Dallas ISD Has the Best High School in the Country. Again.

Ladies and gentlemen, the best public high school students in the country.
For all the roiling arguments surrounding Dallas ISD -- over governance and closing achievement gaps and teacher pay and whatever else two adults might possibly disagree on -- there's one topic over which there is little debate: Dallas ISD does magnet schools right.

Just in case you needed a reminder, U.S. News & World Report today released its annual ranking of the nation's top public high schools. Once again, for the third year in a row, DISD's School for the Talented and Gifted snagged the top spot.

Not much further down the list is Dallas' School of Science and Engineering, which shares TAG's Oak Cliff campus. Irma Lerma Rangel Young Women's Leadership School, in South Dallas, comes in No. 78. The only other local school to crack the top 100 is Highland Park High School, which ranks 98th.

U.S. News explains its methodology here. Basically, each school is evaluated based on students' performance on state standardized tests and AP/IB programs,
with extra weight given to black, Hispanic, and low-income students.

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I spoke at Irma Rangel last week. What an extremely impressive group of young women. They were engaged, asked great questions and were gracious to the guest speakers. Really great impression. 

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