Here Are the 15 Cities You Can Fly Nonstop from Love Field Starting This Fall

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Dylan Ashe
The Wright Amendment, the baldly anti-competitive 1979 law designed to protect DFW International Airport, dies for good on October 13, when the ban expires on direct flights from Love Field to anywhere that isn't in Texas or the four states that border it.

And what exciting new destinations might be in store for the soon-to-be liberated Love Field travelers? Southwest Airlines, the main beneficiary of the Wright Amendment's demise, announced the itinerary at a press conference this morning.

Southwest Airlines Chairman Gary Kelly said words, as did Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and former Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. The takeaway, though, is this. Come October 13, you will be able to fly direct from Love Field to:

Baltimore/Washington (BWI)
Las Vegas
Chicago Midway

On November 2, Southwest will begin service to:

Washington, D.C. (Reagan National)
Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood
Los Angeles (LAX)
New York (LaGuardia)
San Diego
Orange County/Santa Ana

You are now free to move about the country. No, like, for real this time.

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Every time I sit at the Inwood Avenue bus/train transfer station once a month, and I see the little short-buses (Down Syndrome or merely dumb?) labeled, LOVE FIELD, I laugh to myself because Dallas has about as much to do with love as Satan Incarnate.  Dallas is nothing but a huge, doughy doughnut surrounding by a schizoid "blinking-light" called "The Highland Park/University Park Axis of Evil", and all roads lead to riches "out there" in the Emerald City. 

Has anyone seen Oz yet?  No, I'm not talking about the long-standing Black Sabbath lead singer, Ozzy Osborne.  He's far too kind-hearted for a city founded by 1) a drunken stooge named John Neely Bryan, an absolute alcoholic and mental case who tended to see "Injuns" that weren't really there and lived in the 1845 version of "a trailer down by the river" of Saturday Night Live fame; 2) a French Communard colony called Reunion founded by refugees from the 1848 French Communard revolution made famous by Victor Hugo's inimitable novel, "Les Miserables" and then turned, quite naturally, into a "summer musical".  How quaint.  Almost as good as Meryl Streep starring in the profanely asinine movie, "Mama Mia", a Grade Q Turkey that should have been called My Strangely Greek Vacation; and 3) ruled with an invisible and iron fist by white supremacist refugees who fled to HP/UP after former slaves, punked by white supremacist slave owners--who quite naturally didn't bother to tell their hard-working black men, women and children that Lincoln had freed the slaves no less than seven years earlier--burned "Dallas proper" literally to the ground in 1870 in a riot that made those after the reckless-but-planned assassination of Martin Luther King in 1868 look like child's play.  All along the "watchtower" of Ross Avenue, once lined by beautiful antebellum mansions, the real "cross-burning" involved lily-white housefraus of the slavers running like little Bambis into the Trinity River simply to save their sorry white behinds. 

Even worse for holier-than-thou Dallas, Texas, is the fact that American Airlines Center, and the hill just eastwards once offered cattle drivers the United States' first legal red-light district--a place for 19th Century cow-punks to wash-up and get their chins tickled by Texas's finest.  Now that Dallas is the so-called center of the trouble we call "the conservative revolution" in America, why is it that the ever-so-white Southern Baptist Convention has "ninny-wishes" to cover-up and whitewash the real history of, not the Queen of the Prairie, but the Madame of the Prairie? 

Official Dallas, ever the Great Sham, has designs on America's future and will stop at nothing to give the "more cowbells" treatment to both the "big Nazi trail drive from Latin America" and the ever-present "nostalgia" of the tempest-in-a-teapot "Marxist threat". 

Dallas, Texas, is nothing more than one big prostitution ring, and everyone and everybody should be quite certain about "underground Dallas" and its ever-nasty underbelly.  What about the underground cotton tramway that rolls right under the Triple Underpass, an oh-so-secret underground railroad that ran from the Beale Cotton Building (now Founder's Square) and became a "Neiman Marcus" fashion capital of the Western Hemisphere mainly because of its quietly-concealed notoriety as the uniform manufacturing center of the Confederacy?  Or that the Trinity River once was a swollen lake so navigable that barges filled with baled cotton rolled up the Mississippi, along the Arkansas River and into the Trinity, the bales wheeled underground to avoid attention? 

Why so seeky-secret about your Lion Rampant evil, Dallas, Texas? 

My family has a long history of enabling the civil rights movement of the Fifties and the Sixties, and of course!  My family has been rednecked good and hard since we moved here--just in time to see John F. Kennedy's head blown clean-off in Dallas, Texas. 

Remember Clint Eastwood's movie, "The Unforgiven"?  Sitting in the dark theatricality of Dallas, watching the wall for years, I couldn't help but recognize quite clearly the reckless days of "frontier Dallas".  Named after a whore. 


I am waiting for all of the noise complaints that will come from the Park Cities when the number of flights is expanded. 


You know, if American Airlines management had spent less time and money trying to keep the Wright Amendment in place and thereby kept their unfair advantage at DFW, the company might not have gone bankrupt. You'd think that Robert Crandall and his successors would have learned the lesson from Branniff...


It's funny that Kay Bailey Hutchison was invited to the announcement.  She was the single biggest obstacle to repeal, doing everything she could behind the scenes to derail any weakening.

everlastingphelps topcommenter

If Love was set up for Customs, we could add Jamaica and Mexico to that.


Oh.  Let's just say this is a little bone-us for "Dallas Secret-Dealer City": Anyone with true sentience knows that Texas, being one "contrary" little state is more than likely the "Fort Lee" of New Jersey's oh-so-breathless "big birdge-gate" scandal: You know: Don't let "it" cross the George Washington Bridge into "Mein Hatten" big Homberg for the silent-but-deadly revolution from behind. 

Guess what?  I may or may not be "Weather Underground", yes, our eyes are trained right at your forehead and your little head, Dallas. 

You should think twice before letting the door hit you on the ass before you leave. 

bmarvel topcommenter


Really?? Noise complaints from those folks who bought their homes before, say, 1917? Or from those that bought since WWII and one day looked up and discovered, hey, by gumbo, there's an airport over here? And airplanes!

I never will understand why folks buy homes or rent apartments near an airport and then complain about the noise. Would they buy property next to a pig farm and then complain about the smell? (Well, they probably would.) Maybe there's some explanation. Maybe everything was fine until they dug the wax out of their ears. Or maybe they're just not that bright. 

Any explanation at all, Lorlee. Love to hear it.

Me, I live almost directly under the approach to runway 13L. Bought our house in 1977 when Love was considerably louder than it is today. Quiet jets were still in the future, engine testing went on all night. But my house was a bit less expensive because of it, and we were grateful to have a place to settle. 

Course we're not in the Park Cities, where sensitivities might be more finely attuned. But then I'll bet Park Cities folks use Love field a lot more than we do.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

@LeroyJenkem  southwest could have come over to DFW to compete, but they didnt because they had a sweetheart deal on landing fees with Love that no other airline got



AA had hedged fuel cost issues and was late to the table with union re-negotiations.

Braniff was overextended after a massive expansion.

What lesson?


@WylieH Hey, as soon as AA's lobbyists stopped paying into her re-election fund, you can bet that she'd support this. In fact, anyone want to put money down on AA donating to Rick Perry's gubernatorial election fund in 2010, and this is her little bit of revenge?

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

Not helped get her name on a convention center didn't it.


@everlastingphelps  Love has CBP on the field for business aviation, but the Wright compromise included a "no international flights" stipulation.


@everlastingphelps  Our political leadership wouldn't allow that.  The Wright Amendment in recent years had much in common with the Uber/Yellow Cab fight.

holmantx topcommenter


Already announced; Air Trans will hook up Jamaica. Aruba and a few others via Florida.  SW bought Air Trans.


You should think twice before letting the door hit you on the ass before you leave. 

Dallas's little "secret machines" in dealing with the devil incarnate makes the mob's dreams in "New Jersey", big shirt, run by a double-wide trailer named "Chris/Christie", look like a piece of cheesecake. 

Maybe we should spell "cheesecake" with a "K" and put that out of it's misery once and for all. 

Here it is: Cut into three easy pieces like a "Little Debbie" cupcake filled with dope and dopes. 


@bmarvel I do expect that Park Cities folks use Love filed a lot more than we do and will want to even more when they can fly direct -- my point is that with the convenience will come increased noise which they won't be happy about.  And even with quieter jets, when there are more flights there will be more noise.  I live in East Dallas and it seems I am hearing more flights  -- and I am worried they are moving the flight paths.


@bmarvel"Would they buy property next to a pig farm and then complain about the smell? (Well, they probably would.)"

Oh, yes, they complain. In fact, that's a regular complaint when developers buy farmland, put in McMansions to the horizon, and the buyers gawk at the operational farm located right next door. They're all for living out in the middle of nowhere, but then if they aren't screaming about combines running at 4:30 in the morning during harvest season, they're losing their minds over the sounds and smells from cattle, pigs, chickens, and the occasional fire ant. Of course, 'we're also talking about people who are gung ho about living in property abutting woodland alongside said farms, but then pitch fits about how the local police should Do Something about coyotes, armadillos, and raccoons coming out of said woodland. That's the state of yuppie involvement with their surroundings: they absolutely love it so long as it never interacts with them in any way.

As for the airport noise, I expect the larger complaint will be about the traffic coming through the west side of Highland Park from Dallas North Tollway. Imagine: people actually wanting to use an airport who aren't rich!

bmarvel topcommenter

@ScottsMerkin @LeroyJenkemAnd because, let's face it, that's where their customers were. There's a reason so many airlines want gates at the new Love. And it ain't "sweetheart" landing fees.


Big red, blue and orange iron crosses taking to the air from "Love". 


@dsmithy3211 @LeroyJenkemLeroy has a special breed of yuppies that he interacts with. You know, the kind that calls the police department to come out and shoot raccoons. I think I saw an episode of cops where a whole neighborhood of them were barricaded in a Bed, Bath and Beyond because of a recent armadillo incursion.

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