Dallas' Sex Trade is Worth $100 Million, Report Says

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The underground sex economy in Dallas, you probably won't be surprised to know, is thriving. Not thriving quite like the local trade in drugs ($191 million per year) or guns ($171 million), but it's substantial, pulling in an estimated $98.9 million per year.

That's at least the figure reached in a Justice Department-sponsored study -- The New York Times calls it a "landmark" -- released today by the Urban Institute, which examined prostitution and sex trafficking in eight American cities.

The report is probably most compelling for the granular look it gives at each city's sex trade, based on statistical analysis and interviews with cops, pimps and prostitutes.

In Dallas, the cheapest sex work is found in poor, drug-infested neighborhoods, where crack or meth addicts sell themselves for as little as $5 or $10. One step up the chain are the street-level pimps, who gross an average of $12,000 per week from girls working street corners and the Internet. These comprise the majority of Dallas' sex market.

The profile of your average pimp has shifted slightly over the past couple of decades, the report says. In the '90s, they were easily identifiable by their clothes and cars and often held "pimp parties." That's no longer the case, though they are still typically black men, 25 to 30 years old, who often learned their trade from a father or uncle.

They generally have a handful of girls, upon whom they impose a strict daily quota. According to one Dallas cop the researchers interviewed:

$1,000 a day [quota]--doesn't matter how you got it--as long as you got it. So these girls were stealing, and that's where prostitution encompasses all aspects of crime because a girl's got to make a grand, it doesn't matter how she does it. So they take watches, so two or three girls, two of 'em are robbing him and the other ones are going through the [truck] and taking all the stuff out of there--they get an ATM card. You've got the robberies, you've got the burglaries, you've got the personal thefts, all these part one offenses surrounding this one issue.

Some pimps stick with adults as a way to minimize their chances of being busted. Others are less scrupulous about age. According to another law enforcement official:

For some, they need the grooming process, I think that our society changes ... but if you get a runaway from the West End, you give her a place to stay, you give her some food, you [get her to turn in] two days. ...

One of the other things is the Myspace, and MocoSpace. Believe it or not, people still use them, and the ones that are using them are usually younger, and pimps are on there like crazy. We just had one two weeks ago, that we got a call from [police department] and when we interviewed the girl, she took the laptop and opened it up, showed us, and there she was taking self-pictures of her in her thong and a little top on and I'm like, "Ok, and who put these on?" She says, "Oh I did." She goes, "Yeah, this is a hook-up site." That's what she was using as a hook-up site. So that's another way that they're getting them. They'll befriend them, it's glorified now to be a pimp, you look at the TV shows, "Pimp my Ride." Pimp this, pimp, it's in songs, everything is pimp, pimp, pimp, and so when these guys do that, you've got these screwed up girls who don't know any better and they'll think that it's cool and they'll hang out with them, and they'll start smoking with them and after that they'll say, "Oh you want to try it?" "Yeah, I'll try it."

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I've about decided that people that participate in the underground economy and the black market are the smart ones. If you try to make money in a legit manner the govt just F's you over with taxes, taxes and more taxes. It really doesn't pay to be a hard working honest person anymore.


I'll make it easier for you guys... Check out rubmaps.com to Find Your Happy Ending!

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

This could be turned into a positive.

Your holes for our potholes.


Legalization will force women to work harder for men. The spoiled ass women of Dallas get sugar daddies and attention because men want sex yet don't want the stigma and potential arrest because of it. Making hookers legal would make women behave better in this world.


I'm on the side of taxing and regulating it like they do in Nevada. I think it is the best example of how legalization will work in the USA. The benefits are:
1. Reduced crime
2. Reduced STD rates
3. Reduction in the number of people coerced into prostitution

4. Ability of law enforcement to focus more on human trafficking 

5. Increased tax revenue


Another area where legalization can improve conditions. Generate taxes. Less people in prison. Make it easier to spot/stop trafficking. 


Just think, if they made it legal and taxed it at 20%, the city could generate $20 million more in annual tax revenues that the council could blow on something that benefits the citizens of Dallas in no way whatsoever.


No mention of "adult modeling studios"? I think a few of those still exist. One even used to have a billboard off 635.

The people I know that have gone the prostitution route generally wen through strip clubs. Most strippers will give it up for the right price. And it can be pretty cheap if you settle for a blow job or handjob.



How would you react if you had a daughter who treated prostitution as a viable career option? Would your sense of morals have any effect on your reaction?

Sotiredofitall topcommenter

@ruddski  The article seems to argue for a more open sex trade in the nordic countries.



Repeal of prohibition put a helluva dent in bootlegging.



But there's more!

Hey, you want world-class, ya gotta see how it works in the world-class world.

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