Texas Rangers Rechristen Stadium Globe Life Park

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There's always been something pleasantly nostalgic about the name of the Texas Rangers' stadium. The Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, like its red-brick facade, harkens back to simpler times, back before corporations plastered their names on every possible piece of sports-related real estate.

Never mind that this peanut-and-Cracker Jack simplicity hasn't been entirely intentional. The Rangers signed a naming-rights deal back in 2004 with Ameriquest, the nation's largest sub-prime mortgage lender. The agreement ended three years later when the company -- and the global economy -- collapsed.

As appealing as the ballpark's no-frills name may be, it represents millions of dollars in potential revenue, which is why it was never going to last.

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The Rangers are about to hold a press conference announcing a new naming-rights deal with Globe Life and Accident Insurance Co., according to The Dallas Morning News' Evan Grant.

So, without further ado, welcome to Globe Life Park. Here's the new logo. Note how the "o" has cleverly been transmogrified into a baseball:


Try not to shed too many tears over baseball's lost innocence or whatever. Also, pray that Globe Life doesn't somehow bring about the next global financial crisis.

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I'm amazed that companies pay such sums for naming rights, which are such a poor and ineffective form of advertising.  Quick - what is the name of the music ampitheater in Fair Park?  What do you usually call it?   I'm not sure Gexa Energy gets their money's worth out of that one.  The prior naming sponsor sure didn't - do you even remember their name? 

RTGolden1 topcommenter

Not to mention the occupants of THIS sports venue actually managed to recruit a Championship winning quarterback!!

James080 topcommenter

I guess none of the remaining predatory sub-prime mortgage lenders were interested?


Just call the thing The Temple and be done with it.


When I think baseball, I think about having my legs broken or dying. Thanks Globe Life.


wow, that is really awful


At least now there will be Life in that park, as opposed to their next door neighbor.


Unless you are doing something official in relation to the ballpark, you can call it whatever you want without punishment. How many people call AT&T Stadium Cowboy Statium? Or JerryWorld? Or my favorite, Texas Stadium. I still call Gexa Energy "Starplex" and almost everyone knows what I am talking about. 

Point is, if you are required to say "Globe Life Park", you are probably being paid to say it.


Meh, don't care...spend that 5M a year on extending Yu..and then I'll care.

ruddski topcommenter

The Globe Life Ballpark Stadium in Arlington". Now that rolls of the tongue easily, and also keeps in the name of the town whose residents helped pay for it.


yeah, I still go to starplex to see concerts too.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

what a mediocre name, fucking terrible actually.  But I guess if they want to give the Ranger $5 million a year fine, at least I know this ownership group will spend that money.  Still Im never going to Globe Life, ill still go to the Ballpark

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