State Sen. John Carona on Texas Anti-Abortion Leader: "This Woman Is Pure Evil."

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This woman is pure evil, according to State Senator John Carona.
This past legislative session, a schism emerged in Texas' pro-life movement. Suddenly, some of the state's staunchest abortion opponents, including many who helped shepherd Texas' sweeping crackdown on the procedure into law, found themselves tarred as anti-life.

The reason? They supported a bill to reform end-of-life care. The measure, which ultimately failed, would have given patients and their families additional time and resources for finding other treatment and filing an appeal process when a health care provider decides to withdraw life-sustaining treatment they deem medically futile.

John Carona, the Republican state senator from Dallas, was among those targeted by
Texas Right to Life, one of the state's leading pro-life groups and the leader of the crusade against the measure. He scored an underwhelming 63 percent on the group's influential legislative scorecard.

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And how does Carona feel about having his pro-life bonafides called into question, thus giving his challenger in the upcoming Republican primary additional ammunition for painting him as a moderate squish?

"This woman is evil," he told The Dallas Morning News, referring to Texas Right to Life director Elizabeth Graham, "and I really believe that." She's used her group's clout not so much to promote pro-life issues as to turn lawmakers into her puppets.

Graham is no stranger to sweeping pronouncements of good and evil. Last March, she referred to a group of pro-choice lawmakers as witches and has declared the Observer to be "anti-life."

In any case, we'll take Carona's side in this fight. The man has built a business and legislative career on questionable ethical practices. He'll know when he's staring true evil in the face.

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From what I've read, sounds like Graham and Carona are a reality TV series (at each others ' respective right to life- Republican  throats ) match made in heaven. Does anyone else get a creepy feeling viewing the Huffines ads?  He seems fairly odd also.

Sotiredofitall topcommenter

Why does seeing mommy and daddy conservative fight make me smile?


I don't follow state politics all that closely so can someone help me on this one:  He's the exception, isn't he?  Surely the larger group of legislators are moderate and considered people with a penchant for doing the right thing regardless of their own interests.  Aren't they?? 

mavdog topcommenter

The race between Carona and Huffines is interesting to say the least. Huffines is spending mega $, the television ads cost a ton, there is a mailer arriving daily from his campaign and I've had 3 visits to my home from people walking the area on his behalf....and it's only January!

what is Huffines platform? basically that he isn't John Carona....wonder if that will work.

with people like Graham working against Carona he can't be totally bad.

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

Wow, Senator Carona calling other legislators puppets of special interests groups.  I guess that we will just ignore the fact that Sen. Carona has impeded virtually all attempts at providing basic consumer protections to people who are members of an HOA.  It is my understanding that Sen. Carona receives campaign donations from HOA management companies.

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

John Carona.  Rated by Texas Monthly as the worst legislator in the state.

"You arrogant son of a bitch!" the session's most memorable temper tantrum belonged to diminutive John Carona, who marched across the Senate floor in high dudgeon to confront Royce West, a fellow Dallas senator and a former UT-Arlington football player who looks to be about twice Carona's size. Carona wagged a finger at West, West wagged back, and they exchanged warnings: "Don't poke me!" "Back off! Back off!".  ---Excerpt from Texas Monthly.


@russell.allison1 Until he drew a primary opponent, Sen. Carona was in that larger group you describe. Here's hoping he stays there if he returns to Austin.

Montemalone topcommenter


Associa, HQ is in the old Ellen Terry building on Central/Airline.

He bought up a BUNCH of HOA management companies throughout the US.

You'd be amazed at the fees and fines generated in that business.



Actually, Corona owns a property management firm which represents HOA's, so the anti-consumer legislation he crams through directly benefits his "day job."

mavdog topcommenter


IDK, to get traction against an incumbent a candidate needs to stand for something other than "I'm not him". unless of course "him" has done something so despicable that the voters are repulsed by the thought of re-electing him. while I am not supportive of carona, he hasn't done anything like that...or at least we haven't heard of him doing something like that.

of course, if Huffines gets the far right crowd to turn out in the republican pimary it may be enough. the far right cowd thinks the label "incumbent" is a pejorative...


Mexicans tell me the export stuff is full of piss.

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