D Magazine Angers WBAP Radio Host and Rockwall's Thriving Asshole Community

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Looks like an honest face, no?

Ben Ferguson is a conservative commentator who hosts a show on WBAP-AM 820 from 9 to 11 a.m. on weekdays. Until today, Unfair Park had no idea who he was, but we have to say, after his segment attacking D Magazine's "Best Dallas Suburbs" list, we're intrigued.

Ferguson took issue with Tim Rogers' characterization of Rockwall, the 16th-ranked city on the list. It was an innocuous item, although Rogers pointed out the "Walking Dead set" feel of a withering business development called The Harbor. Rogers also included a quote from one of the town's barbers, who said that many of Rockwall's new residents were "assholes," as was John Ratcliffe, the Tea Partier who knocked off Rockwall's 18-term congressman, Ralph Hall, in May's Republican primary.

"Is it not blatantly obvious this is a hit piece on a community?" Ferguson asked a caller. He also urged all of his listeners to cancel their subscriptions and stop advertising in the magazine.

Well, no, it's not -- obvious or a "hit piece." As Rogers noted on the mag's news blog, all he did was quote a barber.

Ferguson also questioned the integrity of D's "Best of D" features, claiming "how you get on the Best of D is you buy ads."

We here at the Observer would like to point out to Ferguson that we own the franchise on that particular anti-D slam, so stop stealing our shtick. Otherwise, congrats to Ferguson for some of the most pointless wingnut trolling ever. He should reward himself, maybe take the afternoon off, go to the lake, get a haircut. We hear there's a barber out in Rockwall who's perfect for a guy like him.

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Ben Ferguson is a total waste of time. Everytime I listen to him I tune him off, the last time being his ranting biased about the illegal immigrants. His show it WAY too biased.


How has the Dallas Observer missed Mr. Ben "Up Past My Bedtime" Ferguson's fine work as commentator on CNN?


Barber has a point. Rockwall is turning into Forney-North

bmarvel topcommenter

Someone switched pictures. That's not Ferguson. It's Moe Howard.


Slow news day. People are tired of Benghazi, the non IRS scandal, the newest "fist pump" controversy, etc......

Ben is also a huge asshole. Nobody can stand working with him because he never refills the coffee machine, leaves shit streaks in the toilet and he hits on all the female sales staff. He is also a big ass kisser with the "Don't mock the Krock" shout outs every time he sees Chris.  


All Rogers did was quote a barber that's 'been cutting Ralph Hall’s hair for 20 years, his kinfolk’s even longer' about Hall's political opponent. 

He places that politically subjective anecdote in a review of Rockwall to de-legitimize the sentiments of the voters.

Not really what one would expect in a typical 'best suburbs' review where parks, schools, shopping, traffic, health-care are the traditional aspects of consideration.

A political editorial disguised as an overview of suburban amenities.

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

If he lived in Rockwall he'd be running his mouth about Dallas.

WBAP isn't even in the top 20 stations in DFW.

Montemalone topcommenter

That's one wise barber.


Actually, since the Mark Davis psycho scorched earth era, nobody listens to W "BAD" 820 ( quaint hillbilly) radio, but I am sure that Mr. Ferguson appreciates the free publicity.

TheRuddSki topcommenter

Probably a baby-hater.

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

@tdkisok The Republican Scandal Machine is starting to squeak and grind.  Perhaps they should just junk it.

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter


The stuff along 276 from Rockwall to Quinlan is pretty amazing, though it has cleaned up a little in the past few years.

I would love to hear the backstory on the space ship.



Speaking of "junk", Ben also grabs and scratches is dick and balls while not realizing others can see him.  The dude needs help.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

@Sharon_Moreanus what about Todd's Weeny?

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

@bmarvel @TheCredibleHulk

Unload a cheap shot and then play coy?

Ruddski Onliine University, perhaps?

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

@ScottsMerkin @TheCredibleHulk

You got peeps in Poetry? Beautiful area, almost bought acreage out near that thing a few years ago, but since I work in the Land of Gar I needed to stay north of 30. Traffic out there by 205 / I-30 / 276 is friggen' brutal. (Also, waaaaaay to close to Quinlan, meth capitol of North Texas.)

We still get out past there quite a bit on weekends when we are out riding, tho. It's a cool landmark to show people that haven't ever seen it.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

@TheCredibleHulk Yup my brother in law and his husband moved from El Segundo to out there about 6 months ago.  Got a nice fixer upper 2500 sq ft house on 27 acres.  It's really coming along and was a great place to shoot fireworks over the 4th.  We fish in the stock pond too.  And watching the deer walk right up to the feeders 20 ft from you while watching the sunrise from the front porch

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