The Hidden Cash Craze Arrived in Dallas with Much Less Cash and Much Less Chaos

Hidden Cash, for those of you living under a WiFi-free rock, is the Twitternet sensation that rocked San Francisco last month. An anonymous local millionaire placed envelopes of cash around the city and released clues to their whereabouts on @HiddenCash, calling the exercise a "social experiment." Hidden Cash events have quickly turned into a phenomenon, reaching cities in the UK and Canada.

The scavenger hunt came to DFW last night under the Twitter handle @HiddenCashDFW. Spurred by visions of enough Andrew Jacksons to spare for toilet paper and Kleenex, droves of DFWers descended on Victory Park in hopes of scoring one of those elusive cash-filled envelopes.

The not-so-anonymous @HiddenCashDFW benefactor, Stacey Monroe, began releasing clues at 6 p.m. While as much as $200 were in each of the original Bay Area envelopes, Monroe, apparently an unemployed 19-year-old, informed followers that $20 to $40 would be stuffed in each of 10 envelopes around Victory Park.

Fox 4 News DFW reports that Monroe was motivated by her own hardships, and hopes that people will put the money toward a good cause.

"I've been faced with hard times as well in my life," she told the station. "Getting through school is one of the biggest obstacles that I've ever done. And, it's a great way to tell others if you feel that you have the extra money to give and help the community, why not do it because it's an awesome way to help other people. I just think it's a really amazing thing to do and I hope I motivate others to do it as well." Monroe is unaffiliated with the original Hidden Cash.

The Dallas Morning News, perhaps in an effort to quell the herd and stave off the pandemonium that occurred among similarly broke Los Angelians, assured readers that the chances of actually finding the money were very slim. But eager for their small fortune, for which they fought so vociferously, Hidden Cash DFW was in no short supply of participants.

We can only assume that those who found the cash did indeed donate it to someone less fortunate than themselves. And despite warnings of impending chaos, it seems the only visible damage was to the shrubbery.

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most of those people need second jobs....just saying. 


Man I thought there was heroin in those envelopes... Silly me!! Better luck next time, please please hide copious amounts of narcotics throughout the city! Then see how many come running out of the gutter! Is it a ruse by the Dallas P.D. oh shit I just scored a

Damn g, well I'll be!! Everyone get high on me!!!

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

I dropped a quarter at the Whataburger drive-thru - All the fun of figuring out which one is all up to you!

Happy hunting, y'all!


Apparently, no one has watched the 1969 Peter Sellers-Ringo Starr film, 'The Magic Christan,' written by Texan Terry Southern. Little wonder, it wasn't that good and hasn't aged well. But it does feature a scene set in Chicago with a giant vat filled with manure with a sign on it saying "Free Money." The crazy billionaire (that would be Sellers) has dumped a million dollars into it -- one of his many attempts to prove just what people will do for money. 

TheRuddSki topcommenter

Is this like dragging a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park?


@TheCredibleHulk  I applaud you for leaving the quarter instead of opening your door into a brick wall like every other person that drops change at the drive thru does. I must admit loving the look on their faces when they realize that they just dented the hell out of their door for a little loose change.

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

@JustSaying @TheCredibleHulk

My favorite is all of the rear-view mirror scars on the post that they sink into the lane so that you don't hit the window thingy.

How do people hit that with their mirrors? Seriously - you're moving less than 5mph, forward!

The mind boggles.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

@JustSaying @TheCredibleHulk my momma would make me get out of the car to fetch that quarter, but shit, these days it aint worth it, that shit dont even buy a gumball now, need 50 cents for that


@ScottsMerkin I aint a godamn Rockefeller. I will carefully open the door for a quarter. Fuck a dime, nickel, or penny.

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