In Left Field For the Frisco Roughriders, A Tornado

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Among the things you'd probably rather not see at a baseball game, coming in somewhere below a barrage of apocalyptic hell fire but slightly above an opposing team's walk-off home run, is a tornado looming over the left-field fence. It's a vision concern that might inspire panic in some.

Ah, but the Frisco Roughriders and their fans are a hearty bunch, as evidenced by their apparent nonchalance in the face of an approaching twister.

This particular tornado was reportedly in McKinney, part of the storm system that blew through North Texas last night and did minor damage, while causing four injuries around Greenville.

The Roughriders did eventually leave the field, but not because of the tornado. On the team website, they say the game was postponed because of "rain."

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I saw that sonnofabitch standing in my backyard......quite evil looking.   


Time for a NEW logo. The Rough Rider riding a Funnel Cloud. YEE HAW


Tis a shelf cloud...not a tornado, trust me, I know this cause I know this lol

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

I dont think that is actually a tornado, at the most its a funnel and it looks more like a low hanging wall cloud.  We cant see the base to see if it is touching the ground.  Yes, this storm did drop a tornado, but thats not a photo of the tornado this storm produced

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter


Still . . .  that's a hella-scary lookin' cloud.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

@gavin.cleaver Wouldnt want Delkus coming here to put ya in your place!  We know he reads this stuff.  We almost got sleeves up yesterday,  Think if we get more than 1 tornado at a time this spring itll happen

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