Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings Now an Award-Winning Journalist, UNT's Mayborn School Says

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Bob Daemmrich
Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings wears many hats. He's a "man's man," a pizza lover, a terrible actor, the titular head of a major American city.

He is also, you might be surprised to learn, a distinguished journalist. So says the University of North Texas' Mayborn School of Journalism. It has named him to the "C.E. Shuford Hall of Honor," where his name will hang alongside local reporting legends like Bill Moyers, Bert Shipp (father of Brett), John McCaa, and the Star-Telegram's Bob Ray Sanders, among other industry veterans with "lifetime achievement and distinguished contributions to the journalism profession."

It's worth pausing here to meditate on Rawlings' numerous "distinguished contributions to the journalism profession." Like that time he wouldn't let media into that Dallas ISD meeting he stormed out of in a huff, which resulted in some good journalism. And he has supplied a bottomless well of material for D's Zac Crain, who is a journalist. He also employed former journalist Sam Merten as his spokesman.

Beyond that there's....not much. The Dallas Morning News' coffee pot is more deserving of a journalism honor than is Rawlings.

The journalism award becomes slightly more explicable when you realize that the Mayborn School conflates advertising and public relations with the "journalism profession." These programs are contained within the J school, and a look at the list of Shuford honorees reveals names like Marilyn Pippin, who "has worked in the public relations field for 30 years at companies including MBRK Advertising & Public Relations, The Richards Group and Sanger Harris."

And Rawlings has done advertising, cutting his teeth as CEO of the Tracy-Locke ad agency before moving up to Pizza Hut. Still.

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Sotiredofitall topcommenter

It's called sucking up to the powerful and/or famous, just like those bullshit honorary PHDs schools throw out.  I'm disappointed in UNT.


Is this the same Sam Merten that was hanging here?


[And Rawlings has done advertising, cutting his teeth as CEO of the Tracy-Locke ad agency before moving up to Pizza Hut.]

Just so we're all clear:  Tracy-Locke is a relatively minor division of Omnicom Group; and Pizza Hut is a division of YUM! Brands.  Rawlings is an accomplished guy, no doubt... but the CEO thing at both places was really more equivalent to a division head or brand manager.


Mayborn school? What is their claim to fame - tmblr bloggers?

TheRuddSki topcommenter

J-school, your ticket to pizza delivery.

This just follows a tradition of awarding certain people high awards just for showing up.

holmantx topcommenter

But is he on par with Gordon Keith? 

I find your Journalist rankings about as confusing as the Pulitzer Prize selection process.  The Wall Street Journal scribes used to dominate the Pulitzers.  Then News Corp bought the rag and Pfft!  Gone in sixty seconds.  Nary an award after that.

Funny how quickly things change at the 'ol news desk.

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