Rangers Catcher Geovany Soto Caught with Weed, Which Is Pretty Understandable, Really

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Shawn Collins
What else could go wrong for the Rangers this season?
After being swept at home by the Houston Astros (!), your Texas Rangers now own the worst record in baseball. Suffering through injuries and errors, they've been at a total loss, with no solutions, nothing to ease the pain, nowhere to turn. Until now.

Catcher Geovany Soto was arrested in Grapevine on Wednesday, when police found him holding the only viable antidote the Rangers have for making it until September: weed.

Soto, who is, of course, out with a knee injury, was charged with having less than two ounces of pot, a Class C misdemeanor, which carries a fine of up to $500. He has no court date yet and has not picked an attorney as of Friday afternoon, a spokeswoman for the Tarrant County District Attorney's office told Unfair Park.

He was released on bond of $500, and did not, as far as we know, share any of his stash with this guy, although that would have been nice:

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Pot arrests are not news. 


Never fear, Smolinski's here.


Maybe that is why this team sucks, because they smoke out before taking the field?  I can see Warsh and Prince taking turns smoking out of a stand up bong, or Colby and Belt's smoking out of an apple core; maybe The Dutch Oven taking blasts off the one hitter in the dugout. 

It's weird, cause I saw half the guys eating Ding Dong's and laughing the other day when they were losing 7-0. Then one other time I saw Rougned and Soto watching Tom and Jerry in the dugout!  Then I saw Mike Maddux spraying himself with Febreze before meeting with the media. 

One time I overheard Sunny and Grieve talking about something called 4 Way Windowpane, and "tripping balls", whatever that means. 



When you are an underachieving athlete it's probably not welcome news (see Quincy Carter).

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