Denton-Based Bikers for Life Is Fighting Abortion With Harleys, Because Why Not?

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Life Dynamics via YouTube
Mark Crutcher, the founder of Denton's Life Dynamics, is famous for using clever (i.e. underhanded) strategies in his fight to end abortion. But his new venture, which debuted this weekend at Dallas' March for Life, is quite direct.

Dubbed Bikers for Life, the organization aims to use motorcycles to keep women from terminating their pregnancies.

You might wonder what a Harley has to do with the abortion debate. The answer is nothing, but Crutcher speculates that the biking community is "pretty overwhelmingly pro-life" and will probably be eager to serve as "reinforcement troops for picketers."

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Mainly, though, biker's are intimidating, which they'll need to be if the organization is going to accomplish its goal:

The mission is to put bikers in front of EVERY abortion clinic in America on EVERY killing day until EVERY one of them is closed. We are going to send a message to the people who run these places that, as long as they are butchering these helpless children, Bikers for Life is not going away.

So, when you see a bunch of motorcycles swarming around your local abortion clinic, you know they're on a "ride for the unborn."

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I'm not sure I dislike more--- the use of the term "unborn" or the fact conservative nuts have become bikers?


"Pro-Abortion people."

Please use the correct term "Pro Choice"

That being said, we Pro Choice advocates are with you Pro Lifers at least 50% of the time.

Stay out of other people's lives and keep you religious beliefs and morals to yourself.

I also ride a Harley and I'll escort anyone past your harassment any day of the week.



As an Adopted person I have no problem standing up for PRO-LIFE. I know how very easily I could have ended up as some tissue waste on the floor of some abortion clinic before I ever was born. Think about that you Pro-Abortion people. What if your mothers had chosen to ABORT you.

I ride a Harley as well & will gladly stand up to defend those unborn who cant defend themselves.


You know what is even more annoying than an obnoxious dickbag on a Harley? This.


@ebailey75057 if only everyone who defines themselves as a "republican conservative" or "democrat liberal" had been aborted this place would be a whole hell of alot better, run by people with common sense and human decency.


@Anon5 that is until their born, get on welfare, then they are scum sucking leech children right?

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter


OOOOOOOH! I know this one! A day-trader in a 3 series BMW!

What did I win?

everlastingphelps topcommenter

@jmckee3 You know what is even more annoying than that?  People who say stupid shit in comments that they would never say to said biker's face.

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