Armed Robber Hits Ronnie's Catfish for $3, Then Patiently Waits for His Order

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Ronnie's Catfish & More is delicious. How delicious? This delicious:

According to Dallas police, a man walked into the Ronnie's location on Red Bird Lane at 7:45 p.m. Tuesday. "What can I get for six bucks?" he asked.

He ordered a two-piece catfish basket ($4.69 plus tax, includes fries, pickles, peppers, and Texas toast). He paid in cash. He gave his name as J.D. Then, he pulled out a handgun and ordered the cashier to give him all the money in the register.

The cashier said she couldn't do that, but he was welcome to take whatever was in the tip jar, which was $3.

J.D. took the money, then he waited. He stood there while the cashier called the store's manager, who told her not to hand over any money, and he waited while the manager called 911. He might have waited until police arrived, but his catfish basket was ready.

He took it and left, pausing outside Essence Beauty Mart to try the locked door, then heading east.

Dallas police arrived not long after, but a search of the area turned up no one matching the man's description. Essence Beauty Mart did have a surveillance camera, however, which gave police a clear picture of the man. They note in their report that he "appeared to be under the influence of drugs."

Or perhaps he was just intoxicated by the scent of Ronnie's Catfish.

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ruddski topcommenter

I hope management replenished the tip jar.

I think fast food joints should rotate freebie day for the hungry. Monday, McDonald's, Tuesday chick fil a, Wednesday taco bueno, Thursday Popeyes, etc.

Restrict it to certain off- hours, to lessen impact in regular business.

Anyone see a downside to this idea?


"Catfish so good, it's criminal!"


The best restaurants have a # at the end of their name. Ronnie Catfish and More #5.


You just can't make this kind of shit up.


He was just Jonesin for Omega olis and partially hydrogenated fats. That can apparently affect the judgement.

everlastingphelps topcommenter

That IS some damned good catfish, at least at the Pleasant Grove location.


So he got the catfish combo for a little over $2. Not bad.


Can't be. They're anti-dentites.

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