Plano Bomb Suspect Guilty of Being a Terrible Writer

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Anson Chi

This morning, the DMN gives us more details (paywall) about the guy who allegedly tried to blow up a gas main in Plano but was instead taken to the hospital with shrapnel wounds. He now has a name, Anson Chi, a past conviction on a concealed weapon charge in California, and a bunch of neighbors who think he's creepy.

He also has a substantial digital trail of anti-government ramblings in You-Tube videos and Facebook posts. Avi Selk was helpful enough to post links here. And at the bottom of the page, you'll find Chi's stab at fiction, a self-published novel, Yellow on the Outside, Shame on the Inside: Asian Culture Revealed.

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The Arts Are Worth $300 Million-Plus Annually to Dallas, According to The Arts

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Arts District, City Hall has two words for ya: cha ching!
The Dallas City Council loves art. Sure, council members like getting dressed up all fancy and going to look at the pretty pictures as much as the next person, but they aren't so simpleminded as to think art is purely for aesthetic enjoyment. This is Dallas, remember, where our leaders are clear-headed enough to know that what art is really about is the bottom line: money.

So when one addresses the City Council's Arts, Culture, & Libraries Committee, take a page from Maria Munoz-Blanco, director of the city's Office of Cultural Affairs. Monday afternoon, she gave the committee an overview of a study appropriately titled "Arts & Economic Prosperity in Dallas, Texas."

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City Will Soon Occupy City Performance Hall. The First Performer Is Still a Secret.

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It's been almost three years since the Wyly Theater and Winspear Opera House had their glitzy launch, but, largely overshadowed by the fanfare and intermittently forgotten if you don't frequent the corner of Routh and Flora or keep your finger on the pulse of with small- and medium-size arts groups, is the so-called "third venue" of the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts Master Plan.

Still, work on the city-funded City Performance Hall, designed to accommodate small- and mid-sized art groups that would be dwarfed by the glitzier facilities, has been progressing quietly and is, in fact, nearing completion.

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Buzz Bissinger Regrets His Dallas Tirade, Thinks He Should Maybe Get Off Twitter (Audio)

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Buzz Bissinger: He doesn't hate Dallas, after all.
So, Dallas, Buzz Bissnger regrets what he said about you, and your schools, and your freeways, and your collective IQ, and more or less everything else that defines you as a city. Not what he said about that lousy book review. No take-backs on that. But everything else? Yeah, he's sorry. It's a problem, this Twitter thing. Something he should maybe quit.

Bissinger told me this late on Friday, a couple days after the Friday Night Lights author penned one of his signature Twitter meltdowns, eviscerating Dallas one 140-character sonnet at a time. The tirade was ostensibly his response to a harsh review of his new book in the Dallas Morning News, but it also was part of an ongoing series of theatrical Twitter performances that star Bissinger as an angry, blustering, unyielding asshole.

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Buzz Bissinger's Feelings About Dallas Did Not Dissipate with a Good Night's Rest

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There were some cries yesterday to ignore the sweaty, out of breath one-man show performed by Friday Night Lights author Buzz Bissinger. Yeah, ignoring him would be cool. Nothing more fun than denying someone the attention they so badly crave. But this was a train wreck you couldn't look away from. And when I awoke this morning to sift through the rubble, I quickly discovered that the destruction was still in progress.

In case you missed it: Bissinger was apparently upset after receiving a bad review in the Morning News and then scant local attention for his new book. He took to Twitter to dust off every stereotype ever uttered about Dallas, and to cram them into a series of 140-character seizures

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Buzz Bissinger is Trashing Dallas on Twitter Right Now

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Twitter - buzzbissinger- Based on book tour, if Dal_opt.jpg
Friday Night Lights author and noted Twitter imploder Buzz Bissinger has a new book out called Father's Day, about a road trip he took with his developmentally disabled son. The Morning News trashed it, and apparently Bissinger's book-tour stop in Dallas left him less than impressed.

Together, those two facts have triggered Bissinger's latest Twantrum, which is happening ... now.

Here's a selection of the vitriol:

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Jeff West, a Tireless Advocate for Downtown Dallas, Died Yesterday at 54

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Jeff West.gif
If you appreciate the signs of life that have sprouted downtown in recent years -- and anyone who loves this city does -- Jeff West is at least partly to thank.

The 54-year-old, who died Monday, was a tireless advocate for downtown and the city. He headed the Sixth Floor Museum for 11 years, the Dallas Theater Center for 5, and was a managing partner in Matthews Southwest, the firm that developed the Omni Dallas Convention Center Hotel.

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Man Who Will Turn Cotton Bowl Facade into Public Art Likes Glass. And Light

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A James Carpenter project in New York. Could this be the Cotton Bowl's future?
Much has been written about the now-certain $25 million renovation and expansion of the Cotton Bowl and the subsequent announcement that the stadium will host the annual cross-border skirmish between  the University of Texas and the University of Oklahoma (and their football teams) through at least 2020.

But who cares about football? The real reason tens of thousands of maroon- and burnt orange-clad partisans flock to the Cotton Bowl each year is to soak in the art deco architecture and satisfy their aesthetic longings. It's a good thing then that the City Council decided to include funding to turn the stadium's facade into a piece of public art in the pot of money it's showering on the stadium, with additional funds coming from the 2006 bond program.

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Dallas Police and Fire Pension Boss: Fund's Risky Investments "Are Building America"

The Nasher Sculpture Center and the developers of the Museum Tower project are continuing to hammer out their white light, white heat debacle behind closed doors. They recently hired a mediator in lawyer Tom Luce, who promptly asked both sides to quit talking to the media already.

Above, however, you will see a video from George Tomasovic, a First Battalion Chief with the fire department, a licensed CPA and, most importantly, the chairman of the Dallas Police and Fire Pension Fund's trustee board. In the video, Tomasovic, without making reference to any particular huge public relations disaster, insists that the pension fund's "alternative investments" are sound and represent an overall commitment to this great country of ours. Anyone who disagrees, he adds, is guilty of "old-fashioned, out-of-date thinking."

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In New Video about Museum Tower, the Dallas Police and Fire Pension Promises: We Got This

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Before we decamp for Le Bar: If you haven't been following the spat between the Nasher Sculpture Center and the owner of the Museum Tower project -- which happens to be the Dallas Police and Fire Pension System -- Schutze had a thoughtful, balanced take on the matter last week. The gist, basically, is this:

The opulent tower of million-dollar condos is reflecting quite the ray of sunshine on the Nasher and other spaces in the Arts District, and no one's quite sure what to do about it. A mediator has been hired to broker an agreement. That mediator, lawyer Tom Luce, has asked both sides to go quiet.

But first, the chairman of the pension board wants its members to know: Hey! It's OK! We totally didn't invest your future in a speculative real-estate deal based entirely on its position in the Arts District, only to accidentally turn the project into the sworn enemy of everyone who's ever accidentally glanced at a Rothko and thought, "Hmm, it doesn't suck, I guess."

The video, uploaded today, is above. Enjoy, and have a great weekend. Schutze is back next week, either with a kayaking travelogue or a measured response to this. I'm rooting for the travelogue thing.

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