Deion's Family Playbook, Deion Sanders' Reality Show, Will Debut in March

Amy Silverstein
If you can't get enough of Deion Sanders talking sports on ESPN or Deion Sanders being accused of assaults in the news, soon you can turn to the Oprah Winfrey Network and see Deion Sanders from a pleasant, uplifting human-interest angle.

The network will air a series documenting his life starting in March.

"Deion's Family Playbook, following the personal and professional life of Deion Sanders and his family, will premiere in March on OWN," an Oprah Winfrey Network spokeswoman tells Unfair Park.

Rumors that Deion Sanders planned to star in a reality show have been swirling for a while. In March 2012, TMZ first reported that Mr. Prime was trying to produce a show about his work coaching a high school football team, on a school that had yet to open.

That school, of course, ended up being the infamous Prime Prep Academy, Sanders' southern Dallas charter school.

The Hollywood Reporter reported in July that OWN had ordered a series that would follow Sanders as he raises five children while also "guiding the charter school he launched to help underserved areas."

A football star launching a charter school to help underserved areas? Sounds like a nice idea for a show. However, that whole idea was ordered by OWN before he got fired twice from that very charter school.

And Prime Prep co-founder D.L. Wallace said he never signed off on any show. In a letter Wallace wrote to Prime Prep parents a few weeks ago, he argued that Sanders was creating an unhealthy environment at the school, citing the reality show as just as one example: "He [Sanders] has already made an attempt to commit the school to participating in a Reality Show on OWN Network where he would obviously make an undisclosed amount of money but the school would not receive any benefit whatsoever."

OWN also ordered the series before the school's CFO famously went to the police with accusations that he was assaulted by Sanders. More recently, Wallace has also come forward with allegations that he nearly found his throat at the other end of Sanders' temper, as we reported on December 23.

If all that stuff makes it into Deion's Family Playbook, it will be a riveting watch. We sort of suspect it won't.

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a phong is wringing! whose that man, call him Michael Trabtree


Who cares?  The only way I'll care is if he can still get in there and shut down one side........other than that, he's a freaking trainwreck ala/ Lindsey Lohan or any Kardashian. I'd rather watch paint dry in Houston!


Couldn't get Rodman?


"In March 2012, TMZ first reported that Mr. Prime was trying to produce a show"

It's Mr. Time, Amy.  Prime is his first name.

Sotiredofitall topcommenter

How?  Why?  Who is watching?


TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

I can hardly wait! I love a good crime drama!



No, that would actually be entertaining.  If they could show DS strangling his employee's, I guess, that would be ok?


Yeah, but Rodman's a basketball ambassador, the show would have international appeal.

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