Birdville ISD Lifts Suspension of Isaiah Smith, a Gay Student Punished After Tearing the Bible

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Isaiah Smith
As evangelicals continue to revel in their victory over the Christmas-hating PTA moms in Frisco, the folks at the American Humanist Association are proving that they don't need God on their side to force a North Texas school district to capitulate.

AHA announced today that Isaiah Smith, the Birdville High School suspended after ripping pages out of the Bible, has had his disciplinary record cleared after more than a month of lobbying by the organization's lawyers.

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In a November 19 letter to the group, lawyers for Birdville ISD wrote that while the district
"disagrees with and denies your statement of the facts and characterization of the legal issues involved in this matter," it has agreed to reverse the suspension and remove it from his record.

Smith, who is gay, tore out portions of Leviticus to protest his classmates' anti-gay bullying, which was invariably peppered with descriptions of homosexuality being a sin condemned by God. According to AHA, he was suspended after he refused to stop carrying the torn Bible and hand it over to the assistant principal.

In its release, AHA says Birdville also agreed to let Smith continue to carry the torn Bible.

Birdville ISD, citing federal student privacy laws, declined to comment on Smith's suspension when it was first reported last month. We've reached out to district spokesman Mark Thomas for comment on the AHA's announcement.

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I am so glad to see that people so easily believe the lies of the news! HE WAS NOT suspended for tearing up a Bible he was suspended for disrupting a class and making girls in the class cry. He was trying to start a fire in the middle of a classroom that is what got him in trouble. He is NOT a victim at BHS. BHS is an amazing school and this article so conveniently fails to mention the fact that he provoked the students and has no problem tearing other peoples beliefs down. My suggestion would be to maybe interview both sides of the case to get the facts.


if you let the homosexual child walk around in the school with a ripped bible, then you must allow the christian child to walk around in the school with a rainbow flag ripped to shreds. neither belong in the public school because they both cause a disruption in the education process.


Yes, it is certainly nice to see some justice here. I wonder if Isaiah realizes that he might be reasonably compared to one of America's great founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson: Mr. Jefferson took a razor blade to bibles in order to remove portions he disagreed with. He meticulously cut-and-pasted so that he ended up with a modified, personal bible he was satisfied with (it's now in the Smithsonian). Fortunately, the authorities at the time did not see the need to arrest or punish him (unlike today; crazy, isn't it!?) Again, I'm glad to see that that Isaiah prevailed, with justice and reason on his side.


Wonderful news!  Nice to see that his record was cleared and that the gub'ment had to walk it back!  Still nothing new about the thick christian privilege and illegal, unconstitutional support of it.  The hands of those who are supposed to be our neighbors, friends and leaders, (teachers, police, judges) and our FAMILIES too, those hands, the ones covered in this work, well they just look so dirty all the time now...

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