An Oak Lawn Car Burglar -- Or Someone -- Lost a Sex-Toy Duffel Bag Tuesday Night

Todd Mecklem
Overnight Tuesday, a couple of minor mysteries struck an Oak Lawn apartment complex.

The first: Who took the Louis Vuitton luggage and iPad from the gold 2010 Lexus parked for the night in the 4300 block of Gilbert Avenue? A neighbor awoke to a car alarm at about 6 a.m. and caught a glimpse of a white guy, 28ish, crouching beside the vehicle with a flashlight, but the man fled in a dark-color SUV before the neighbor could get a solid description.

The second, apparently related mystery, was discovered next to the car by a responding Dallas police officer. There, inside a nondescript gray duffel bag, were the contents of a small adult novelty store. Police recorded:

2 dildos
  • 1 pair of black leather chaps
  • 5 VHS tapes, titles not listed
  • 1 bottle of wine
  • $200 worth of "miscellaneous leather bondage items"
  • 1 tube of Preparation H

There are a handful of possible scenarios that could explain the presence of the duffel bag. Perhaps it belonged to the Lexus owner, a 29-year-old woman, but she was too embarrassed to claim it. Alternately, the thief was a serial burglar who had just snatched the duffel from another car. Or maybe he brought it from home -- you know, just in case something unexpected happened -- and left it behind in his haste to escape.

In any case, the duffel bag and its contents are at DPD's property room waiting to be claimed by its rightful owner. If no one comes forward, perhaps the cops can do what they do with drug dealers' SUVs and repurpose it for police work. Surely there's someone on the force who can figure out how to put it to good use.

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Hey grandpa jerry jones, they found your bag....


A power bottom (Preparation H) cowboy (chaps) headed across the prairie (bottle of wine) planning to catch his dinner on the way (bondage items) but still hopeful he'll encounter company (2nd dildo), preferably someone with a video cassette player (VHS tapes).


Followed a link on the SOHIP neighborhood web site to read this little comic interlude. Completely made my day. 

BTW, the neighbors renamed this area (North Oak Lawn) to SOHIP (South of Highland Park) a few years ago and have a very active neighborhood association and web site.

I'm guessing those VHS tapes are all 5 episodes of Ken Burns' 'The Civil War.'

Seriously, in Oak Lawn no one's going to claim that stuff because they'd be too embarrassed to admit they're old enough to have a VHS player.


What, no lube?


VHS? the content sounds like an Oak Lawn time capsule.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

I feel no sorrow for the dumb idiot who leaves LV luggage and an iPad visible in their car.  Break into my car and your going to get a bottle of water, my owners manual, a childs car seat, and maybe some leftover snacks he threw on the floor. 

Montemalone topcommenter

How do they know it was $200 worth?

Apparently one of Dallas' finest knows the value of these things.

boodgieman Yeah, funny how the first thing that jumped out at me was the mention of VHS tapes.  When exactly did this person lose the bag?  1992?

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