A Non-Texan's Guide to Pete Sessions and Jeb Hensarling, Potential House Majority Leaders

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U.S. Representatives Pete Sessions and Jeb Hensarling. Both are on the right. Sessions is the one with grayer hair.
House of Representatives Majority Leader Eric Cantor went down to ignominious defeat in his Republican primary in Virginia last night, becoming the first sitting majority leader to lose a party primary in the position's history. In the upset's aftermath, two North Texas representatives -- Pete Sessions of Dallas and Jeb Hensarling, whose gerrymandered district includes parts of Dallas County and extends far enough southeast to include Palestine -- have emerged as potential contenders for the seat.

Here in Dallas, we know Sessions and Hensarling well, so we thought we'd provide the rest of the country with a sampling of some of the pair's quotes, votes and moments -- because, really, we're sorry about that whole Ted Cruz thing, America.

1. Sessions believes that comprehensive healthcare reform is unnecessary because Americans have "some of the greatest health care in the world." In the World Health Organization's most recent health care rankings the U.S. ranked 37th. In a more recent study performed by The Commonwealth Fund, the U.S. ranked last among seven developed countries.

2. After the infamous 2004 Super Bowl halftime show, Sessions accused Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson of forcing "their liberal values on the rest of the country." Exposed nipples, apparently, are a liberal value. (OK, we'll cop to that.) Then, in 2007, Sessions became possibly the first member of Congress to host a fundraiser at a burlesque club. Burlesque performers wear pasties.

3. Sessions compared the most recent government shutdown to World War II, telling a protester: "We're not French, we don't surrender."

4. Sessions believes that "women bear a disproportionate share of the hard work. Birthing, carrying, the whole thing -- it's hard work." He said that just before he voted against a bill that would lessen work requirements for low-income moms so they could spend more time with their children.

5. Sessions thinks the House GOP caucus has learned better insurgency tactics from the Taliban.

More than anything, Sessions just raises a lot of money, looks a bit dim and appears too often to lack curiosity. There are worse contenders in the field.

1. Hensarling either doesn't understand the debt ceiling or is too disingenuous to admit he does. He told CNN that not ensuring the nation's ability to pay the interest on its debts is not actually a threat to the country's credit rating.

2. Hensarling has voted against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act, employment protections for the LGBTQ community, any sort of stem cell research, regulating the subprime mortgage industry, hate-crime protections for the LGBTQ community and net neutrality.

3. Hensarling has voted for constitutionally banning flag burning, prohibiting the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases, requiring a photo ID to vote in federal elections, denying Medicare coverage for those who can't afford the copay, making the PATRIOT Act permanent, allowing electronic surveillance without a warrant, building a fence along the length of the U.S.-Mexican border, ending birthright citizenship and terminating funding for NPR.

4. In explaining one of his many votes against the Affordable Care Act, Hensarling related the story of his mother's surgery to remove a tumor. Henserling was 54 when he made the comments, so unless his mom had him at a very, very young age, she like was on Medicare when she had the surgery.

5. Hensarling feels that Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, those bedrocks of the American social contract, are cruel ponzi schemes.

There you have it America! Two more of the Lone Star state's finest, ready to take their place in leading the nation. (Really, again, we can't emphasize enough how sorry we are about Ted.)

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sessions is a joke. Hensarling makes sense.


Just another left wing article so lib biased it makes you want to blow seeds!

"In the World Health Organization's most recent health care rankings the U.S. ranked 37th."- data from another Euro-Socialist Org. Have you ever actually read how these folks rank healthcare around the globe. LOL. Its a joke!  From the same mentality of people that gave Yasser Arafat ,Jimmy Carter and Obama the Nobel Peace prize!

" Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, those bedrocks of the American social contract, are cruel ponzi schemes."  What social contracts ?  Which lib politician made that up?  Each of these programs are by definition and the way they are constructed official "Ponzi Schemes". The people who join first will get theirs the folks at the end of the line will lose unless someone outside the system is robbed. The result of years of free ride nonpayers and amendments to the rules by Democrat policies.

I'll quit at these two. The rest is nothing but libtard spew!

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

Hensarling has come out............. and said he would not seek the position.


Hensarling was wrong about the Patriot Act (nearly everyone was back then) but was pretty much on target with the other votes. He's a good representative and would make a fine majority leader. Sessions is too weird even to be a liberal and should be voted out so he'll probably be voted in as Leader.

Montemalone topcommenter

Awesome caption.

You'll go far here, son.


Glad cruz got elected. No need to apologize.


Hensarling voted against the ACA which puts him in line with the multitude of 2014 Democratic candidates running away from it.


Multiple studies have shown that politicians are not very bright and strongly desire admiration & power. And they have control of the purse.  Nice work if you can get it. These two are exact duplicates of that mold, as are so many many more.  Sigh. . . 

Sotiredofitall topcommenter

The writer apparently did not watch the entire video linked on Item 5.  Not a fan of Mr. Hensarling on many items but he does say he's willing to negotiate on all programs to control the budget   And yes; Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid have become ponzi schemes that without reform will drown my children in the national debt.

everlastingphelps topcommenter

  Hensarling either doesn't understand the debt ceiling or is too disingenuous to admit he does. He told CNN that not ensuring the nation's ability to pay the interest on its debts is not actually a threat to the country's credit rating.

Well, then he understands it better than the Observer, apparently.  There is nothing that would prevent the Treasury from prioritizing interest payments over, say, shrimp farming research grants and other deficit spending if the ceiling wasn't raised.

To pose the question as if we instantly default by not incurring more debt -- that's someone who doesn't understand how it works.


@oledriller You sick fuck ... get back on your medication, lie down and get up to speed on actual facts instead of listening Rush Lardass and Tea Baggers.

mavdog topcommenter


if Congress included the payment of money to the shrimp farming research grant in the appropriation bill it passed, the Treasury is not legally allowed to decide to not spend the money.

see Impoundment Control Act of 1974. Congress does not grant to the Executive Branch the decision on spending the money appropriated, Congress is totally in control of the purse and that would be granting the Executive Branch a line item veto on spending.

holmantx topcommenter



It's a non-Texan's guide to understanding the incredible calculus behind prioritizing one's debt obligations.  It seems only Texans can accomplish this.

Or even describe the process.  


@holmantx You DO know you can't run for President on a NO Obama platform right?  (Here is the United States you can only be President for 8 years).

So a Republican candidate is needed yet your party is currently imploding with a partial Bagger takeover.  Pete Sessions?  Ted Cruz? (please say yes) Bristol Palin?  Erick Estrada?  I know.  John McCain?  Or do you think he is too young?


@holmantx @mavdog @everlastingphelps 

A reminder,  if the Supreme Court hadn't stolen the '00 election,  the national debt would now be paid off,  the huge tax cuts for Shrub's MULTIPLE-BILLIONAIRE friends wouldn't have happened,  there wouldn't be close to 10,000 troops dead in Iraq and Afghanistan,  100,000+ permanently scarred,  we wouldn't be three or four TRILLION deeper in debt. 

Yeah,  them Dems are always bad,  how dare they come up with whacky ideas like paying the debt,  not going into useless wars.


@halldecker @holmantx @mavdog @everlastingphelps


yeah, I have VISIONS of AL GORE as President with Edwards as VP....would have made the NATION all powerful, rich, and clean, unlike with bush and the mulatto guy....wonder what Al would have done about that little issue of the housing bubble and the 9/11 attack?  cleaned up air pollution, or sold the Lincoln Bedroom on a nightly basis on HOTEL.Com?

holmantx topcommenter

@halldecker @holmantx @mavdog @everlastingphelps

You've lost that argument with the Electorate.  Best come up with something more like, "my dog ate my homework" as an excuse why the Left should remain in power.

Employ "Bush", and people turn you off.


@rusknative @BS-Patrol @holmantx 

Friend in the WH Political Office said she went into the Oval Office to give the President results of latest polling Wednesday,  41% of Americans polled think he's a Moslem.

Told him that,  said he shrugged,  shook his head,  got up off the carpet,  rolled up his prayer rug and went back to work.


@holmantx @halldecker @mavdog @everlastingphelps

WTF do you mean,  "Employ" Bush.  

Are you are saying,  ads blaming GWB for some great measure of the mess the world is in 'turns people off',   voters absolutely love him???

Surveys say ... that's true about Bill Clinton ...

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