Dallas Police Shut Down Year-Old Illegal Night Club Operating Blocks From Their HQ

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For 15 months, Sidelines Private Sports Lounge provided what it billed as "South Side's Version of Upscale," which included drinks, dancing, Madden tournaments and exotic dancers performing on the establishment's prominent stripper pole.

The problem, according to Dallas police, is that it was operating illegally, and it was doing just a few blocks down Lamar Street from DPD headquarters.

The main issue appears to be Sidelines' lack of a TABC permit for selling alcohol. It's unclear from police documents whether they have the city-issued permits required to run a night club featuring strippers, though they do have a certificate of occupancy.


In any case, cops, along with a code inspector, city attorney, and the Dallas Fire Marshal rolled into the club just before midnight Thursday. They found the parking lot full and about 30 people inside and "observed heavy smoke from cigarettes and alcohol being served from behind the bar."

They quickly moved to shut things down, seizing a couple dozen bottles of liquor and several dozen bottles of beer.

The club's operator, 44-year-old Anthony Marsh, was arrested on an outstanding warrant and taken to Lew Sterrett, as was a 24-year-old woman police found dressing after a performance on the stripper pole.

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If the City of Dallas gave a damn about just half of the crap that was going on south of I-30, there would be daily busts like this. But the fact is, they don't. And they never will unless it makes someone money. It never much phased me, but that area of Dallas between I-30 and the part of South Dallas/Oak Cliff/Pleasant Grove where it gets too expensive to "do business" is the Wild West when it comes to illegal shit. It's very much a wink and nod situation. I can name five current businesses within two miles of DPD HQ that are little beyond fronts to launder money for illegal gambling, prostitution, and drug sales. How do I know? I used to call on them for a previous job. Most of them are very nice people, that's just how they make ends meet. If you want to extend the area to include Industrial Blvd/Riverfront you get in to the dozens, though the wet/dry vote killed a lot of those and they just went further south.

On a nice day, take a drive down Lamar south of I-30. Take in the scenery. Then wonder why there are so many businesses there (which there really aren't, they're the place that don't like they have been nuked) and wonder how they remain open. Put two and two together, and gets real obvious real fast. I don't want to get any of my former customers in trouble, because as I said they're nice people just trying to make a living, But Stephanie's liquor/beer/wine was never one of mine, and they've had repeated drug busts. That is the MO for pretty much every place down there. Welcome to living in a city. I'm more amused that the North end of town is shocked by t than it the fact that it actually happens. We were always not so gently nudged not to call on those accounts until after noon on a Monday/Tuesday during football season so they could handle their primary clientele, and make no bones, it was in the wide open from behind the counter.


I'm shocked, shocked I tell you to find out those things were going on in fair Dallas. The shame of it all.


I wonder what happened. Did someone take an uber ride there or something?!

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

The CO does state: "Commercial Amusement (Indoor)".  Sounds like it was commercial, there was amusement and it was indoor(s).


Man I feel a lot safer knowing that this clandestine sports lounge is no longer allowing people to smoke indoors, drink booze, and play Madden all whilst looking at titties.


I feel so safe now...

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

Methinks TABC will not be happy they were not brought in for the raid.  #ilovekergo


This is not news....Josh Brent is news.



there's 20 more running in this metro

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