Dallas Couple Who Lost at Least 50 Dogs in a Fire Treated Animals Well, Neighbors Say

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Amy Silverstein
The people who lived here are expected to survive, but they've lost most of their pets.
The 15 dogs that survived an early morning house fire in East Dallas on Tuesday appeared to be well cared for, and other than the two being treated for possible injuries related to the fire, all appear healthy, Dallas Animal Services manager Jody Jones says.

A husband and wife lived with dozens of dogs -- one report says more than 70 -- in their home on Grandview Avenue. The survivors appear to all be Chihuahuas or Chihuahua mixes, Jones says.

The fire department says an electrical problem with the air conditioner is the fire's likely cause. The husband and wife were taken to a local hospital suffering from burns and smoke inhalation. They're expected to survive, but they lost at least 50 of their dogs in the blaze.

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Mailman Who Allegedly Hit Yorkie With a Rock Faces Animal Cruelty Charges

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This is a Yorkie (not Maxwell, but still). The mail carrier in question was scared of a Yorkie.
Fort Worth police say an arrest warrant has been issued for the mail carrier accused of hitting a couple's Yorkie with a rock, injuring it badly enough that it had to be put down.

Lawrence and Taiesha Brown told police on May 17 that their dog Maxwell was injured after wandering across the street into a neighbor's yard. Initially, Lawrence wasn't sure what happened or whose dog had been injured, and asked the letter carrier what happened.

"I asked him, 'What did you do to that dog?'" he told NBC 5. "He said 'I got me one,'" Brown says. "I said, 'You got you one? Did you mace him?' He said, 'No, I hit him with a rock.'"

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A Great White Shark is Coming Straight for Texas, Will Probably Devour Us All

On Sunday afternoon, a "ping" from a tracking device confirmed scientists' suspicions: Katherine, a 2,300-pound great white shark tagged last August off of Cape Cod, is headed straight for Texas. Right now, she's about 100 miles from the Florida panhandle. In another week, she could be past the Mississippi. Then, Texas. A second great white, Betsy, is hot on her tail fins.

Researcher Bob Hueter is delighted. The data relayed by the new real-time (more or less) tracking device is overturning scientists' long-held assumptions about great white behavior, he told the Houston Chronicle.

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Parker County Sheriff's Department Links Another Dead Dog to a Violent Human

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Dallas County Sheriff's Office
Marquael Greer
Last month, after police found a dog dead from a gunshot to the back of the head and abandoned in a cage with her 10 living, still-nursing puppies, Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler gave a general assessment of what went wrong : "We have a people problem," he said in a statement.

Just two weeks later, Parker County authorities have made an arrest in yet another dog killing. The were no gunshots this time. The dog was allegedly chucked out a window.

See also: In Parker County, an Executed Dog and 10 Orphaned Puppies

The investigation began in April, when police received a call about a domestic disturbance. A woman told police that she was sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle while her boyfriend Marquael Greer was driving.

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Fort Worth Vet Accused of Keeping "Euthanized" Dogs Alive Is Being Sued. Again.

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Thumbnail image for CampBowieClinic.JPG
Dr. Lou Tierce's veterinary practice

Fort Worth veterinarian Lou Tierce has been sued by another dog owner who claims he kept her pet dog alive after telling her it had been euthanized. The lawsuit filed Monday claims that the doctor kept her pet Chihuahua Hercules alive and suffering for more than four months without her knowledge.

Kimberly Davis claims she was told by an employee at Tierce's clinic that Hercules was experimented on by Tierce before it was found during an April 29 raid of the clinic, according to news reports.

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In Parker County, an Executed Dog and 10 Orphaned Puppies

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In case the almost six full days that have elapsed since a gunman killed six students at the University of California at Santa Barbara has allowed for the reemergence of some positive feelings about humanity, then allow the Parker County Sheriff's Department to strangle those warm fuzzy feelings with a piano wire.

According to a department news release, deputies were called to Springtown at around 6:30 Wednesday morning to a report of a dog in a cage that was partially blocking Raley Road.

The dog, a red shepherd mix with a black muzzle, about 3 years old and a malnourished 35 pounds, was dead, having been shot in the head.

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Dallas' Animal Shelter Could See Budget Cuts, Just Like Every Other City Department

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Animals Abused & Abandoned
Dallas has thousands of orphaned animals stuck in the shelter system, and a big corporation promised to help save some of them. Beginning last September, a PetSmart store in north Dallas opened up its doors to the Dallas Animal Services department, housing some of its "adoptable" dogs and cats. Every official involved says that the project, a partnership between PetSmart Charities and Dallas Animal Services, has been great so far.

Except it is taxpayer dollars that are funding much of that charity work, and the money wasn't actually available to Dallas Animal Services yet when they agreed to the project last year.

"The funding for that project never was given to us," by the city, says Jody Jones, the manager of Dallas Animal Services. "So we had a choice to make." Seeing the off-site adoption center as good opportunity, she chose to sign on.

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The Feds Say They Caught a Dallas Man Smuggling Dead Hummingbirds from Mexico

You can, provided you're willing to break a handful of federal laws and international treaties and locate a willing buyer, sell a dead hummingbird. A well-preserved specimen of certain varieties will fetch upward of $350 on the U.S. black market, according to federal prosecutors.

Who, you might wonder, would pay $350 for a dead hummingbird? We have no clue, and federal prosecutors don't say in a five-count wildlife-smuggling indictment handed down in Sherman on Wednesday. The feds do offer an answer as to who would sell a dead hummingbird: a 53-year-old Dallasite named Carlos Delgado Rodriguez.

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Dallas Cracks the Top 10 in Dog-on-Mailman Attacks

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Anita & Greg
Carjackings are an underappreciated danger to mail carriers.
For decades, doubtless dating back to the advent of home mail delivery, the dog-bites-mailman trope has provided cartoonists and joke writers (and now meme creators) -- with an easy source of cheap humor.

The U.S. Postal Service, whose employees were the victims of 5,581 dog attacks last year, is not amused. It makes this perfectly clear in a public service announcement being distributed to broadcast outlets as part of its National Dog Bite Prevention Week campaign:

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Ft. Worth Vet Accused of Harvesting Blood from "Euthanized" Dog Charged with Animal Cruelty

Millard "Lou" Tierce
When the Star-Telegram finally pried a comment from Fort Worth veterinarian Millard "Lou" Tierce on Wednesday, he dismissed allegations that he'd mistreated animals -- specifically keeping a family's supposedly euthanized dog alive for six months as a source for blood transfusions -- as "all a bunch of hooey."

The state and local officials who raided his office on Tuesday disagree. On Wednesday evening, Tierce was arrested on an animal cruelty charge after turning himself in shortly after 7. He was released not long after, posting a $10,000 bond.

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