Watch an NBC 5 Reporter Get Stuck in Mud, Listen to His Cameraman Cackle

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Reason 5,312 why reporting for print is better than TV: There's no video camera to catch your journalism fails. That time I knelt in a nice fresh pile of dog turds while I snapped a picture? The evidence was washed away with the next load of laundry. That time NBC 5's Jeff Smith embedded himself crotch-deep in a muddy lake bed in a misguided attempt to demonstrate historically low reservoir levels? That'll be on the Internet forever.

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TheRuddSki topcommenter

Must be a j-school grad, taught to sling mud, not actually touch the stuff - and not naturally intelligent enough to realize that mud, unlike hard ground, is mud, and if you jump into mud you're likely to sink into the mud and get stuck in the mud, mud being mud.

The cameraman, who likely didn't go to j-school, likely knew exactly what was going to happen, hence his suggestion to do the dumbest possible thing. Played the reporter for a fool.

Cam guy 1, Journo 0. Heh.


My son & daughter would turn that into a grand old time.  

Mud: it is what fun is made of (when you are 8YO).


Turn a fail into a lesson on water safety or what lake botyoms are really like. So he oopsed. Only embarrassing, not moronic. For true idiocy we still have politicians, celebutards, and athletes.


This coming from the cyclist so incompetent as to have been shot with paintball guns and ridden into fresh concrete.

From the people of Dallas: We thank you for not owning a car. But not for the reason you'd like us to. 

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