Joey Gallo Is Here to Give Us Hope

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Hold that pose Joey.
The Rangers lost again yesterday. It's the eighth defeat in a row and 22nd out of 25 for a franchise that's won at least 90 games in each of the past four seasons. It was the latest lowlight in series that's been -- Yu Darvish and Adrian Beltre excepted -- full of them.

The sheer number of injuries faced by the team has long since passed into the realm of the absurd, and Ron Washington's lineup regularly features players who wouldn't start for a first division Japanese League team. Perhaps the best possible outcome is that the team picks up some prospects in exchange for the somehow-still-standing (and still-hitting) Alex Rios.

We're not here to talk about all that, though. We're here to talk about Joey Gallo.

If you care about the Rangers at all, you've heard of him bu now. Gallo is the 20-year-old, Grantland-profiled slugger currently manning third base at Frisco's Dr. Pepper Ballpark, the guy tied for eighth in the Double-A Texas League in home runs despite being mired at Single-A Myrtle Beach until June 9, the day he hit a walk-off homer in his Double-A debut.

Gallo is a prospect you can dream on. He has 80 grade power potential, if he isn't there already, and performs feats of which mortals can merely dream -- like busting the windshield of a promotional Chevrolet during batting practice for last night's Futures Game at Target Field.

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The Futures Game is one of the biggest stages available to minor leaguers. Each year, on the Sunday evening before the All-Star Game, the ESPN broadcasted showcase features the brightest non-big league talent baseball has to offer.

Gallo didn't disappoint in the game itself, either. His two-run, bottom of the sixth homer turned around a 2-1 World Team lead and ended up providing the winning 3-2 margin for Gallo's U.S. Team. For his efforts Gallo won the game's MVP award and increased speculation about when he'll wind up in Arlington.

Check out the video of Gallo's moonshot below and enjoy a brief respite from what's been a season in the wilderness.

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Things might improve if they would stop touching Beltre's head.

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

I read the headline and I immediately thought of My Cousin Vinnie.

"You said Joey Gallo?  Are you sure you didn't say Jerry Callo?"  -- Vinny Gambini


The one infamous Joey Gallo is the gangster from the 1960's that got involved with every major black and Italian drug dealer, knew many NY based actors and actresses by name, was part of one of the most public Mafia hits in history, Joe Colombo in Columbus Circle during Italian American parade, and then got whacked in a restaurant in Little Italy. His name and/or similar characters are at least a small part of every Mafia movie and TV show since that time. 

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

Gallo better not be up on the big squad before next Septembers call ups.  If he is, the Rangers had a dreadful 2015 as well.  

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

Hope and a hitter doesn't make a winning team.

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