Keller Police Upset That Run-Over Pedestrians Keep Messing Up Their Tweets

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Keller PD
Keller Police Chief Mark Hafner
Keller, with its exurban tangle of big, fast streets, is not the most wonderful place to be a pedestrian. Not even in its subdivisions.

Just ask the family of Robert Lariz-Trinidad, who was run over by a pickup on Thursday while pushing a wheelbarrow across a street so quiet it doesn't show up on Google Streetview.

And just ask whomever was hit this morning on Hillview Drive, a quiet but sidewalk-less residential street.

According to Keller PD spokeswoman Brenda Slovak, a 16-year-old girl was driving to school when she lost control of her vehicle.

"There was a lady taking the trash out near her mailbox," Slovak says. "The 16-year-old hit the mailbox trash can and the lady."

The woman broke her leg but otherwise was not seriously injured. The girl, who at first didn't realize she'd hit a person, could face charges if the victim decides to prosecute.

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This concerns Keller PD, which is being forced to move valuable resources away from its Twitter account:

Damn pedestrians. If they're not literally getting in the way of cars, they are doing so figuratively by making route planning incrementally more difficult.

This post has been updated with information from Keller PD spokeswoman Brenda Slovak.

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TheRuddSki topcommenter

The cop in the photo has a very world-weary look, a man who has seen it all and wishes he could forget, but can't. So, he left some murderous hell-hole for a calm suburb, institutes a tweeting policy, and wouldn't you know it, a truck backs over a Latino who likely never tweeted in his life.

Which leads to the question - what kind of truck? Was it one required to beep when in reverse gear? The driver was not charged, so that suggests the barrow-pusher was at fault. So many unanswered questions.


Good grief ... at most, this was a grammatical error (which was made clear two tweets later), and not some statement of values by the Keller PD. They were obviously saying it was the accident that was unfortunate -- but hey, congrats on sprinting to your computer and throwing out a snarky non-story story about how heartless the KPD is.


I don't think a street within a gated retirement community qualifies as a big, fast street. So what question are we asking the family of the victim? Why wasn't he planting flower beds in walkable uptown instead?


Oh, lighten up, officer, it's not as if the terrorists are gonna win today. Sure, they pounced on a little thing, but they have a blog to put out -- do YOU wake up every morning and get to bust a big-time criminal? No, sometimes, you have to take what you can get like juvie shoplifters. Besides, this little prank-level story got you into high dudgeon, which is always fun.


@wcvemail @jchamberlin  "Prank-level" story about two people getting hit by cars (and one killed)? Awesome. I guess I really should lighten up about such things in my neighborhood ... At least you got to squeeze in "high dudgeon," which is nice. Advantage: @wcvemail.


@wcvemail @jchamberlin 

Fatuous use of an unfortunate freak accident in a restricted multi-family development to provide a lecture on sustainable living. 

16 year old texting while driving knocks off a pedestrian. Fifty points.

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