TCU Student Body Looks to Be Victorious in Heroic Push for Two-ply Toilet Paper

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Cody Westphal, via Facebook
A good politician knows how to do two things: pander to his base and, on occasion, be able to get things done. With that in mind, we predict a bright future for TCU student body President Cody Westphal.

TCU students have long complained about the university's abrasive, single-ply toilet paper ("It feels like a pine cone," one junior told TCU 360 last fall). But it took a visionary like Westphal to translate the growing discontent into actual policy.

On Tuesday, student representatives overwhelmingly approved a resolution calling for a campus-wide switch to two-ply bathroom tissue.

"This is a big thing," Westphal explained to CBS 11. "You know, TCU has this reputation for the highest-quality everything, whether it is education, technology, teachers, students -- whatever. I think the next obvious step would be to take the step of quality toilet paper."

The resolution, we assume, is nonbinding, but the university is on board. An employee in the TCU's communications office said any official comment would have to come from university spokeswoman Lisa Albert but described the switch as a "done deal." School administrators said as much to TCU 360, describing the cost as "negligible."

So, hat's off to you, Cody Westphal. We're expecting big things.

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What a crappy situation. I'll be TCU is glad to wipe the slate clean.  Flush with excitement, these students will likely next push out a big, hot policy of some sort which will alert the senses of everyone around.  The students are the winners and they all deserve a throne.


If he has such good taste, shouldn't he be holding his champagne glass by the stem?


Ryan Gosling's doppelganger.


no doubt averting a Kent State type of uprising. from the look of Cody's Facebook picture, he is a man of discriminating taste who's 'next big thing' is this weekend's toga party.

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter


As the Most Interesting Man at TCU,Tyler doesn't always use toilet tissue, but when he does, he uses a smooth, bias ply tissue.

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