Plano ISD's Security Director Gambled Away $2.5 Million of the School District's Money

Kris Gentz, via Facebook
Meet Kris Gentz, 59-year-old Princeton resident, 14-year veteran of Plano ISD, and, according to the feds, a compulsive gambler and prolific thief.

Federal prosecutors, along with the FBI and Plano police, announced this morning that Gentz has pleaded guilty to embezzling some $2.5 million from the district, most of which he frittered away at casinos.

According to the Plano Star Courier's Bill Conrad, the scheme was rather simple: Gentz created two fake companies and got them approved as Plano ISD vendors. Those companies would regularly submit fake invoices that would be paid by the district. That money would then go in the pocket of Gentz and two accomplices, neither of whom worked for the district.

The scheme lasted a dozen years, coming to a close at the end of last year after Plano ISD noticed that money was going missing and contacted police.

Gentz made a comfortable $71,431 per year overseeing security and fire systems at all PISD buildings. He is no longer employed by the district.

He faces five whole years in federal prison.

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Plano isn't so hot with hiring people to do security-related things, right Mark Hinshaw?


Wall Street now has a rule,  every employee has to take off two weeks a year,  mandatory.  In theory the only way to keep embezzlement hidden is to work every day,  CYA.  How do auditors in a super-wealthy ISD miss $2.5million over at least 12 years.  And one PISD employee,  acting alone,  did it all?   And nobody raised an eyebrow for 12 years?


If he saved some of that money and "invests" it with the right "consultants" I'm sure he'll have a lucrative business installing security systems in the buildings DISD is building but not using.


"He is no longer employed by the district."

Well, that's good.


I never understand casino gambling as a form of anything other than a recreational distraction. The most basic laws of statistics indicate that your best odds for coming out ahead is less than 50 percent and are arrived at by placing a one time bet. The closer from there that you arrive at an infinite number of bets means the closer the certainty that you will have averaged losing the house 'take' percentage on every bet.

The dude should have played the stock options game to get his fix on the 'borrowed' money instead.


In a few years, he will begin collecting his TRS pension of approximately $22,800/yr.

It's time Texas enacted a pension forfeiture penalty to be applied to public employees who commit financial crimes at the felony level against their employer. This man stole $2.5 million, why should he get another dime of public money?

TheRuddSki topcommenter

Yeah, but in those dozen years, the fire and security systems worked great.


@dc005 After the scheme survived the first year, the vendor contracts were presumably included in operating budgets for subsequent fiscal years.  Otherwise they would draw attention as expense variances in the monthly and annual financial statements.  Although if this were the case, how would PISD notice that money was going missing?  Something does not add up here.  My guess is that internal auditors, external auditors, a purchasing manager or a check signer finally asked a question about the vendors, and PISD's explanation is a lame attempt at CYA for missing the scheme for 12 years.

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter


It's nice to know that Wall St. protects its own interests that way, isn't it?


@bvckvs The problem with your premise is that this fellow oversaw physical and fire security.  He had absolutely nothing to do with protecting the financial assets of PISD.  That falls under the purview of the CFO and his subordinates. 

Pity that you will use any stretch of logic to swerve into your desired conclusion - "Republicans BAD!!!!"



How do you know that? Do you really hate everybody who have values and beliefs different from yours? You're nothing more than an intolerant leftist bitch.


@dingo if casino gambling were legal in Texas, embezzled money would never have to leave the state.


But it was an audult not a kid who did this.

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter


It is likely that his sentence will include restitution, which is typical for embezzlement cases.  Now whether or not PISD will see any money is a different story.

Note that his projected prison term is less than what he could receive if he had been caught selling 5# of marijuana (5 to 20 years).

Note:  I just checked on the Texas penalties for embezzlement and the penalty range is 5 to 99 years, per count.

Just goes to show that if you are going to do a crime, make it a "white collar" crime.

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

Sat with my mom last year in federal court of one of her employees that embezzled and wire fraud for 987k.

He only got 31 months and restitution.

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