John Wiley Price Will Stay on the Dallas County Commissioner's Court While He Awaits Trial

Stephen Young
Indicted? Yes. Still stylish? Yes.
John Wiley Price is not going to be suspended or removed from the Dallas County Commissioner's Court until at least the end of his corruption trial, which is slated to begin in January 2016.

Mike Cantrell, the county's lone Republican commissioner, presented a resolution that would have suspended Price, with pay, until his trial was over. County Judge Clay Jenkins would then have appointed a replacement commissioner for the duration of Price's suspension.

Cantrell insisted that the court shield itself from the inevitable "impact on the county's integrity and public image" that not suspending Price would cause.

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As Cantrell read his resolution, Price sat, stoic in a white suit jacket he was wearing in support of a women's equality resolution unanimously approved by the court. His supporters in the gallery were more boisterous, murmuring objections to Cantrell's charges. One person loudly cleared his throat each time Cantrell said Price's name, for some reason.

When Cantrell was done, his motion to suspend Price needed a second so the court could vote on it. He didn't get it. Cantrell got to say his piece for the record, but he did not force his fellow commissioners to similarly go on the record with a vote supporting Price. Sadly, we'll also never know whether Price would have voted against his own suspension rather than recusing himself.

Cantrell's other business -- a call for an investigation of Craig Watkins' February 2013 car wreck and subsequent use of forfeiture funds -- was delayed a week. Cantrell informed the court that he'd found out just prior to the meeting that the district attorney was out of town due to a previous commitment.

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While searching for something else I ran across this archived article in the Star Telegram:

Fort Worth Star-Telegram (TX) - December 14, 2003 - 1B Metro

Officials not fully revealing finances

Cynthia White, John Wiley Price, Tom Vandergriff and Jim Carter are North Texas county officials who did not fully disclose their personal finances as required by law. White's 2003 report is blank in the section on business interests, yet the Denton County commissioner is co-owner of a home-building company and an electrical contracting firm. Dallas County Commissioner Price's 2003 report has no reference to a Dallas property listed under his name and a co-owner's...

2003 - 2016 is absolutely too long.


While I have long disliked Price and am certainly not defending him now and not sympathetic of his situation, I am quite defensive of our Constitional right to have the government prove its case and of the notion that people are presumed innocent until proven a court of law, not in media circus. While I would like to see Price voluntarily step down, I think Judge Jenkins and the rest of the Commission were absolutely right to not assume the role of judge (no pun intended) and jury and oust Price at this juncture.

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

I find it ironic that JWP was wearing a white suit rather than his usual dark suits with contrasting piping.


GOP, pay attention and learn something.  Democrats show unity and circle the wagons around their criminal pols.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

JWP has remained extremely calm and quiet in public about all this. A far cry from pretty much every other situation he has been in.  Im slightly disappointed in this


Dallas is cursed with four gutless commissioners. 


Dog and pony show. No doubt Price is a grade "A" slimeball but Cantrell knew nothing would come of it. It's all bs.

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

If OOPS can stay in office as he awaits trial on two felony charges, then why not this other crook? 


At least Watkins wasn't busy in his office this time, as when the judge summoned him.


Think he finally realized that histrionics would be contraindicated?

But, yes they woulda been entertaining.


Not true. At least one has a heck of a lot of guts.



More accurately, I should have wrote Dallas county has three gutless County Commissioners and a gutless puppet County Judge.

I suppose the Democrat commissioners and judge decided it would be unfair to deprive JWPrice of all of the outside income he can leverage from his office until he goes to trial. The losers will be Dallas County taxpayers and those county bidders unwilling to pay for influence and confidential information on bids.

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