The Feds Are Cracking Down on a Mansfield Woman's Do-It-Yourself Botox Business

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There was a brief time, not all that long ago, when was the Internet's go-to place for gray market botulinum toxin, that Mansfield's Laurie D'Alleva could call herself the Botox Queen.

Then, Wired stumbled upon her site -- and the how-to videos featuring D'Alleva injecting the product into her face -- and discovered they could buy pharmaceutical-grade cosmetics like Renova, Dysport (aka "The Freeze") without a prescription.

"20/20" followed up with a segment two months later featuring a horror story from customer "Alex," a paramedic who nearly went blind after dosing herself with an injectable facial filler labeled "Vitalift," and a plastic surgeon who was concerned by's crudely packaged, mysteriously named products.

D'Alleva defended her business, saying she offered "good products that worked" and that "99 percent of our customers were thrilled."

But D'Alleva is not a doctor, she has no apparent medical training, and she is not legally allowed to write prescriptions or sell prescription drugs. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott noted as much in a lawsuit which D'Alleva settled by agreeing to pay $125,000 and stop selling prescription drugs.

The 2010 settlement did little to placate the federal government which, through the FDA, is charged with regulating Botox and similar products. On Thursday, federal prosecutors filed criminal charges against D'Alleva (court documents write her name as Dalleva) charging her with one count of "dispensing a misbranded prescription drug without a valid prescription."

Court documents provide few details that haven't been previously reported. Her operation lasted from about December 2008 to November 2009 and she obtained her products from "different sources, including a Syrian-based company located overseas."

There are a couple of obvious takeaways from D'Alleva's case. One is that the feds are serious about people who illegally push prescription drugs. The other is that self-injecting a drug derived from a deadly bacterium into one's body is a terrible idea. If the horror stories that populate the Internet aren't convincing enough, then compare the Botox how-to D'Alleva shot five years ago with the mug shot from her recent arrest in Tarrant County for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Here's the video:

And here's the mug:


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There is no DIY phenomenon in the field of Botox. Its a seriously sensitive product that should be used under serious precautions only. Otherwise, your failure to reach facilities like either due to financial or due to your energetic nature would make you pay more than what you want for yourself. Your facial expressions are precious. Don't play with them and only consult some qualified professionals. 


Call me insensitive, but if people are dumb enough to inject this shit into their face-even with a doctor doing it-then let them deal with the consequences.


I hear her fiancee runs a web-based DIY vasectomy business.  Sadly, like his botox babe, he has been known to cut corners and is now coming up short against law enforcement.


We would expect Greg Abbot to go overboard to restrict women's personal choices - that's why the multiple charges - but here come the federals, with a whopping single charge. Maybe I'm missing something, but it looks like the dumbass wingnut is doing a better job than the awesomes in DC.


Ouch. Some things you just don't DIY. Always remember, folks, that 'Botox' is short for botulin toxin. It's the stuff that kills you when you eat pork n' beans from a leaky can.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

good lord, that mug cannot be unseen


This is your face.  This is drugs in your face.  Any questions?

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

I recently watched the heavily-botoxed Lesley-Anne Down in a rotten B horror flick titled Rosewood Lane.  I was saddened to see the once exquisite beauty imprisoned in a face that just barely moved when she spoke. 

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter


A difference between the state and the feds is that the feds only decide what drugs require a prescription; and, the state decides who can write the prescription, who can fill the prescription and the requirements for the location from which the prescriptions are dispensed.  The state has a much longer list than the feds do.  In addition, both the feds and the state have the ability to do this as an administrative matter rather than a criminal matter.


Great, now we can expect a trend of injecting Campbell's.


That was Mickey Rourke, hon.


I always get Pete Burns and Sarah Palin confused.  Did Sarah sing about going round round round round round like a record or does she just do it? 

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