Watch Dude Perfect Hit a 500-Foot Trick Shot from Reunion Tower

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Dude Perfect, for those who are still unaware, is a quintet of A&M grads who found YouTube stardom after posting a clip of themselves hitting absurdly difficult basketball shots in a Texas backyard. Their few dozen encores have followed a similar pattern: make an elaborately conceived trick shot, celebrate it with an equally elaborate series of chest bumps and high-fives.

A couple of weeks back, they took their talents to Reunion Tower. They released the video of the shot -- 561 feet from the observation deck to a basketball hoop below -- this week. It should spoil nothing to say that it's a swish.

For those who can't sit through all three-and-a-half minutes, here's the money shot:

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I hope charges will be brought against them for throwing something off the observation deck.  If that had hit someone, a multi-million-dollar lawsuit would have followed faster than you can say "free throw". 


That's a pretty cool shot, but I bet these guys are insufferable to hang out with. I just get that vibe. 


You should throw a blow up doll off reunion tower.

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

That's the cleanest money shot I've ever seen.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

I dont care how many times that took them, its still sweet


Ok BUZZKILL, it's more than obvious from the video they not only had permission, but there was an officer on the street directing traffic

Get outta here with that "I hope charges will be brought " BS . You are one ignorant WHINEBAG... Enjoy it for what it is and leave your negativity at the door!


@AdamsonScottIt looks like they had gone through the proper routes and permissions to make the attempt. The observation deck of the Reunion Tower has the fencing around it, and they had to have had that removed to be able to do the throw.

Then in the video, at the end, he uses a radio to tell them that they can let traffic through- and it looks like a police officer had stopped the traffic on Reunion Blvd, to keep them out of the way of the ball when it was thrown.

It looks to me like people took the necessary precautions to do a stunt like that.


If no one was injured then who would press charges? They had permission so they can't be trespassing... and they clearly didn't hit anyone...

What is going to happen? Is someone going to pull a lawsuit or charges out of thin air? Because that's not how things work.

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