You Can Now Drink at SMU Football Games, But You'll Be Doing So with Wine-Sipping Alumni

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Giovanni Gallucci
Go ahead and cheer, kids. You still won't be able to buy game-day alcohol for another couple of years.
It's a tradition for many college kids, getting wasted before, during and after campus football games. And at SMU, students may now do so without stuffing their Natty Lights and other fashionably lowbrow domestics into their pockets.

After a long battle of negotiations between administration and Aramark, the concession company for SMU's Ford Stadium, including a trial period selling beer at basketball games, sales were finally approved and are slated to begin next football season.

Students won't be able to get especially drunk under the new rules, at least not without supplemental provisions. Wristbands will be given to 21-and-over students allotting no more than three drinks over the course of the game. Non-students can secure one drink at a time per concession stand trip, which seems reasonable enough.

Rick Hart, Athletic Director at SMU, told USA Today that alcohol sales are exactly what the audience has ordered. "There's a revenue component to it, for sure, but it was part of the experience fans wanted," he said. During the basketball trial period, there were apparently no reports of post-win street drunkenness. "We had zero alcohol-related arrests. We didn't see a spike in any type of behavioral issues."

Student football ticket sales are dismal at SMU, where undergrads generally Boulevard and then, perhaps wisely, decamp to watch the SEC. This won't likely help, since SMU's not-totally professionalized version of college football largely appeals to underage freshmen, fresh from their orientation pep rallies. Plus, the industrious among these freshman are already sneaking in vodka-filled water bottles and pocket shots, otherwise known as liquor port-a-pouches. An $8 Shiner, while tempting perhaps to HPHS alum, will likely not draw any takers from more frugal students.

No, this is for parents, alumni and the school's Park Cities neighbors, which explains the other beverage being added to the concession stands: wine. Who doesn't love a crystalline glass of merlot with their football-watching experience?

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Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

Alcohol doesn't fill seats....a winning team does.

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

Until you have been among 80,000 drunken U-Wisconsin students and alumni jumping up and down to Jump Around or singing along to Mambo #5 in Camp Randall Stadium before a Badger game, you haven't lived.


Can't wait for school spirits to get outta hand and belie Methodist. Great theater.


@TheCredibleHulk 80,000? pretty sure the Bush Library has a larger capacity than Ford Stadium. and it's louder!



You get the rare double, with the spirit of Methodism and the spirits of demon alcohol in the same sentence. Even if you didn't realize it, you should claim it.


Meant the connection, but not worried about the award. Just enjoy.

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