo Latinos and suburban women. Most of all, she'll have to get more votes than Greg Abbott.

A D.C. Businessman Illegally Funded Hillary Clinton "Street Teams" in 2008 Texas Primary, Feds Say

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Talk Radio News Service
Remember all of the awesome details from the 2008 Democratic primary race in Texas between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama? No? Weird. Well the short version of that story is that Clinton won Texas. The longer version is that a businessman from Washington D.C spent hundreds of thousands of secret money in Texas in the effort to help Clinton win.

The Washington Post broke that piece of news. The paper reports that a New York marketing executive spent more than $608,000 trying to get Texans to support Hillary Clinton. The money went to "street teams" that would distribute Hillary Clinton posters, stickers and yard signs. None of it was reported to the Federal Elections Commission.

The guy accused of funneling the street-team funds to the New York marketing executive is Jeffrey E. Thompson, a D.C. businessman who is already kind of a big deal in the district for his alleged role in a bunch of other corruption scandals.

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