Dallas Judge Carlos Cortez Accused of Strangling His Girlfriend Says He Was Actually Saving Her Life

There were already questions swirling about whether State District Judge Carlos Cortez' moral character befit the dignity of the office. As The Dallas Morning News detailed earlier this month, he is in the middle of a long-running legal battle to keep allegations about his personal life, reportedly involving drug use and prostitutes, from becoming public.

Needless to say, accusations that he repeatedly choked his girlfriend over the weekend, once while leaning her over the edge of the balcony of his McKinney Avenue condo, will do little to help his image.

According to a police report, Cortez and his girlfriend of 13 months began arguing early Saturday morning over the location of medicine belonging to a "juvenile male witness." Both had been drinking for several hours.

Cortez eventually handed over the medication, but not before the woman had called the cops. The couple greeted police in the building's lobby, explaining they'd exchanged words but that the dispute had been settled.

Then, according to the report, the woman, 26, asked to speak with officers privately. She went with them to another part of the lobby where pulled down the collar of her blouse to reveal several red marks that "appeared to encompass the majority of her neck."

She and Cortez had been arguing, she told officers, but it didn't end there. During the row, Cortez had walked up to her while she was sitting on the couch, grabbed her by the hair, and began choking her with both hands until she became dizzy.

This happened several more times over the next 15 minutes, she said. At one point, she says Cortez dragged her by the hair and choked for 15 seconds while leaning her over the edge of the balcony. The attack was punctuated by threats: "I'm going to fucking kill you, you fucking cunt," Cortez allegedly told her.

Police cuffed Cortez and took him to Lew Sterrett on suspicion of felony family violence assault. He posted bond later that day.

Andy Korn, Cortez's attorney, released a statement Saturday denying the girlfriend's claims and pointing out that Cortez has not yet been indicted or formally charged with a crime.

"Judge Cortez will speak specifically to the arrest in any official proceeding that may result," the statement said.

It might have been wise for the Korn to end there, but he goes on to claim that, contrary to the girlfriend's account, Cortez "actually saved her life." Then, because Cortez is a sitting judge facing a challenge in the Democratic primary in March, he adds that his client is "an award winning jurist who handles his court with courtesy and dignity to all who seek Justice."

That may be true. Cortez' conduct on the civil bench has earned the respect of David Kelton, the Republican judge he unseated in 2006, among others. How that has any bearing on whether or not he choked his girlfriend, however, isn't clear. Perhaps that will become so as the case makes its way through court.

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It's funny all of these people who say a man is automatically guilty because a woman says he did something. Talk about double standards... Too many women get away with things like this because of a feminist, brainwashed society. I am glad that the charges against him were dropped and I hope he has learned a lesson from all of this... stay the hell away from psycho women.


Cortez No Billed by Grand Jury... all this stuff is election cycle spin , all because Cortez dared to question some of his fellow Judges... they will stop at nothing to get him removed

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

Carlos says: "She's got to change her evil ways, baby."


"The complainant stated that although the argument had originated over the location of the medication, the arrested person (Carlos Cortez) had turned the medication over to the complainant prior to the arrival of AOs."

...Carlos likes Billy's ADHD medicine....a LOT. 


It took you long enough. Everyone else had this on the 28th.


Just wondering;  If this clown had been from the other party would the headline have read... Republican Judge...  

Because the Observer loves to go out of the way to mention party affiliation when a Rep makes a fool of themself but party isn't as important if it's a Dem.


Another burrtio chocker bites the dust!


Wow, this guy is interesting to say the least. He has some issues for sure, which would seem harmful to his judgeship and the people that would come before him.

If the story here is true, he needs to be charged and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law; physically abusing a woman should not be tolerated.   


@NewsDogEvery district judge in Dallas County is a Democrat, so it seems to me that it'd be redundant to write "Democrat Dallas district judge . . . ."  It'd be like writing "Republican Texas governor . . . ."  Of course the Texas governor is a Republican--what else would he possibly be?



Not hardly, this is Dallas County, home to tens of thousands of motivated low information democrat voters. 


darn right, macho latin punks need to be punished...

everlastingphelps topcommenter

@James_the_P3 @NewsDog They seemed to like writing it over the whole "Niggerhead Ranch" thing that turned out to be nothing as soon as they found out that Perry painted over the sign.

CogitoErgoSum topcommenter

@CleetusR CelebrateDivershitty -- is that you? How many aliases do you have on here?

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