Two Dallas Cops Shot a Man Last Night, but They Say He Killed Himself

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Dallas Police Department
Police may have killed an armed suspect in a hotel parking lot.
As midnight rolled around last night, a police car with officers Jay Jankowski and Michelle Herczeg pulled into the rear lot of the Grand Hotel Dallas, just off LBJ Freeway, where they saw an idling truck. They thought the truck had been stolen, police say, so they went to investigate.

Jankowski went to the driver's side window, and Herczeg the passenger's. She tapped on the window, police say, and noticed that Terence Michael Groessel was pointing a gun at her partner. "Gun!" She shouted.

"Both officers immediately retreated toward their squad car and began firing their weapons at Groessel," a police spokesman said at a press conference Thursday.

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While the officers took cover behind their car, police say, Groessel stuck his arm out the window. It looked like he was pointing the gun at the officers, police say. After a few minutes had passed, the officers heard a single gun shot come from the truck's cab.

The medical examiner announced Groessel died from shooting himself in the head, police say. He also had two gun shot wounds in his shoulder "likely from the officers," the spokesman said, "but neither would have resulted in his death."

Texas Department of Public Safety
Terence Groessel was classified as a low-risk sex offender on DPS's registry.
Groessel was convicted of sexual assault of a child in 1995, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety's sex offender registry. He served five years in prison. He'd stayed at the hotel for a few weeks, police say.

This post has been updated to reflect more up-to-date information from the police.

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Judging by the cops' last names, the Polish-American police exchange program is working well in Dallas.


The city spent $875,000 to build a crappy fried chicken place, but can't find the resources, or the guts, to obtain body cameras for our officers. 


I am staying at the Dallas Grand Hotel. The reports of the media and the Dallas Police Department (DPD) sound a bit suspicious to me for the following reasons: 

1) I was sitting in the "smoking lounge" outside, when I heard the shots. The shots could not have been more than 20 yards away from me. 

2) Initially, I assumed it was fireworks because it was a complete surprise. i.e.:

           a) because there were no red and blue lights, much less head lights

             b) there was not an, what would be expected, warning, ex: "freeze, put your hands up," "gun!" "Drop your weapon!" NOTHING. What sounded to me like fireworks/firecrackers were actually from what I am told, anecdotal y...automatic weapons.

             c) the only police presence that I noticed was AFTER the shots were fired. A loud speaker quoting (paraphrase) "Individual in the car, take your hands off the wheel and put your hands up." Again, AFTER the "fireworks" or "shots fired" 

3) When investigating the perimeter of the hotel, I noticed a couple of DPD officers with automatic assault rifles, inside, moving quickly.  Reports from guests reported that DPD officers were in front of windows blocking sight of the "crime scene." And outside, officers commanding guests to "go back inside." An ambulance was never witnessed by myself or others.

4) I have been staying here for nearly 4 weeks, recently back in town from East Africa. I am here most of 24/7 as I work remotely via internet and computer. I have seen and or met, most of the people that have been here longer or for around the same time as myself. It is frankly inevitable to meet them, as it is not a "huge" hotel. I have never seen the man in question, nor have any of the people I have become familiar with.

This seems a terribly precarious and frightening situation to me. Most especially after recently returning from Africa and seeing a true Police State first hand. Not to mention the trauma's that are happening in Missouri and throughout the rest of our beloved country, and across the world... Somethings got to give! I have spoken to several people about this and most, including the mother of my children, have spoken about "taking up arms" and obtaining conceal and carry licenses. I say, what good will it do up against possible surprise attacks. Most especially when automatic weapons are involved, with the assailants being those that are sworn to have patience, and to protect and serve. 

Quite Saddened....


no matter how you look at it they kill that man they open fire with no just cause he did not open fire and I personally know him and I do not believe he had a gun the flash could of been a phone what the police are saying if I own a gun I can be shot. Does that go vice versa for the cops they are not supposed they are not supposed to be above the law


So now shooting someone holding a gun in a car (and per the report not pointing it at officers) is justifiable?  Watch out open carry guys, you're next. 


@sjones2177  You are so right "Quite Saddened" by this whole story. We just let this go on in our streets, parking lots!  it's fine because it's the police doing the shooting.  On Facebook and internet I am reading stories about 40-60 shots fired at Groessel. After the first round of police firing Groessel putting his hand up (no gun) and the police started shooting again !!  These witnesses are coming forward, they seen it happen. Police and witnesses stories have difference? 

Will the truth be told? Please no cover up!!


Hi, Terry is my uncle and my family is looking for answers. Please contact me at if you can. Thanks.


@Greg820 Article says Herczeg saw him pointing a gun at her partner. What report says he was not pointing it at the officer?


@ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul Really soon, because police killing...  erm, wait, OK, police shooting an unarmed... hmm....

It's weird, it's almost like there's a difference between police shooting an armed individual who was pointing a gun at an officer and police shooting an unarmed individual.

TheRuddSki topcommenter


So, when do the protests start?

The OC gang, the Huey Newton Gun Club, and a wild mob of suicidal child molesters walk into a bar.

Bartender says to the molester mob "You guys gotta pay in advance".


@SCamp2 @Greg820 Per the WFAA article:  "Groessel was inside (the truick) and apparently showed the officers a handgun, so the officers fired their weapons. Groessel was pronounced dead at the scene."

Nothing about pointing it at officers.  If he had indeed pointed it I would believe that would have clearly stated.


We did find 2 witnesses! We're having trouble finding a lawyer to take this case though...


@Greg820 @SCamp2  Different articles may say different things. Article on Dallas Morning News says this:Two officers initially confronted Terence Michael Groessel, 52, because they believed he was sitting in a possibly stolen pickup just before midnight in the parking lot of the Grand Hotel on LBJ Freeway near Coit Road, police say. The officers opened fire after Groessel pointed a gun at them.

The shooting was captured on the officers’ dashboard camera and the hotel’s surveillance camera, Maj. Jeff Cotner said.

He said Officers Michelle Herczeg and Jay Jankowski were patrolling the area, which Cotner said is known for illegal drug sales and as a place where stolen cars are dumped. They saw Groessel sitting in a pickup at the motel with its engine running.

Herczeg and Jankowski turned off their overhead lights so Groessel would see that they were officers, Cotner said. Herczeg walked up to the passenger side of the pickup and tapped on the window while Jankowski went to the driver’s side.

Groessel pulled a gun and pointed it at Jankowski while still looking at Herczeg, Cotner said. The officers jumped back, retreated toward the squad car and began shooting at Groessel.

They took cover and requested backup. Then Groessel appeared to stick out his arm toward officers, Cotner said.


@SCamp2 @Greg820  Fortunately there is video to hopefully sort it all out.  More and more research is showing that people overexaggerate and dis-remember things under stress.  This is why I believe body cameras should be required anytime an officer is carrying a weapon in the line of duty.  The technology is there, the desire, not so much. 

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