An Arlington Couple Pulled Off What May Be the Largest Sorority-Pin Heist in History

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Carla Rae Seals and Mark Jason Stroface
Members of the Tri Delta sorority never technically own the diamond-studded star-and-crescent pins they are given upon initiation. They are merely caretakers, required to return the badges to the national organization upon their death, unless the executive board grants a special exception.

That explains how Delta Delta Delta's Arlington headquarters came to be home to scores of previously worn pins, a "significant number" of which turned up missing from a on February 27, according to a letter from fraternity president Phyllis Grissom.

It didn't take terribly long for Arlington police to figure out what had happened to the badges, about 2,000 of which were taken. Who but someone inside the organization would know that its headquarters housed hundreds of thousands of dollars in jewelry and could access the secure storage area where it was kept without trashing the place?

Tri Delt's beloved Star and Crescent
Their suspicions proved warranted. On Thursday, police arrested the husband-and-wife team of Carla Rae Seals, 42, and Mark Jason Stroface, 41,according to The Dallas Morning News.

In a letter addressed to her Tri Delt "Sisters," Grissom applauded Arlington PD for its work, which is ongoing.

"We anxiously await the results of the search [for the pins] being conducted by the authorities," she wrote. "At the same time, we are deeply saddened to learn that the theft may have involved one of our own staff members."

Seals, she writes, was immediately placed on leave pending the outcome of criminal proceedings.

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I think a Phi Beta Kappa key would probably be more in order?


Dude has pink hair


"the Largest Sorority-Pin Heist in History"

Who knew this was even a thing????


I'm not sure what is more ridiculous. Stealing a sorority pin or people being involved with a sorority in any way whatsoever past the age of 22.


She doesnt look like Tri-delt material. Now he does, maybe as a plumber in one of their houses! I dont believe those pins were worth $400M, much less the original $1.5MM. Great story of 2 numbskulls!

Montemalone topcommenter

Are you sure there's not some meth involved in this somehow?


Please God, don't let these people reproduce.


Tri Delt is a sorority, not a fraternity, but let's not let facts get in the way.

Tri Delt, 2 out of 3 go down.


If you can't get a date, try a Delt.


Delta Delta Delta can I help ya help ya help ya.

bvckvs topcommenter


You make an excellent point - I think the sorority is trying to scam their insurance carrier.

2000 pins, at a total value of $400m means that each pin would have to be worth about $200k.  They'd have to be the size of a dinner plate to have that kind of value.

Something smells fishy about that sorority.


@bagsmontana  Actually, some of the first "sororities" called themselves women's fraternities. Tri Delt was founded after G Phi, which was the first to start using the term sorority, but Tri Delt followed the structure of the other women's fraternities and uses their term.

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

@TheCredibleHulk @ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul@SCamp2 

Don't you mean I Eta Pi?

Of course, I was a member of Tappa Kegga Bru ...

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