Amazon Same-Day Delivery Begins in Dallas Today. Couch Potatoes Rejoice.

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In a pinch? Amazon to the rescue.

The highly anticipated Amazon same-day delivery service begins today in Dallas, Baltimore, Indianapolis, New York City, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. It's an extension of the delivery service that was launched in four West Coast cities earlier this year. And with this official announcement, couch potatoes across Dallas no longer have any reason to ever leave their mothers' basements again.

The same-day delivery feature has been available since May, and today Amazon is expanding the coverage area and releasing a front page search engine. "Previously, customers weren't able to shop same-day features directly and they were surprised at checkout," said Julie Law, a spokesperson for Amazon. "If you live in Dallas metro area, you can now filter your search on items you can get today or tomorrow. I live in Seattle, and I've had two vacations since this feature began and have used it for last-minute travel things."

Amazon recently opened two warehouses in the DFW area to accommodate the initiative -- one in Haslett, one in Coppell. The two storage facilities occupy roughly 1.1 million square feet of space and together employ about 600 workers. Same-day delivery is available to anyone in a ZIP code listed here.

Law says the company's main goal is to provide a convenient service, not foster laziness. "We just want to add more flexibility," she says. "Especially as a mom, it's really challenging to get those last-minute things. Even with little party supplies, there's those things you totally forget, like paper napkins. Same-day delivery can be really helpful when you already have 10 things to do."

The new search engine also has links to the most popular same-day purchases. In honor of this historic day in shopping history, here's a list of the most useful things you can have delivered to your doorstep by the end of the day:

  • A cup of sugar. Never get to know your neighbors again.

  • Juicer. "I really want a juicer as soon as possible so I can ... juice things."

  • Margarita mix. "How can we possibly drink tequila without the margarita mix?"

  • First aid supplies. "My arm has just fallen off. It's completely on the ground, there is a gaping hole on my torso. Let me just order some tourniquets and bandages and surgical supplies."

  • Dishwasher. "No way I'm washing these by hand."

  • Toilet paper. "Could you bring it up please? Yeah, just walk right in."

  • Defibrillator. "So ... how quickly can you get it here?"

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I'm a little confused by this article as I bought a keyboard via same-day on April 4th.  It was delivered by Lone Star Overnight.

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

I wonder how fast they can get a box of tampons out?


I thought surely this article would include prophylactics...

Montemalone topcommenter

"...I live in Seattle, and I've had two vacations since this feature began and have used it for last-minute travel things."

Um, Julie? Is Amazon hiring? I'd like to be able to take 2 vacations by August every year.


Uh, it's available at the Dallas Observer unless you guys left Oak Lawn, which isn't surprising because Oak Lawn would be a pretty big oversight for Amazon.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

@Montemalone Amazon corporate must be way different than any other part, bc based on the docs Ive seen, they mistreat their warehouse employees to no end.  I saw where the employee could be scheduled for his 15 minute break, but it took them 8 minutes to make it to the break room, just in time to turn around and go right back where they were and clock back in.

Montemalone topcommenter

@ScottsMerkin @Montemalone 

My collar's white baby.

I want one of the jobs where I get to dream up money-losing ideas that have already been tried and failed (Kozmo) and collect a big bonus for my efforts before I go on my 3rd vacay of the year.

Screw the peons that have to suffer for it.

Am I right?

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